Jake Andreson

Hybrid car mechanic from Denver, Colorado. Jake Anderson is ASE Master Certified Automotive Service Technician and author for Driversadvice. Jake graduated with honors from Denver Automotive and Diesel College in 2010.


Isuzu D max Problems

Are you familiar with Isuzu D Max problems that may occur? The D-max is a popular choice for those who need a safe and reliable car that does what it’s supposed to do. The D-max comes in various configurations- single cab, space cab, crew cab, and 4×4 or 4×2 options. It has a range of …

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Blink vs ChargePoint

Blink vs ChargePoint – Which EV charger is better? ChargePoint and Blink Charging are some of the well-known brands in EV infrastructure and public charging stations. They offer Level 2 charging which can charge all EVs, including Teslas. A Level 2 charging station can charge your electric vehicle up to four times faster than the …

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JuiceBox vs ChargePoint

JuiceBox vs ChargePoint: Which one is better to use? The need for home EV chargers grows in tandem with the use of electric vehicles (EV). Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) rapidly come to the realization that the Level 1 chargers included with their vehicles are inconvenient and might cause them undue stress during their daily journey. …

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Lincoln Corsair Problems

Are you familiar with Lincoln Corsair problems? The Lincoln Corsair, a small luxury SUV, began production in 2019 and hit the U.S. market in the summer of 2020. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, it is the first brand of Lincoln electric all-wheel drive. It delivers on what is described as a strong, assured, and …

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Mitsubishi Lancer Problems

Are you familiar with Mitsubishi Lancer problems that may occur? Mitsubishi Lancer is a year model car that has been one of the most recognizable Mitsubishi models. This automobile has been circulating since 1973. The early Lancers are obviously exceptionally different cars hence why we will focus on late 2000s and 2010s. Mitsubishi Lancers from …

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Driving Stabilisation BMW

Did you see “Driving Stabilisation” BMW message on your dashboard? The driving stabilisation control system is made to help a car function well even under difficult conditions on the road. With all the ways a car can swerve out of control, we are bound to require such a system. BMW’s emphasis on driving experience is …

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Best Level 1 Charger

If you are looking for a level 1 charger for your vehicle, it may be overwhelming looking through all the available options. So, we have decided to make things easy for you by compiling a list of the best Level 1 chargers on the market. Why Level 1 Charger? Electric vehicle chargers come in levels …

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Gates Automotive: Driving the Future

Did you heard of Gates Automotive? If you’ve had issues with your car’s cooling system, specifically with the water pump, chances are your mechanic recommended changing the timing belt. Timing belts (or chains) connect the crankshaft and camshaft through a series of pulleys and ensure the engine runs smoothly. They control the inlet and exhaust …

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