VW ID3 Key Not Detected

VW ID3 Key Not Detected – Is anyone getting this error?

This is not a strange question in the VW community nowadays. Since vehicle and key technology is advancing, the car key has become a crucial component of your vehicle.
Volkswagen is known for producing safe, innovative, and economical vehicles.

The vehicles are known for their advanced features such as key fobs that offer keyless entry with a high level of security and convenience for their drivers. [1]

Still, it’s important to know that VW kept the mechanic key part inside of the key fob.
Car owners are essentially locked out of their vehicles and cannot operate them remotely if the key fob stops working.

A worst-case scenario is where your VW ID3 key is not detected, which means that you won’t be able to start the engine. This problem can appear on models such as VW Buzz, VW ID3, and ID4.

VW ID3 Key Not Detected


This problem has been reported by several VW ID3 owners. It manifests itself in several ways. The first one is the appearance of the “Key Not Detected” alert on the display.

When this occurs, there is usually a problem with the key fob itself. Common causes include damaged or dirty key fobs, low key fob batteries, a damaged control module, or electrical faults.

The second manifestation of the problem is the alert “Key Not in Range” or Key not detected, hold key on designated surface” warning. This problem is usually associated with a dead or damaged key fob battery.

Causes of the VW ID3 Key Not Detected Warning


The key not detected alert on VW ID3 can occur as a result of many issues. The causes are outlined below.

  1. The key fob battery is low

Sometimes the battery in the key fob may be drained or dead. When this happens, the fob may not be able to output a signal that allows it to communicate with your car. As a result, the vehicle will not be able to detect the key and an alert will appear on the display.

  1. Damaged or dirty key fob

In some instances, the key fob could be dirty or damaged. This means that it won’t be properly detected by the vehicle. It is also possible for the key to lose synchronization with your car.

In such cases, a reprogramming of the key fob might fix the problem. You might need to try a spare key if your car comes with it. If not, you might need to consider fixing or replacing the one you have.

  1. Electrical faults in the system

For the keyless entry system of your car to work seamlessly, it relies on a good electrical system. Corroded or damaged wiring in your vehicle can cause an error in the communication signal between the key fob and the vehicle. The key not detected alert will be displayed as a result.

  1. A malfunctioning control module

The key fob in the VW ID3 works in tandem with a control module installed in your vehicle.

When you press any button on the key fob, it sends a signal to the control module, which then carries out the specified action, whether it’s opening the door or starting the engine.

If the module malfunctions, it will not properly detect the key fob.

How to fix the Key Not Detected Alert on VW ID3


You might need to visit your dealer to have your VW ID3 inspected. A qualified Volkswagen technician will be able to detect and repair any problems you might have that are causing a Key Not Detected alert.

However, there are other solutions that you can try out to restore the normal functioning of your car. The fixes are outlined below.

  1. Replace the battery

The most frequent cause of a malfunctioning VW key fob is a dead battery. This means you will need a battery replacement. Replacing a battery is a simple process. But before you do, make sure it is compatible—that is, it has the same dimensions, voltage, and specifications as the old one [2].

Take off the key fob’s cover to see the battery compartment. You may remove the battery with a thin object after it’s open. The new battery must then be installed; pay attention to its placement. When you’re done, replace the key fob’s back cover and press down until you hear a click, indicating that it has already locked.

  1. Reprogram the Key Fob

Reprogramming your VW key fob may be necessary for it to function again after changing the battery. The reprogramming process differs based on your Volkswagen’s model [3].

The process outlined below is known to work for most models, including the VW ID3.

  • Without turning on the engine, place your VW key fob in the ignition and turn it on.
  • Shut all the doors and use the lock button on the driver’s door to manually lock the doors.
  • Press the unlock button five times at one-second intervals using your extra key fob. The horn on your car will now beep.
  • To erase the memories, hit the unlock button once more after six seconds.
  • Take out your key fob and turn off the ignition. Verify if your key fob now functions.
  1. Examine the contacts on the battery.

If you have already replaced the key fob’s battery, but it’s still not working, the battery connectors that complete the energy circuit from your new battery may be the issue.

If these contacts malfunction, your key fob will not function. Verify that your battery is securely positioned on it. Examine whether there is any damage or dust in the contacts that could be preventing it from working.

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A malfunction in the VW ID3’s keyless entry system caused the “Key Not Detected” alert to be displayed on the dashboard. This is a serious problem that might cause owners much frustration.

Luckily the problem has simple solutions which the driver can attempt by themselves. Taking your VW ID3 for regular inspection and maintenance visits is recommended for keeping it functioning optimally.

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