Best Oil for Honda Civic

What can be the best oil for Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is one of best picks for young generation of drivers. In case that you just bought it, just make sure that previous owner changed oil in required interval. New generations of Hondas will note you when it’s time to change engine oil, depending on your style of driving. Also, it’s very important to know which oil is most suitable for your high torque machine.

There are many options, and we clarify them in this article.

What is the best oil for Honda Civic?



There are many good oils for this car type. It all depends on the year of production and the engine type of the car. Different years of production require different oils and that is what we focus on here.


Honda Civic (seventh generation) – produced from 2000-2005 Valvoline 5W-20 Motor Oil 5 (This oil minimizes everyday wear. It provides low friction technology that ensures power and fuel efficiency. The oil has detergents that make the engine clean.)
Honda Civic (eighth generation) – 2005 Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (Made from natural gas. It protects the engine and provides better fuel economy)
Honda Civic (ninth generation) – 2011 Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 (The oil protects, cleans, and delivers better engine performance. It has excellent viscosity and protects against damaging deposits.)
Honda Civic (tenth generation) – 2015 Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil(This oil provides superior engine protection. It responds well to the ever-changing needs of the engine. The oil is made to meet the pressures and temperatures inside the engine.)
Honda Civic (eleventh generation) – 2021 Valvoline 0W-20 Motor Oil (The oil has a strong thermal resistance and it provides better wear protection. It is built for modern engines and it has maximum efficiency)

As you can see, there are different oil types for different generations of Honda Civic cars. Each oil has some specifics that provide good lubrication and effective protection.

The engine requires oil that will have specific ingredients. On most occasions, Honda Civic will need synthetic oil that has different additives. [1]

Also, the detergents in these oils will clean the engine in the right manner. As a result, the protection from tear and wear is complete.

It is important to know the oil capacity in Honda Civic models. Some cars have bigger capacity, while others offer smaller solutions. You should put the right amount of oil each time. Note: Overfilling may cause issues.

When it comes to 2020-2022 models, the cars have different capacities.

The biggest capacity is 5.7quarts (5.4 liters). At the same time, we have 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters) which is the medium capacity. The smallest capacity is 3.7 quarts (3.7 liters).[2]


It is good to use 0w-20 motor oils for these car models because the engines are made for this type of motor oil. The engines need fully synthetic oils that provide better protection to the engine.

These synthetic oils last longer than conventional oils and provide better lubrication.

You can use synthetic oils for longer periods of time. It is good to change it when the car reaches 10,000 miles. This means that you can drive your vehicle for longer periods of time.

Honda Civic uses synthetic oils more than conventional oils. This is because synthetic oils have properties that combine well with the Honda Civic engines.

What is the best Honda Civic oil type?


In general, you can use different oils for your car, but only the recommended oils are a good choice. You can see the manual of your car and find the best oil type. You can download Hondas manuals here.

Honda Civic is a very specific car and it needs special attention.

When it comes to oil types, it is good to know how often you need to change the oil. For conventional oil, you should change it every 3,000-5,000 miles. For synthetic oils, the range is between 7,500 and 10,000 miles.

We have seen from the table that three types of oils are the best choices for Honda Civic cars. These three oil types are 0w-20, 5w-20, and 5w-30. All of these oils have some special characteristics.

0w-20 vs 5w-20 vs 5w-30

When we take a look at 0w-20 oils, we can notice that this oil is made to provide protection in cold weather. It is made of ingredients that have a good viscosity level in cold weather. You will not experience much oil thickening, even if the weather is cold outside. [2]

0w-20 is recommended for the tenth and eleventh generations of Honda Civic. These oils react in the best manner when they lubricate the engine parts of these cars.

Modern vehicles have better fuel economy and the engines are made with attention to each detail. That is why 0w-20 oils behave in the best way when they are inside modern engines.

There is a smooth oil flow that helps the engine work efficiently.

These oils also prevent engine parts from touching which is very important for engine performance. As a result, you get the best power from the engine parts.

ow-20 vs 5w-20

Aside from 0w-20, we also have 5w-20 oil.

This oil usually has anti-wear additives and good ingredients. The oil provides an additional layer of protection between the moving parts.

Most 5w-20 oils come as conventional oils, but you will also find very effective synthetic oils. For Honda Civic, synthetic oils play an important role.

They fight against oil breakdown and degradation. The oils usually have detergents that clean the engine in the best manner. This results in less friction and the engine performance is better.

The oils for Honda Civic need to be of good quality. If you are not able to find the proper oil for your engine, consult your mechanic. They will suggest what oil type would be the best for your car.

It is good to stick to the oil that has a good viscosity level and good performance in all climate conditions.

If you live in warmer areas, you should use thicker oils that have certain properties. Thicker oils will become thinner in warmer areas. Good oils need to protect the engine from hot temperatures. That is why your oil choice must be adequate.


The third most popular motor oil for Honda Civic is 5w-30.

This oil has a higher viscosity rating than 5w-20. In this case, we have the oil that behaves differently inside the car engine. 5w-30 is used for different types of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and passenger cars.

In this case, you can also use this oil in Honda Civic cars. The oil is suitable for high-performance engines and turbocharged engines.

5w-30 is one of the most common viscosity grades. You can find this oil in many variants. It comes as synthetic blend oil, premium blend synthetic, and full synthetic oil. You can also find conventional 5w-30 oil.

You can expect different performance results depending on the oil type. In Honda Civic, it is best to use full synthetic 5w-30 oil. This oil is recommended for gasoline-powered vehicles and specific engine types.

5w-30 oils are engineered to provide good engine performance. At the same time, the oil protects the engine parts from all possible complications. [3]

Different Oil Types


2022 Honda Civic comes with 10 different trims and each of them requires a good oil type.

We have found the best oil types for these 2022 Honda Civic trims. Here are the solutions.

  • Civic Hybrid – 5w-30
  • Civic 1.4i-VTEC – 0w-30
  • Civic 1.6i-DTEC – 0w-30
  • Civic 1.8i-VTEC – 0w-30
  • Civic 2.0 Type R – 0w-20
  • Civic 2.2i-DTEC – 0w-30
  • Civic 1.0 PF – 5w-30
  • Civic 1.5 PF – 5w-30
  • Civic 1.6i-DTEC – 0w-30
  • Civic Type-R PF – 5w-30

If you consider the oil types for the 2022 Honda Civic, you can notice some differences. Each type of car requires a special type of oil.

At the same time, these car types have specific oil capacity. You can pour the oil to a certain limit. In this manner, you ensure that you do not overfill the oil for your car engine.It is recommended to change the oil after certain distances.

In this case, for the 2022 Honda Civic, the change period is 12 months. If you cross more than 20,000 miles, it is needed to change the oil. You should change the oil whichever comes first.

Best oil for Honda Civic type R


If you wonder what the best oil for Honda Civic type R is, there is a certain recommendation. Honda recommends Castrol Edge 0W-30 oil.

This oil has the specifications that are the best for Honda Civic type R. The oil is successfully fighting against deposits and it has a powerful lubrication ability.

It is full synthetic motor oil and it is better than conventional oils in many segments. Castrol Edge 0W-30 provides superior performance and it protects the parts inside the car engine.

This oil has a powerful Fluid Titanium Technology which meets the needs of every driver. The engine performance will be at the top level and your Honda Civic type R engine will be fully protected.

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Now you know what the best oil for Honda Civic is. There are many recommendations, and you will find the best oil from the oils that we mentioned above. Give your Honda Civic the best motor oil and see how the car serves you for many days to come.

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