Mitsubishi Colt Problems

Are you familiar with Mitsubishi Colt problems that may occur?

Mitsubishi Colt is a nameplate that has been used since 1978. The name has been used for original Mitsubishi Colt vehicles as well as export versions of certain Mitsubishi vehicles such as Mirage.

However, we will be looking at cars from 2002 onwards that have donned this nameplate. Though this may not encompass the entirety of the nameplate’s history, it does cover the most relevant cars, most of which are still driven today.

The 2002 release is a Mini MPV which has held its own until 2013. The number of reworks over the years helped the car keep up with the changing technology while keeping its strengths.

The general spacious design remains even as models change. Though body types did change varying from the original hatchback design to a hardtop convertible and a station wagon. Giving ample variety to the bodies.

The Colt Plus variant included new engines that could accommodate the new body. Allowing the car to accommodate more people without losing the required strength to achieve previous speeds. With a 2013 Taiwan-exclusive facelift, the model kept its appearance in line with the decent components inside.

Unfortunately, 2013 was the end of the Mitsubishi Colt for about a decade. In 2023, Renault Clio’s fifth generation has inherited the nameplate after being rebadged.

This vehicle harkens back to the 2002 Mitsubishi Colt by being a hatchback with 5 doors and a healthy selection of petrol engines with a couple of diesel options being present as well.

Mitsubishi Colt problems


Common issues of the Mitsubishi Colt include suspension issues, electrical problems, braking problems, and engine overheating.

  1. Suspension issues

With the cars and their high power, safety for components and drivers becomes quite important. That’s where suspension comes in, absorbing a decent amount of shock from the roads we drive on. The suspension’s role is especially felt on less-maintained roads where holes and rough patches of the road are common. [1]

When you start getting issues with the suspension systems of your vehicle, the drives will become far less enjoyable. As time passes, some of the other components will likely suffer damage from constant shaking and shocks that cannot be mitigated by the malfunctioning suspension.

Mitsubishi Colt models have had issues with their suspension for a while now. The key issue is worn shock absorbers.

The shock absorbers wearing off means a longer stopping distance and a bouncier vehicle. It also compromises the handling of the car, making it an important problem to solve.

  1. Electrical Problems

Each car is made to work by the myriad interconnected wirings that allow signals to flow from the car’s battery to its dedicated component. These components can be anything from the actual spark plug that lights the fuel in our engine to radio systems in the front of the vehicle.

However, wiring is susceptible to all forms of damage. Be it corrosion, physical trauma, or having their protective layers destroyed by heat.

There are systems in play to prevent all of these factors, maintenance included but vehicles aren’t immune to suffering failure in this part of their design.

The Mitsubishi Colt can experience numerous sources of electrical problems. The potential sources include alternators, starter motors, and batteries. All of these can make it hard to deliver charge to the rest of the car. Headlights are another source of issues, and have even caused a recall. [2]

  1. Braking Problems

The brakes are the most important part of our car after the throttle. Without brakes, the handling, maneuverability, and safety of our vehicle go down excessively. Even when this component starts working worse than usual, the car should be immediately taken for a checkup or full repair.

Assuming you want the car to stay as functional as it can be, properly configured brakes are a must. Constant maintenance and proper care of the bakes are important to keep them capable of stopping our car when necessary.

As for the Mitsubishi Colt, it has had a number of braking issues that have persisted throughout models and years. Brake pads are the most troublesome part. This component often wears out fast, meaning our brakes get worse at handling any harsher uses. [3]

  1. Engine overheating

Overheating is a dangerous problem that affects all of our vehicles. Though it generally starts with high-intensity working parts such as the engine, the heat won’t affect this particular component only.

Furthermore, damage to the engine induced by overheating is bound to have a knock-on effect on other bits of the car.

In Mitsubishi Colt vehicles, overheating has been a problem across multiple engines. This specific issue is tied to oil leaks which leave the engine lacking in proper lubrication which makes the temperature of the car’s components increase by quite a margin.

The engine stays the most affected by these, though overheating will spiral into some other troubles later down the line. [4]

Solutions to Mitsubishi Colt problems


Thankfully, the problems come with their own solutions. Though some of the said solutions may be pricey, there are still ways for us to take care of the car before we reach the critical point where expenses get high. Some solutions may even come free so let’s see how to deal with the aforementioned problems.

Overheating can sometimes be mitigated with proper maintenance of your car’s oil. Replacing oil frequently enough can make the difference between a working car and a quickly overheating one.

Brake pads unfortunately aren’t as predictable. If they have a chance of wearing off, they will. The most you can do is check them occasionally to make sure these components are fully operational.

Electrical problems can sometimes be avoided by making sure your battery works properly. Odd malfunctions of the car can tie directly into it so take a look to prevent harsher struggles.

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Mitsubishi Colt problems

In case the solutions do not work, we still have a warranty to fall back onto. If the warranty has run out or doesn’t cover the specific issue, check whether there was a recall issued for your specific problem.

Some recalls don’t expire, meaning that you can get a free fix for said problem no matter how much time has passed since it has been issued.

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With all the problems taken into account, we can see that Mitsubishi Colt doesn’t have any prominent issues that are too specific or unique.

This can be an advantage as general maintenance and occasional checkups can be enough to warn us of any emerging issues due to them including the general areas of Mitsubishi Colt’s most common problems. Engine, oil, and suspension issues are prime concerns that will be hard to miss.

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