Are BMW Good Cars?

Popular car brands will usually be the ones that catch our eye the most. One of these being BMW which boasts the power and quality of their machines in just about any advert. However, are BMWs good cars? Well, to answer that we need to get down to specifics and discern what this brand provides.

Are BMW good cars?


Yes, BMW are good premium car.

Among the luxury brands of cars, BMWs remain consistently liked and purchased. The vehicles produced by this manufacturer have had a long history in both quality models and powerful specifications. And yes, they are fun to drive as well![1]

With the number of luxury brands on the market, BMW still remains visible which has to stem from some quality the manufacturer provides. Let’s see what it is that makes BMWs good cars.


Just about any BMW model has great interiors. Be it the comfort of the inside of the car or the high-quality of materials used to make them, these interiors will always end up feeling quite great to drive and sit in.

With the amount of customizability and space present here, BMWs manage to provide a great experience from the moment you step inside them.


In terms of performance, BMWs are very good, usually ranking high among luxury brands. What one can expect from BMW are powerful engines, great speed, refined braking systems, and a satisfying driving experience. The comfort of luxury cars is blended in with the power of BMWs quite nicely. [2]


As time goes by, extra electronic functionality becomes more present within cars. The capabilities of both configurations and components related to electronics become quite a bit more important too.

This category is something BMWs don’t struggle with. Their iDrive system provides an easy-to-use piece of electronics that can be controlled with simple button presses. The newer the model the more quality and reliability you’ll get out of this benefit.

Is BMW fun to drive?


The most frequent reason people will purchase a BMW is because of the driving experience. Being able to cover the costs of repairs and the initial price of the BMW, which is usually quite high, is the entry ticket to some exceptionally satisfying driving.

The reason BMWs are so good to drive can be explained by looking at the above list of positives BMW cars have. The power of these benefits doesn’t wane during driving. In fact, driving around heavily accents the car’s strengths.

Powerful engine

The first and foremost quality of these vehicles is definitely their power. Among the luxury brands, BMWs are some of the most powerful.

The acceleration and maximum speeds are usually good enough even for people who live in area without long roads to use this power on. The build of these vehicles also pairs well with the power produced, leading to an even more engaging driving experience.

Exceptional handling

While power is important, so is the handling of the vehicle. If we are driving around in a vehicle that doesn’t handle well it’s likely our enjoyment will suffer. Even if the car doesn’t pose and danger to us while driving the lack of nice and smooth handling can hamper the experience.

The BMW models are capable of making sharp turns easily and adapting to the road with little issue. This smooth handling is yet another thing that makes these vehicles a joy to drive. [3]

Are BMW good cars to buy used?


Luxury brands such as BMW can be quite pricey early on. As with a number of other cars, we may consider purchasing them second-hand.

This usually brings down the price to more manageable numbers and allows us to engage with the brand without having to pay the original retail price. However, vehicles can suffer a lot of side effects if they have been used. We will see if the same holds for BMWs.

Tips for buying a used BMW

The usual rule for buying used BMWs is to aim for those that are five or six years old. Because BMW is a luxury car brand, their value depreciation happens way faster. This loss in value may be troublesome if you are the original owner but for those willing to buy a BMW for far less cash, this is the best way to go about it.

Even if the owner of the car wasn’t exceptionally careful with their BMW you can expect one that’s half a decade old to still be in a decent condition. However, it’s still likely you’ll require some repairs. Do take some time to consider whether the model has more elaborate fixes that would need to be done.

If entire parts need to be replaced, discuss a further discount or count the cost of repairs in with the current cost of the car. In case the offer seems less enticing with that extra cost, reconsider the purchase.

BMWs are among the most expensive cars to maintain and repair so keep that in mind. They rank far worse than the other German manufacturer, Volkswagen in this category.

Are BMW reliable after 100k miles?

The question of cars reliability is usually posed in two situations. When we purchase it and wen it crosses a certain mileage. The wear and tear on all the components after a certain distance can turn great cars into mediocre ones.

Sometimes, the distance crossed will affect the car severely and require a lot of replacements on its parts. That’s why we’ll be checking the reliability of BMWs after 100k miles.

Issues that may occur after 100,000 miles

The aforementioned wear and tear will usually present itself as a slew of issues which stem from consistent use of the vehicle. These problems can be spotted on just about any car, usually varying in severity and type depending on the manufacturer or model.

When it comes to BMW, the most common issues include turbocharger failure, transmission issues, or even something as severe as premature engine failures.

The issues may seem exceptionally problematic but keep in mind that a lot of them are model dependant. Sometimes it’s not even about the model of the car but rather the model of the component. Either way, we will find ourselves in far worse situation if purchasing BMW cars with these specifications.

The reliability depends on the previous owner

Cars are complex objects that require care, maintenance, and consistency in applying these. Even the most reliable cars can falter early if not serviced.

Neglected problems can become worse and even spark some other issues we would otherwise be able to avoid. Even if there are no current problems and the warning signs are ignored, we could soon witness quite a few of them cropping up.

Reliability is quite dependent on previous owners of the vehicle especially for BMWs. Any car that has had good maintenance should be in a good enough state to provide a reliable driving experience.

This includes paying extra attention to minor details such as warming up the car. These small details can build up, so we should follow them.

When you know previous owners consistently checked up on any arising issues, it’s a given that those issues have scarcely affected the car. Just driving a well maintained car feels quite different from a neglected one. [4]

Look into the actions performed on the car and how much care the former owner put into it. Doing so can prevent dissatisfying purchases while also saving money, we won’t need to perform various repairs on the car.

So are they reliable?


As we’ve seen, both yes and no. Any person aiming to buy a BMW car which has crossed more than 100k miles should take into account the aforementioned dangers and factors.

Among those, it’s good to consider the current price of the car together with the potential repairs it may need within the first year of owning it.

Keep in mind that even new BMWs rank average on the reliability scale so those extra miles can really dampen the quality of the vehicle.

After all those have been considered, and adequate repairs done, a BMW can be considered reliable even after 100k.

These cars are known to run for 250k or even over 300k depending on the model so it’s really a question of care and specifications of the vehicle. BMWs aren’t the most reliable among luxury cars, being outshined by brands such as Porche, but still holds a decent position in this category.

What makes BMW different from other cars?


With each manufacturer, there are details that set them apart from other members of the industry. Same goes for BMWs, they have their own potent traits that stick out among other manufacturers.


There are a ton of models to pic from when checking out BMWs. Even if you aren’t interested in the high power BMW is known for, you may be able to find a model or two that fits your fancy. The brand may fall into luxury ones but it doesn’t mean it’s stuck to one style of cars. [5]

Quality of driving

No matter what the style or model of the car is, BMW guarantees great handling and power to match. The performance of the BMWs is something we’ve already covered and is being echoed here. You needn’t reach high speeds to feel the handling or comfort of the BMW models.


Among all the high-quality and powerful components present within a BMW, there’s still room for safety. Even if you end up in an accident, the BMW will keep you safe.

In fact, BMW models are known to score 5.0 out of 5.0 on safety ratings and the overall manufacturer score sticks to this perfect rating.

The most potent system which fuels this safety is BMW’s intelligent airbag system which is capable of deploying with less than a second’s notice.

As we can see from the aforementioned traits, BMWs are quite good cars. They are not only capable of reaching some high speeds and offering good acceleration but also present options to an interested buyer.

Regardless of the model, BMW cars boast exceptional safety, making the stress of each purchase much lower. It’s a brand that delivers on the luxury car promises.

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BMW kickdown


The automatic transmission BMW possesses a kickdown. This is a function of a car that allows it to downshift automatically when the driver pushes the accelerator to the floor.

The use of this kickdown is to use the greater power delivered by the engine at its higher rpm. It will most frequently occur when the driver attempts to accelerate from a constant speed.

Where kickdown comes in handy is when we are trying to overtake somebody in traffic. By using kickdown, we get much stronger acceleration and are able to gain much better speed than we would from regular acceleration. The uses may vary but this is the most common one.

Some vehicles are also capable of automatically engaging kickdown. The automatic kickdown is signaled by the central computer, which recognizes that the vehicle isn’t accelerating as well as it should.

The kickdown will allow us to obtain that extra acceleration, giving us the much needed burst of speed at a moment’s notice. This function can also come in handy when we are climbing a hill as it will automatically revert our car to a much more optimal configuration for the task.

BMW resale value after 3 years

BMWs are known to lose a lot of their value quickly. This holds true for most luxury brands but especially for them.

Some BMW models can lose as much as 50% of their value in a span of three years. In the table below, we will see how they match up to some other models and brands.


Model Depreciation
BMW 5 Series 52%
BMW 3 Series 49%
Chrysler 200 48%
Cadillac SRX 47%
BMW M6 Gran Coupe 41%
Jeep Wrangler 29%
Land Rover Range Rover SE P400 25%
Volkswagen California 24%
Porsche Macan 20%


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As we’ve seen, BMWs have a lot to offer to every type of driver. Their position on the market as the luxury brand with a lot of available choices which all reinforce the driving experience that BMW is keen on showcasing.

Another less visible benefit is that these cars quickly lose their value. Meaning that used BMWs can be a worthwhile yet more affordable investment. Of course, you should look into the treatment the car has had before being resold because the quality of previous owners can make a world of difference with BMWs.

Those who had owners consistently maintain and repair them will be far more worthwhile of an investment than a neglected car. In fact, the difference may be a dealbreaker in some cases due to the extra costs servicing the used car could require.

Overall, BMWs are good and provide ample utility to any driver. While it may be difficult to swallow the initial cost of purchasing a BMW, they will provide safe and nice ride.

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