Toyota Corolla Cross Problems

Did you check Toyota Corolla Cross problems and recalls?

Toyota Corolla is a known nameplate that has seen many incarnations throughout the years. On top of the regular nameplate, the Toyota Corolla has had a variety of fresh variants one of which is Toyota Corolla Cross.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Cross is a recent addition to the Corolla family, having started production in 2020. This vehicle is a compact crossover SUV that serves as a practical and large car from Toyota. The initial reveal happened in Thailand but it has become widely spread since.

The power train of these cars comes in petrol and hybrid forms, with a variety of different engines being available to choose from. Allowing for better customization of your vehicle no matter which one you wish to purchase.

We can say it’s a perfect small commuter with great gas mileage, averaging about 44 MPG.

Toyota Corolla Cross has received accolades for the design of the car. [1]

The only area where it had a medium rating was the quality and design of the headlights of the Toyota Corolla Cross.

However, it is not without problems, just like any other car. That’s why we’ll cover some of the most common Toyota Corolla Cross problems so far.

Toyota Corolla Cross Problems


Toyota is known for reliable vehicles that conform to all types of driving styles. Toyota Corolla Cross is decently popular despite its relatively short time on the market. However, some potential issues have already reared their heads.

As with every vehicle, we can expect malfunctions to appear as parts get worn out and slowly cease to work. Despite the general quality of Toyota vehicles, this aspect of the machine is unavoidable.

The best we can do is inform ourselves of the common problems and biggest issues that the car can run into for the sake of combating them on time.

  1. Passenger side airbags

Airbags are one of the most important parts of a car’s safety. Though many systems aim to reduce impact from collision, it is airbags that directly reduce potential injury.  The worse the crash the more important they become.

Toyota Corolla Cross has had issues with airbags since its early models. However, the Toyota company did take immediate action, initiating a recall that could resolve the issues for those affected free of charge.

The recall affected the 2022 and 2023 series of vehicles, which included 96,000 Toyota Corolla Cross cars. With the recency of the recall, it’s possible your vehicle could be eligible should the airbags fail. [1]

  1. Steering column problems 

The steering column allows the steering wheel to directly interact with the components that affect the car’s position. As such, the steering column plays a key role in actual steering.

However, issues can arise with said component, ones that make its steering quite a bit worse. Whether it’s due to incorrect direction of the steering or just plain lack of responsibility, it’s an issue worth looking into.

Toyota has issued a whole recall around issues tied to the steering column. The issue is tied closely to its airbag problems. The column can be instrumental to the problems of the airbag, increasing the risks of any collision.

Likewise, this can cause the car to become extremely hard to steer. Hard steering is one of the key sources of concern when it comes to Toyota Corolla Cross. [2]

  1. Electronic park brake

Electronic park brake is part of modern vehicles that makes sure a car properly parks. It prevents the car from rolling away with unsecured wheels if the brakes aren’t set to park. However, if the system fails we risk the car moving even when parked. [3]

The electronic park brake is meant to regulate car parking properly. With the issues that initiated the recall, a car’s brake actuator assembly may detect false information making the car enter a failsafe mode.

This would hamper the function of the brake. Toyota Corolla Cross has had a recall that affected over 1,000 cars initiated to combat this issue with its 2022 and 2023 models.

Solutions to Toyota Corolla cross problems

As with every problem, there are certain solutions. Among these solutions, some can be done at home, cutting the costs of repairs. Though not all problems can be addressed in this manner, resolving any in this way can be quite helpful to our budget.

The best way to prevent airbag and steering column problems is through consistent maintenance. The more consistent our maintenance the likelier we are to catch out issues before they affect us greatly.

Brake problems can be solved through consistent diagnostics and checking how well the car parks. Do it in a safe space where potential malfunction won’t cause danger to you or others, if something is off the diagnosis should be easier to achieve.

If the solutions provided above don’t work, we suggest checking your warranty. If it’s still in effect then you could have the car fixed for a far cheaper price. Sometimes, an entire problem will be fixed for free.

Even in situations where warranty ran out, recall information could provide similar help. Recalls sometimes last indefinitely, which means we can get an issue solved for free whenever it occurs. [4]

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Overall, the Toyota Corolla Cross had problems with passenger-side airbags, steering column, and electric parking brake. Toyota recalled all vehicles with these issues.

Furthermore, the coverage from warranty and recalls usually covers the costs so rarely will it cut into our budget.

Overall, knowing the problems is better as early treatment of a problem can cut its effectiveness on our car.

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