Renault Arkana Problems

Renault’s roster of cars was recently freshened with the addition of Renault Arkana. A hybrid SUV with some quality features that make it a decent motorway cruiser. However, it’s not free of suffering troublesome issues. That’s why it’s best to get acquainted with Renault Arkana problems.

Renault Arkana

Renault Arkana started production in 2019 and was introduced into the European market in September 2020. The car’s name is derived from the Latin word for secret, arcanum. Renault Arkana has received a five-star rating for safety, which is its primary quality.

The car was available from the start in hybrid variants too which allowed for more versatile offers to the owners. Renault Arkana does not excel much in terms of driving capabilities or power, getting average ratings in categories that cover it. This is a fact no matter whether you go for the hybrid or petrol versions of Renault Arkana.

Though the car is rather young, it has had multiple versions including LJC, LJL, and a car based on Renault Arkana with a current nameplate of XM3 Inspire.

Renault Arkana Problems

Renault Arkana New Model

Just like any other car, Renault Arkana has some persistent and common problems. Among these issues, there are steering system issues, electrical issues, infotainment system problems, as well as transmission problems. All of these can occur at low mileages too so it’s likely to encounter them even after owning a car for a short amount of time.

  1. Steering system issues

Steering in Renaults as well as other vehicles is something we need for proper handling. Renault Arkana has had rather significant problems with its steering system specifically. The problem usually stems from a fault in the system’s calibration. This issue leads to overheating of our power steering system which will make the wheel have no steering assistance. [1]

The issue was common enough to warrant a recall for all Arkana models that were made before December 2021. The recall was issued in 2022, affecting over 1,500 cars with the Renault Arkana nameplate. Though the recall is quite recent this number may grow exponentially.

  1. Electrical issues

Aside from localized issues with the steering system, Renault Arkana has wider problems with its electrical components. The most common issue is failure symbols being displayed on the dashboard even when the car is perfectly functional, confusing owners across the world. However, that’s not all. It’s possible to run into A/C issues with the car, mostly its responsiveness. [2]

Multiple systems that serve to enhance the vehicle also show signs of being affected by issues like these. They could kick in too hard, causing the vehicle to lurch forward or stop too fast. Generally, it lessens the quality of the drive.

All of these issues combined lead to a very uncomfortable experience. Driving the car ends up feeling like we are fighting against it rather than being supported by its systems.

The issues all seem to tie back into one specific part of the vehicle, the e-Tech electric engine. The improper calibration of this engine can easily cause all of the aforementioned issues to crop up on our vehicle.

  1. Transmission problems

The automatic transmission in the Renault Arkana has a few issues as well. One big problem it suffers from is software issues. Software issues can affect transmission unfavorably, leading to the car not properly shifting gears. Even if we accelerate well enough, the car will not change gears well. Additionally, this pushes the RPMs of the car to really high levels and puts strain on components. [3]

Aside from poor responsiveness, these transmission issues also waste a lot more fuel than they usually would. On top of it all, there will be a burning smell around our car which can be worrying for any owner. Though the least troublesome issue, a burning smell can be pretty offputting.

All of these problems lead to a much worse driving experience and can be detrimental to the overall health of the vehicle if not treated. The transmission problems can further affect different parts of the car.

  1. Infotainment system problems

On top of other issues, infotainment can be a troublesome part of Renault Arkana. The vehicle ends up with a system that’s either slow or ends up freezing randomly.

There are quite a few complaints about infotainment problems and they are quite varied too. Other problems also include phones connecting poorly to the car which makes the entire infotainment even less reliable. [4]

Solutions to Renault Arkana problems

Though the problems of Renault Arkana can be troubling, it’s also possible to resolve a good number of them. Some need nothing more than some simple DIY fixes, so the car will be set to full functionality without costing us much to fix.

The Renault Arkana’s e-Tech electric engine and its calibration issues should be resolved through Renault dealerships. This problem can occur even at low mileage so it’s one we are likely to experience.

Infotainment problems can sometimes be resolved by simply restarting the car. Some have reported multiple restarts were required before the car’s infotainment system was fixed. Additionally, if this approach doesn’t work, software updates should help resolve the issue. Multiple software issues have been rolled out to resolve the problem so all problems may be addressed.

Renault Arkana problems

Our options don’t stop at these solutions. We can also take care of these problems through recalls. There are a few recalls issued for Renault Arkana which could still be in effect. Though it’s equally possible the issue has been resolved on the manufacturing end. More applicably, we should always pay attention to the amount of time our warranty has left. This could easily cover our costs and speed up resolution.

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Renault Arkana is a decent vehicle with a few issues that sprung up early in its production. These have persisted for now but the manufacturer has taken ample care of recalling and fixing the problems.

With the recalls issued for most of the issues, there is a chance these issues could be solved already. But if not, the solutions provided and the ability to detect some of the symptoms should be enough to get you through it.

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