5 KIA Niro Hybrid Problems

Are you familiar with Kia Niro Hybrid problems?

The KIA Niro is a hybrid crossover SUV manufactured by KIA Motors. The Niro made its world debut in South Korea in August 2016, then later released in the US, Europe, and other countries [1].

The Niro is KIA’s first production car to utilize its new 1.6-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine.

Moreover, it was the first hybrid vehicle launched by the KIA Motors company. KIA’s customers adore the Niro because it is a comfortable ride, has good fuel economy, and trades at a low price. The front-wheel drive Niro uses a combination of an electric motor and a 1.6-liter gasoline engine.

KIA Niro has a fuel economy of 3.8 L/100 km (61.9 mpg US) in the combined cycle; it emits 89 g/km of CO2. The electric motor assists the engine when accelerating. [2]

In addition, it provides power to the wheels when the engine is not running, such as when the vehicle stops at a traffic light. Consumer reports gave the Niro a steady 78/100 in reliability [3].

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recalled the KIA Niro twice as of May 2019. The first recall issued in November 2017 was due to an electric power steering system issue [4]. KIA issued the second recall in March 2019, attributed to a problem with the airbag control module.

The company then went ahead with the new Niro, offered in a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric variants. The 2017 KIA Niro’s inside is spotless and equipped with everything a driver on the go could require. From incredibly comfortable chairs to a user-friendly touch screen and various driver aid technologies.

Most Common Kia Niro Hybrid Problems


KIA Niro is not a perfect car. But because of its fantastic advantages, it should convince you to make it your best choice. In this post, we look deeply at some of the problems with KIA Niro vehicles.

  1. Electrical Relay Overheating

The vast majority of Niro owners from 2016 and 2017 reported an issue with an overheating electrical relay [5].

It was recommendable that auto owners contact their dealers. If your vehicle exhibits this issue, your dealer must examine it for heat damage and replace the damaged part with a new one.

According to KIA engineers, poor connections may be to blame for the electrical relay overheating in the power relay assembly. Thus, it is a noteworthy resistance.

If you do not take care of this problem, the back seat can get too hot and create more of a fire hazard—the traction battery, which powers the wheels, overheated seriously in earlier generations of the KIA Niro [6].

In the 2019 model, KIA solved all these faults, but problems with the 12-volt starter battery still exist. Your mechanic must first activate the direct access relay to accomplish this.

Next, we will take the cooling fan relay out of the relay box. Aligning the pins will be the first step so that mechanic can install them. Then, they will monitor to ensure that your Niro gets a functional cooling fan relay.

    1. Hydraulic clutch actuator housing issues

The hydraulic clutch actuator-housing problem affected most KIA Niros produced between 2016 and 2017. As a result, all KIA Niros had an error code due to that problem.

If you do not address the problem, the oil seal will be damaged, resulting in oil spills [7].

Furthermore, it might ignite a fire. Usually, a light on your dashboard will indicate this problem.

Ensure you thoroughly inspect the hydraulic clutch actuator to resolve this problem. The direction of installation must be the exact opposite of removal. First, you must look at how the O-rings are placed together.

To remove the reverse sequence, KIA advises disengaging the battery terminal and turning off the ignition switch. Removing the covering can cut the hose and connector for the engine clutch actuator.

Use the GDS or KD equipment to evaluate the diagnostic and line-learning data. When employing a vacuum-pressurized hydraulic fluid injection device, the maximum vacuum and injection pressure must be set to 2.3 to 2.5.

  1. Powertrain and Brake System issues

Another common issue is with the brake powertrain. A few KIA Niro owners have confirmed the following powertrain issue. The KIA Niro Hybrid model of 2019 is prone to a brake system malfunctioning; when engaging the brakes, KIA Niro’s owners occasionally experienced no pedal pressure.

Therefore, because of this accident occurred. Most KIA Niro owners sometimes claim to have this issue; the car may roll back even when in park mode.

According to KIA, every owner of a KIA should regularly have the gearbox system checked for damage [8].

As soon as you hit 60,000 miles, it is preferable to have your gearbox fluid inspected or updated. Check your mileage.

Nevertheless, many hybrid cars have this issue. In the 2017 KIA Niro hybrid, you should not ride the brakes. Transmission issues may develop by regularly pressing the brakes or keeping your foot on the pedal.

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, never underestimate the significance of brake inspection. Unless you are on a mountainous road, use your engine brakes rather than parking brakes.

  1. Engine trouble

If you drive a KIA Niro Hybrid, be prepared for a different issue than the standard engine. The majority of Niro hybrids do not start at temperatures below 10.

Therefore, there are various reasons why the engine in your KIA Niro could malfunction. There are several reasons; it is wise to clean your injector thoroughly. In addition, your engine injector will not operate if it is dusty.

Once more, if the Lambda in your KIA Niro ceases to work, the engine will suffer. This implies that the car system cannot control the injection to reduce emissions.

If a position sensor that was previously trouble-free stops working properly, an engine light may also come on. Another factor that contributes to engine difficulties is a clogged Particulate Filter. Think about having the mechanic check the filter on your KIA Niro to examine such an issue.

  1. Transmission Problems

The hybrid KIA Niro has experienced a few cases of transmission problems. The infotainment system also received criticism from some owners for being erratic and buggy. Recently, some KIA Niro owners have reported experiencing a “jerking” or “shuddering” sensation when accelerating.

In addition, some owners have reported that the transmission has unexpectedly changed into neutral while driving. KIA has sent service notices to shops outlining a software upgrade to fix the transmission problems. However, some owners have asserted that the problem persists after applying the software update.

Shift delays, grinding while accelerating, the car shaking at any speed, a burning smell, or whistling noises coming from under the hood are all symptoms of transmission issues with the KIA Niro. The automotive press has traditionally covered the Niro hybrid favorably and warmly accepted [9].

Likewise, critics have praised the Niro for its fuel economy, practicality, and enjoyable driving. However, some reviewers have criticized the Niro for lacking acceleration, and others have mentioned that some owners may experience significant transmission issues.

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KIA Niro Pros

  • KIA Niro is cost-effective
  • Its design is practical and user-friendly.
  • The KIA Niro uses little gas.
  • There are several different safety measures available for the KIA Niro.
  • The KIA Niro has supportive seats.
  • The KIA Niro offers a roomy interior. 19.4 cubic feet of space are available.

KIA Niro Cons

  • The KIA Niro’s braking system is insufficient.
  • It is not a particularly secure vehicle.
  • The KIA Niro’s engine is not the best in the category.
  • Feels disconnected while steering
  • Inefficient Hybrid Powertrain

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The KIA Niro is a trustworthy and reasonably priced hybrid that provides a comfortable ride, even though vehicle owners have previously brought up some common issues.

These concerns include troubles with the engine, powertrain and brake system, hydraulic clutch actuator, and electrical system.

Nevertheless, the automotive press has also given the KIA Niro generally favorable reviews and complimented it for its fuel efficiency, usefulness, and driving pleasure.

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