KIA Carens Problems

Are you familiar with the KIA Carens problems?

Despite its smaller dimensions than the Sedona it replaces, the Carens is KIA’s largest multipurpose vehicle. It’s undoubtedly a more appealing visual proposition than the aging Sedona. It is also the final car to get KIA’s posh new appearance, designed by ex-Audi design boss Peter Schreyer.

All Carens vehicles come standard with six or seven seats. There are two CRDI diesel engines and one petrol engine available.

However, only the higher-powered diesel variant has an automatic transmission.

The car is available in four trim levels, rationally designated 1, 2, 3, and 4. And, as you’d expect from a budget brand still attempting to create a reputation for itself, they’re all rather well-equipped.

There’s a lot to be said for the seven-seater KIA Carens’ blend of flair and versatility, especially if you’re searching for good-value pricing and low day-to-day running expenses. Its modern look and high level of equipment make it a very appealing option for MPV customers.

On the downside, the KIA Carens is less spacious than some of its seven-seat competitors, and the performance and handling are not up to par.

In isolation, the KIA seems speedy enough, but it’s a heavy car that’s slower in gear than rivals like the Fiat 500L MPW. The Carens has an automatic-style step in its throttle pedal to promote economic driving, which requires a forceful prod to gain maximum power [1].

Most Common KIA Carens Problems


  1. Condensation Issues

The most serious concern is the car’s constant condensation. Consumers report that the interiors, especially the dashboard, begin to drip water within minutes of turning on the air conditioner.

To put the gravity of the situation into perspective, the dashboard houses modern electronics for the cluster and infotainment system, and when water gets inside, it can cause a short circuit and a fire on the road [2].

Initially, it appears that the condensation was limited to the roof at the right third-row AC vent. Owners are now reporting it throughout the interiors.

KIA service centers installed more foam liners on the wall but to no avail. Customers were advised by service professionals that the problem had been reported to KIA headquarters and that they were now awaiting a solution.

  1. Gearbox Issues

The Carens is known to have gear-changing difficulty. Owners have complained that the RPM decreases as the automobile ascends the incline and when the driver shifts into second gear. The RPM reduction is so severe that the car stalls until it is shifted into first gear [3].

It lags significantly in second gear and stops/stalls on incline surfaces, making it a risky car to drive in mountainous locations.

Even if the owner excludes hilly places, the vehicle struggles to get from basements of malls, societies, and offices to ground floors and frequently stops. This increases the likelihood of a serious disaster.

Also, it is a struggle to park the car on ramp areas of houses and constantly stops, making parking the vehicle difficult. Additionally, driving in second gear on a flat surface with potholes and speed breakers has proved to be impossible, as you would eventually have to slot into 1st gear after a speed breaker.

Numerous owners who defended their purchase of the KIA Turbo Engine urged and recommend maintaining the engine in turbo mode [4].

This is not always realistic, especially when you’re mounting an incline with a big queue of automobiles behind you. The owners also complain that when shifting into second gear at about 1500 RPM, the car dips to 600, and it almost stalls.

In response to the issue, KIA developed a software patch ahead of schedule, obtained approval from government agencies such as ARAI, and delivered it in the first week of September 2022.

Owners who believe their car is perfect and are not experiencing this issue should not repair it. SC is putting this patch on their new cars in the stockyard, so those who buy now will most likely have it already. All owners who are still experiencing latency can have the software installed.

  1. Clutch Issues

An owner of the 2013 KIA Carens 1.6 Ecodynam, with 28,000 miles on it, complained that the clutch of the car vibrates when starting from cold.  The problem has been in existence since the start of ownership.

Another Carens owner posted a photo of his MPV being hauled at night owing to a clutch problem. He stated that the problem occurred within one month of purchasing.

The driver also complained that KIA’s service was slow and inefficient. Even if such issues might be resolved in the long term, it does not bode well for a brand-new car to be towed so quickly for a reason unrelated to an accident.

Two days after purchasing the automobile, another owner of a 2000 KIA Carens 1.8 petrol was informed that the thrust bearing was noisy. When the driver dipped the clutch pedal, the problem persisted.

The clutch then began to slip. The owner also claimed that when the clutch pedal is released, it does not always fully release. It does not release approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch, then when you hit the brake pedal, that 1/4 to 1/2 inch pedal pops up.

  1. Airbag Issues

KIA India issued a recall for the Carens MPV to address a potential problem with the airbag control unit software. KIA recalled a total of 44,174 MPVs.

According to the Korean automaker, the problem will most likely be resolved by a free software upgrade. If the problem persists, the manufacturer may decide to replace the entire machine.

The recall was to be directly communicated to the owners of the automobiles involved. Customers may then schedule an appointment at their leisure, and the problem would be thoroughly investigated and fixed.

  1. DPF Warning Light

On recent diesel Carens models, there is a part called a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that is known to clog up if the car is only used for short trips around town. The DPF warning light will illuminate the dashboard, and fuel consumption may increase as a result [5].

A flashing diesel particulate filter warning light does not always indicate a problem with the DPF. It could be caused by a variety of vehicle problems, such as a faulty temperature or pressure sensor.

Yet, the most typical reason for a DPF warning light to appear is a clogged DPF. This has been added to diesel cars since 2009 to limit the quantity of soot discharged through the exhaust system, hence cutting emissions. This soot is dangerous and can cause respiratory issues.

Although installing one of these filters in your vehicle’s exhaust helps to greatly reduce the quantity of soot that escapes, it can become clogged, causing the DPF warning light to illuminate on the dashboard.

Take the vehicle out on the open road and travel in fourth gear at roughly 2500rpm for around 5-10 minutes. This will allow the DPF to get hot enough to burn off the undesired particles and clear the DPF. As a result, the DPF warning light on the dashboard should be turned off.

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Just like many other vehicles, the KIA Carens has had its share of problems. The model has been associated with a gearbox, clutch, warning lights, airbag, and condensation issues.

KIA has so far responded to most of these problems with lasting solutions. The company has continued to gain a good reputation for producing up-to-standard vehicles.

Car problems are inevitable. Repair is only possible after the type of fault and, more importantly, the source of the fault has been determined.

This necessitates a good understanding of automobile diagnostics. That is a challenging procedure. As a result, it is best not to intervene. Instead, take your Carens to a reputable mechanic.

They will be able to recommend the best repair solutions. Their excellent expertise and the tools at their disposal will also assure you a quality repair. If dismantling is required, the professional mechanic will do so in the best possible conditions because they have the relevant qualifications.

Always remember to have proper maintenance for your Carens. It will give your car a long lifespan.

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