Honda Civic Electric Parking Brake Problem

Does Honda Civic suffer an electric parking brake problem? Yes, but this problem could be solved in an easy manner. Not all hondas even have an electric parking brake.

How does the electric parking brake works?


An electric brake is a vehicle invention that includes a control unit. It is activated or deactivated in some vehicles by pressing a system button. The brake pads contract to stop the car when the electric brake is engaged; they release when it is deactivated. [1]

There are two different kinds of electronic brakes: one that uses hybrid technology and the other a fully electric system. So you can get the best of both worlds by using a hybrid brake system: a fully electric brake and a conventional handbrake with a lever.

In a hybrid system, an electric motor combines mechanics—the cables—and electronics—performing the same task as a lever.

The full electric brake, in contrast, uses two motors to operate a device attached to the brake calipers. As a result, it is more difficult to control. However, this type of electric brake generally applies more brake force.

How to release the electronic parking brake on Honda

All you need to do to activate the electric parking brake is to find the electric brake button, pull it up, and depress the brake pedal. The button is usually near your gear stick and has a ‘P’ inscription on it. To activate it, simply pull it up, and you will hear a mechanical click indicating that it has been activated. As soon as the electric brake is engaged, your instrument cluster’s emergency brake light will come on.

Place your foot on the brake pedal, then depress the electric brake button to release or disengage the parking brake. The emergency light in the instrument cluster will go out, indicating that the electric brake has been deactivated. The electric parking brake can also be released in another manner without touching the electric brake button. It works on Honda Civics.

All you need to do to accomplish this is buckle up your safety belt and depress the emergency brake. To disengage the parking brake, simply let go of the brake pedal and press the accelerator.

How to fix an electric parking brake problem

A faulty electric brake button can cause the Honda electric parking brake to malfunction in some cases. The button’s location makes it easy for dirt or debris to get to it. A drink spillage can also cause the button to activate and malfunction.

Sometimes a thorough surface clean is all that is required. However, this scuffing or spilling could harm the button, necessitating disassembly, and a new switch will need to be installed.

When the parking brake is activated, power supplies on the rotors lock the wheels. The mechanical and cable-based parking brake systems of the past have been replaced by servo motor-driven systems in more recent years.

If a motor fails, it can cause problems and must be replaced. To avoid damage to your car, getting a professional to help fix the car will be best.

Another major cause of Honda Civic electric brake failure could be a loose or faulty wiring connection. Any clips that send a signal to other components of the car or the center console could be the source of this wiring error.

However, if the rest of the car is in good working order, wiring problems should not cause too much concern. However, you are strongly advised to take the car to an auto repair shop to avoid any unexpected problems.

Electric parking brake problem Honda Civic 2020


The electric parking brake is an improved, safer, and better braking system integrated into the onboard electronic computer. This is to ensure that it provides a better braking experience and a more convenient method of applying emergency brakes in various situations.

However, this braking system sometimes develops some fault, making your Honda display error “Electric Parking Brake Problem.”

There could be several reasons your Honda displays the error “Electric Parking Brake Problem.”

Many Honda owners have reported problems with vehicles equipped with the new braking system. The vehicle will continue to beep and display an “ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE PROBLEM” on the screen. The “BRAKE” and “BRAKE SYSTEM” lights are frequently lighted on the console. Sometimes the error goes away on its own, but it could be permanent or reoccur later.

According to an NHTSA report, Honda recalled over 350 000 Civic-s from 2016, due to electric parking brake failure. They had a software glitch that caused major issues with the parking brake.

Bad or dirty console parking brake button/switch

A faulty switch or button is the most common cause of a Honda electric parking brake error message. The button is in the center console and is easily activated by any dirt or debris.

Any drinks that spill on the button or other debris can set it off and cause it to malfunction. If the button fails, the console can be disassembled and the switch underneath replaced.

Servo Motor for Caliper Parking Brakes

When the parking brake is activated, servo motors on the rotors lock the wheels. Older parking brake systems used a cable and were mechanical, whereas newer systems use a servo motor.

Every car, including the Honda Civic 2020, gets faulty. And when they do, they have to be repaired or have some parts replaced.

Wiring Errors

A loose or faulty connection in the wiring can cause problems. This includes any wiring in the center console and clips connecting to other components. Wiring is typically not a problem, but it can be in some cases, so keep this in mind.

Electric parking brake warning light

In rare cases, you may get into your Honda Civic and notice that the brake service warning is illuminated on the dashboard. A number of factors could cause it, but first, check to see if your electric parking brake is engaged.

Before moving your car, release the parking brake to avoid damaging the brake system and pads more quickly and incurring unnecessary costs.

There may be a few problems if you discover that the parking brake warning indicator is released, but the light is still on. Some of which are:

  • Your parking brake pedal or lever needs to be adjusted.
  • Your hydraulics are faulty and are most likely leaking pressure or fluid.
  • Your brake pads have worn out and must be replaced.

Electric parking brake vs. handbrake


In comparison to handbrakes, the electric brake is a relatively new invention. And the fear is that once upgrades and features are initiated into the auto market, they will become extremely common.

This has raised a lot of concerns and questions about which is better, an electric parking brake or a handbrake. Is the sudden inclusion of electric parking brakes in Honda Civic models a better option than the conventional handbrake?

In contrast to an electronic parking brake, which uses a switch to turn on electric motors, a handbrake uses a cable connection to apply pressure to the rear brake shoes.

Although an electric parking brake is more convenient and more accessible to use than a handbrake, handbrakes occasionally outperform their electric counterparts in terms of durability and dependability.

Honda Civic most likely adopted the use of electric parking brakes on their vehicles to accommodate and allow disabled drivers to use the car with less hassle. Additionally, the conventional handbrake, which is typically placed between the driver and front passenger seats, takes up a lot of room and is somewhat awkward.

In the event that your hydraulic brakes fail, an electric parking brake can be used as a backup system. If you apply the brakes to your car while it is moving and nothing happens, applying the electric parking brake will gradually and safely stop the rear wheels using the ABS.

However, the handbrake will be missed for a lot of reasons if it is generally wiped out of the market. The handbrake is a preferred option for users who choose Honda Civic models because of their ability to perform like a sports car.

Drivers can perform handbrake turns when using handbrakes, which is not possible when using an electric parking brake.

Additionally, if they aren’t used for a while, electronic parking brakes have a propensity to stick. This is uncommon when it comes to handbrakes. [2]

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Bottom line

Honda has produced many excellent vehicles over the years, constantly improving its technology. One such new technology is the electric parking brake, which most car manufacturers have adopted.

When Honda Civic’s new braking system fails, the error “Electric Parking Brake Problem” appears. Sometimes the error will go away on its own, and other times it will be intermittent. It needs to be examined if the error occurs frequently or does not go away.

The most common cause is a faulty center console switch, but wiring and servo motors can also malfunction.

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