Bimmerlink vs Bimmercode

Bimmerlink vs Bimmercode – What is the difference between them?

With the complicated components within cars, applications and tools to keep them up to date as often as possible. With the Bimmerlink and Bimmercode applications, we get coverage of software and component issues.



Bimmerlink is a phone application that helps with determining details about our car. Specifically, the Bimmerlink helps you check the current state of the diesel particulate in your car. It will tell us how much ash accumulated in the car and how long it has been since the regeneration of the filter happened. [1]

Applications such as Bimmerlink are extremely useful for the sake of diagnosing our vehicle. Diagnostics run on a car can be quite demanding, needing special tools but some of these simpler apps can aid in figuring out what’s wrong with only a bit of time.

Bimmerlink is a simple solution to issues that deal with problems tied to your filter. With the consistency with which such problems can emerge, it pays to have a simple and effective solution to run diagnostics in the comfort of our homes.

Bimmerlink also has the benefit of being a free tool that works on BMW and MINI vehicles, making it even easier to acquire and use. [2]



Another application for your car that can come in handy is Bimmercode. Bimmercode can be used to code BMW, MINI, and Toyota Supra vehicles. Many hidden features and configurations can be accessed with Bimmercode.

All you need to connect the phone to the vehicle and start utilizing the app is an OBD adapter. The official site of Bimmercode offers a healthy variety of them that can be used to interact with the vehicle. [3]

Getting the Bimmercode app is simple as the application is present on most computer and phone operating systems. These include Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

From there on, the application is used on the car after connecting through the adapter. No matter what you want to change in your car’s code, Bimmercode is a good option. [4]

Bimmerlink vs bimmercode



The two applications both share the fact that they are used on BMW and MINI cars. The two-vehicle groups are generally popular and like having the additional support for diagnosing their problems.

The main difference between Bimmerlink and Bimmercode is their purpose. Bimmerlink is used to check on your filters and the last cleaning they’ve had, and Bimmercode is used for tuning and coding the car.

Differences between the two can also be seen in the application.

Bimmerlink is primarily a diagnostics tool inside of an app, serving as a fast way to resolve some questions about our car’s current state.

However, Bimmercode is able to not only give us the software situation of our car but also alter it. Hidden features that it uncovers also expand the capabilities of our car’s computer rather than merely monitoring them.

Bimmerlink and Bimmercode both use the same adapters to function with our vehicle. This is an advantage as supplying the required extensions for one will also cover the other.

With that in mind, you may be unable to use the same cable for different apps if you are also using different devices.

However, if you cannot afford both immediately, you should decide which one is more fruitful for you.

We recommend Bimmerlink for the sake of a consistent source of information on your filters which dictate a lot of the remainder of the vehicle. Once you get Bimmercode the software side of your vehicle will be equally as secured.

Are Bimmerlink and Bimmercode effective?


Bimmercode and Bimmerlink have both proven themselves quite useful to vehicles that support their use. Though they have a free version, a full package of these apps will cost you 30 dollars per app.

However, the price of admission is still rather cheap, especially considering the ease of acquiring said apps.

The reliance on the wired connection will load up your car with another situationally required cable. This can be a bit annoying if your car is already filled with various tools and you don’t have a spot in your garage to stash the item. However, this is a minor issue and one that doesn’t outweigh the usefulness.

Remember, the Bimmercode and Bimmerlink apps are restricted to BMW, MINI, and Toyota Supra models. The difference in computer technology used for different cars will leave you incapable of accessing the configurations of other vehicles with Bimmercode or information on the filters with Bimmerlink. Make sure your car is supported before getting the apps.

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Bimmerlink vs Bimmercode


The two applications have different purposes from one another. This means neither steps on the other’s toes and can best be used together. One covering software, and the other physical components. With this combination, we will find ourselves with a very effective way of keeping our car in top form.

However, the freedom they give to their users and the affordability of the apps are great additions to any owner’s repertoire. The total time spent at the mechanic will be cut considerably and your overall driving experience will be improved.

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Bimmerlink and Bimmercode can’t be compared to a considerable degree because the two tools serve different purposes. Their unique benefits make maintaining and adjusting our vehicle much easier.

If you need to check your filters, Bimmerlink will help, otherwise, Bimmercode will allow you to change and configure your car without having to visit a mechanic’s shop.

Altering settings swiftly with very little time investment required to learn the ropes. If you can only afford one though, Bimmerlink will probably come in handy more often.

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