Best Level 2 Charger for Jeep 4xe

Are you looking for the best Level 2 charger for Jeep 4xe?

No car better embodies the spirit of exploration than the Jeep Wrangler, which can do everything and go everywhere. In addition, you can travel anywhere and perform any task entirely on electricity when you select the Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid.

Although the 22 miles of EPA-estimated electric range for the Wrangler 4xe aren’t much to boast about, maintaining a charged battery will enable this electrified Jeep to travel more lightly.

Jeep combines a turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with two electric motors, a battery pack, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and four-wheel drive to create the 2023 Wrangler 4xe. This combination works together to provide 375 horsepower.

However, once the battery charge is gone, this plug-in hybrid Jeep only achieves 20 mpg. This is on par with or worse than the fuel economy ratings for all Wrangler models save for the V6 with a manual gearbox and the powerful Wrangler Rubicon 392 [1].

Therefore, maintaining a charged battery is essential to making a Wrangler 4xe purchase worthwhile. In any other case, the price premium is not justified. The empty battery may be fully charged in around 2 hours using a Level 2 charger. If you decide to add a full EV or another PHEV to your garage, it can also charge them at this faster rate.

If you pick the right charging method for your Jeep 4xe you will get the maximum mileage out of your electric car on all of your journeys. Additionally, investing in a fast charging station for at-home charging is advised.

Best Level 2 Chargers For The Jeep 4xe


  1. Reliability: The Grizzl-E EV Charger

The level 2 Grizzl-E EV charger is produced in Canada. It is a straightforward, strong, and portable electric vehicle charging system designed to withstand the worst conditions. The Grizzl-E uses a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 socket and has the benefit of being portable or easier to install.

Both a more expensive smart (Wi-Fi) model and a less expensive conventional model are available. Most drivers would be content with the conventional model because most EVs currently offer scheduled charging via the vehicle’s settings. The smart model might be necessary for some government reimbursements, though.

Each charger is protected from heat and cold throughout the year by cast aluminum housing. In warm or temperate locations with mild winters, it is advisable to use the 24-foot standard cable that is provided with the device.

For persons who live in areas with very harsh winters, Grizzl-E provides a “premium” cable made of more complicated composite material.

The charger’s internal structure and component choices have been made to ensure that it operates as long as possible under any conditions.

Grizzl-E chargers are now capable of producing 10kW of power. The Grizzl-E Smart provides all the smart capabilities you could need in a home charger. Any open-source OCCP 1.6 software can be used with the Grizzl-E Smart charger.

As a result, you don’t need to download a Grizzl-E app to use Wi-Fi and smart features like scheduling and updates.


  • Robust: NEMA-4 cast aluminum enclosure with water resistance. Built to withstand any setting.
  • Wi-Fi connection for features like smart charging.
  • Strong charging technology, self-monitoring, and fault recovery make this product reliable.
  • Secure: UL Tested and Certified. Replacement warranty of three or five years.

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  1. Universal Compatibility: PRIMECOM 50 Amp Wall Charging Station

The amperage of this charger can be manually changed to the 50-Amp, 48-Amp, 40-Amp, 32-Amp, 30, 28, 25, and 12-Amp settings.

Up to 12KWh of power are available for up to 10X faster charging. Primecom is suitable for all EV and PHEV models. Additionally, it has the following commendable characteristics:

  • A smart chip that automatically gives the Jeep 4xethe requested amperage.
  • You can benefit from discounted electric company prices by using a countdown timer function and a delay timer with a maximum delay of 15 hours.
  • Relevant information is displayed on a display screen together with other helpful data metrics, such as the current temperature, actual charging voltage, real-time charging amperage, and total kilowatt usage.
  • RFID key choices for commercial or public installations that let you enable and disable charging authorization.


  • It is safe and secure. To ensure high quality, Primecom Level 2 Chargers have passed rigorous tests. The product possesses TÜV German Equipment & Product Safety Certification and CE certifications in addition to 12 additional built-in safety features.
  • The charger also has a control panel with LED charge status indications.
  • Makes use of pure copper cable, allowing for a distance of up to 100 feet without power loss.


  • It is one of the most expensive Jeep 4xe chargers

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  1. Premium Pick: ClipperCreek EV Charger

The ClipperCreek Level 2 charger enables up to 7 times faster charging than the Level 1 electric car charger that came with your Jeep 4xe. It was created in California especially for use as a business auto charging station.

This charger is designed to withstand tire runovers and a range of temperatures as a result. It also includes a NEMA 4 enclosure that is weatherproof and completely sealed to protect internal components from the elements. Additional features include:

  • A 25-foot cable that is strong and flexible with a J1772 connector permits charging from a distance.
  • A manual that can be easily consulted before and after installation.
  • An EV charger holder that may be mounted on a wall and stores the charger safely after use.
  • A physical J1772 lock that allows you to manage who can use the charger at any moment.


  • Safe and secure: The ClipperCreek Level 2 EV chargers have gained safety certification from ETL, an independent, nationally renowned testing laboratory, following UL 2594 standards, and are ENERGY STAR qualified.
  • Fast charging
  • Universal compatibility


  • Higher Price

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  1. Alternative with a Smart App: JuiceBox 32 Smart EV charging station

You should be able to remotely monitor and manage charging, schedule reminders, and receive alerts when your car is charged through the free JuiceNet app.

It has an EV charging station with a high output of 7.7 kW, and 32 amperes, which makes it up to 6 times faster. Both indoor and outdoor installations are possible. The JuiceBox has the following characteristics:

  • Built-in cable rack
  • Security lock
  • Convenient Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dynamic LED lights to show the state of charging
  • Voice control via Amazon Echo / Alexa.
  • Smart grid savings that allow scheduling of charging sessions when prices are lower


  • The smart grid savings makes driving the Jeep 4xecheaper
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use due to the JuiceNet app and voice command features
  • Fast charging


  • It is expensive compared to other models

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  1. Affordability: Lectron NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger

The charger is made to be quick and easy to use when charging the Jeep 4xe. It comes with a charging wire that can be used both at home and on the go. The Lectron NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger is also lightweight and durable.

It can fit into most garages and driveways thanks to its long 15-foot cable. The NEMA 14-50 Plug requires 240V as its input voltage.


  • Safe and secure: It is designed with durable, high-quality materials that guarantee user security and shock protection while charging in wet situations.
  • Compatible with all J1772 EVs
  • Portable
  • Fast charging
  • It is cheaper than other models like ClipperCreek, JuiceBox, and Primecom.


  • Short warranty compared to other models
  • Lacks a Smart app

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  1. Fast Charging: ChargePoint Home Flex

With thousands of locations, ChargePoint is one of the biggest suppliers of public charging. It provides a home option that it claims can top up your car on average 9 times faster than the competition.

It leads the industry with 50 amps of alternating current, allowing even the most sophisticated electric vehicles to be quickly charged.

Its charging cable is 23 feet (7 meters) long and capable of carrying 12 kW of power. To connect it, use a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 wall outlet.

You can integrate your Amazon Alexa device to start charging with a voice command using the company’s app, create charging schedules, view your charging data, and more.

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Anyone who owns or is considering purchasing a Jeep 4xe should also account for a home charging station. Even though you may charge at public stations, doing so rapidly becomes tedious due to needless trip planning, chargers that are continually out of service, and chargers that are already in use. With a home EV charger, you can avoid all this.

Although slower than commercial DC fast chargers, Level 2 home chargers are more than enough to charge your car when you’re at home.

Depending on your preferences or current need for a Level 2 charger, you may consider buying any of the chargers reviewed here. They will serve you well.

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