Zappi Charger Problems

Are you familiar with the Zappi charger problems?

Zappi is an eco-friendly EV charger. It is considered to be the most popular solar-compatible charger. 

Because of its adaptability, Zappi can use grid-supplied electricity and renewable energy produced at home, such as wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels.

This charger enables you to drive your EV without worry. It is frequently regarded as the finest alternative for households with solar panels.

The return on investment (ROI) for your solar panels and electric vehicle is increased by using the Zappi charger. Similarly, Zappi is simple to use and easy to install.

With the help of solar PV or wind generation, Zappi can fully charge your car for no cost. Therefore, it directly places sustainability in the hands of the user [1].

Zappi Charger Problems


It is normal for any product to have its share of mishaps, and the Zappi charger is no exception. There have been several reported problems with the charger from customers.

MyEnergi has always tried to give solutions to these problems to help its customers. Some of the issues include the following:

  1. Stopping to charge early

Some users claim that the EV has stopped charging despite the battery not being fully charged. In one incident, it was reported that the Zappi was showing Charge Complete even though the battery was only 41% full. Consequently, the automobile won’t charge.

The Peugeot e208 has a similar issue. The onboard charger only permits charging interruptions up to ten times before stopping all future charges.

Unlocking the car normally resets the onboard charger. Occasionally, it may be necessary to disconnect the charging line and plug it in again. Frequently, updating the Zappi firmware and then changing the ECO+ settings will solve the issue.

  1. Failure to charge in ECO+ mode

When Zappi is in ECO+, some EVs will periodically refuse to charge. The display is constantly set to Waiting for Surplus, although the export power is 0W or is displayed as expected.

Some Volkswagen eGolf and Peugeot e208 models have been reported to experience this. Recently, the Porsche Taycan has also had a similar issue.

If export power is 0, the possible causes for the problem could be an incorrect installation of the Grid Sensor, a faulty Grid Sensor, or there could be no signal from Harvi (if used). On the other hand, where the export power shows correctly, the cause could be a high export margin.

MyEnergi suggests the following solutions:

  • Examine whether the Grid Sensor is connected to any CT input in the Harvi or one of the CT terminals in the Zappi.
  • By consulting CT Installation, verify that the Grid CT sensor is attached to the proper cable.
  • Check the sensor resistance – it should be approximately 200Ώ when disconnected.
  • Verify that the CT input is set up properly for “Grid.”
  • Verify that the CT input has been set to grid in the Harvi settings if you’re using Harvi.
  • Examine the Export Margin setting (default is 0W).
  1. Generation power is always 0kW

Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction because Zappi does not display any power produced by the solar panels. This happens although the grid power measurement appears accurate when importing or exporting the power.

The users argue that the “Generation only” setting is present on the CTs on the Harvi measuring the panels. The current and power measurements are visible on the “Linked devices” menu for Harvi.

Zappi internal CTs are set to “None,” but neither the app’s main screen nor the generated electricity is visible.

The possible cause for this issue is that the generation sensor is not installed. It is therefore advised to install the sensor to one of the CT inputs.

Alternatively, there might not be a Generation CT. In that case, you may alter the Icons setting in the Settings / Display & Sound menu to make the Generation and House consumption numbers disappear from the main screen.

  1. Blank Display

Users have complained that the Zappi charger display goes blank completely. Some have claimed to see this problem on the first day of installing the charger. The issue has also been experienced even when the charger is not plugged into the EV. Some users tried pulling out the reset card, but it didn’t solve the problem.

According to MyEnergi, the possible cause is a lack of power in the unit. This can be solved by checking that the supply screw terminals supply the correct voltage (220-260V AC).

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Zappi Charger Modes


Zappi offers three different charging modes: Fast, ECO, and ECO+. You can choose how quickly and cheaply you wish to charge your EV using these modes [2].

Zappi prioritizes time during Fast charge by drawing power both from the grid and your renewable energy source.

Zappi transforms into an intelligent gadget in ECO mode. In this mode, it adjusts the charging rate only to use the energy it requires while minimizing the amount of power it draws from the grid.

In addition, Zappi can detect when excess electricity is delivered to the grid because it is wired into your home’s electrical switchboard.

When in ECO+ mode, Zappi automatically turns on to begin charging your car while adjusting the charge rate to the amount of electricity currently being exported from the grid.

Zappi also provides smart charging, which is made possible by the MyEnergi App. The charger is a flexible device that works with all plug-in cars. It allows users to convert to tethered charging from untethered charging as normal [3].

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The Zappi charger is the most advanced home EV charger available today, and it works with every EV on the market, including Tesla. It continues to be the best choice for solar charging.

It makes using surplus solar to charge your EV quite simple, and the MyEnergi app’s user interface is among the best available.

In spite of its amazing features, customers have complained of several Zappi charger problems.  MyEnergi provides great customer service, fixing complaints within a few days and answering crucial questions the same day.

In addition, online return requests, fault reports, and warranty claims are all available.

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