Vauxhall Meriva Problems

Vauxhall is among the oldest car brands around and has had quite a few hits in its large repertoire. One of these cars includes Vauxhall Meriva, a mini MPV, which is recognized as a decent family transport. However, the vehicle has some inherent issues with it. This is why we will go through the Vauxhall Meriva problems today.

Vauxhall Meriva

Vauxhall Meriva started production back in 2003. It is a mini MPV, which means it’s among the smallest minivan sizes. As such Vauxhall Meriva provides a spacious car that still has decent maneuverability. With the additional benefits of decent features.

Vauxhall Meriva has had two generations that have significant differences. The first generation, running from 2003 until 2010, which had a wide choice of engines and transmissions, only had a single facelift in 2006. During this change, the front and rear parts of the engine were revised thoroughly.

The second generation Vauxhall Meriva was produced from 2010s until 2017 when the car was replaced by Crossland X. This generation boasted a range of choices of both engines and transmissions just like its predecessor. Vauxhall Meriva’s second generation got its facelift in 2014, though it didn’t change the appearance or design that much.

Vauxhall Meriva Problems


Vauxhall Meriva has had some issues during its lifespan. First and second generations often differ but the problems that plague them are similar. Of course, any car can suffer any problem but certain ones are more common than others.

Vauxhall Meriva Common Problems

With Vauxhall Meriva, we will get varied problems to deal with. Airbags, brakes, steering, and other issues are almost expected to encounter. Though some of these have required recalls, therefore making them less likely to occur, you should still keep an eye out for these problems.

  1. Faulty passenger airbag

Airbags are used as a way to lessen the dangers of collisions and car crashes. Each airbag is installed in a way where it can safely aid in this purpose without compromising the passengers. Having an airbag is a basic feature of any car today and their integration is to be expected.

However, when airbags end up being faulty, they can make cars less safe to drive. Even by simply not triggering, an airbag is compromising the health and safety of the passengers of the car. This is a problem that Vauxhall Meriva often experiences. [1]

The airbags of the passenger seat are the ones that malfunction the most. This issue was considered bad enough to initiate a recall of the car. Vauxhall Meriva models from previous years that are still in circulation may still have this issue. This is why you should double-check how functional their airbags are.

A lack of concern about this particular issue can highly compromise our safety. So taking care of a faulty passenger airbag takes precedence.

  1. Power steering system problems

Steering is part of a complex system that makes sure that our vehicle can make turns as required. A good steering capacity is important for the sake of maintaining a safe driving experience. The key concern is having the capability to turn smoothly when the need arises.

The power steering system is a special device installed in the car. This device is installed for the sake of reducing the effort needed to turn your steering wheel. Though it is a welcome addition, it also represents another potential malfunction. In Vauxhall Meriva, the component is consistently known to break down. [2]

A common problem to run into with this component is the malfunction of the power steering pump. We will often experience these issues as the car fails to properly start. The way this issue manifests is far from welcome, as it makes us lose quite a bit of time while gaining a lot of stress. Bad car start can also prove troublesome when the car is just being started up in traffic.

  1. Losing brake power

Brakes are inherently required for the safety of the vehicle. Having an immediate way of slowing down when any danger comes up is mandatory for safety. The frequent malfunction the braking system can experience is wear and tear of their brake pads. Additionally, the worse this issue becomes the worse the braking power can be.

The problems with Vauxhall Meriva’s brakes end up losing brake power quite fast. When this loss of brake power sets in, handling the car becomes far tougher. The most common culprits for such problems are brake pads.

Brake pads usually last for about 35,000 miles though they can last far longer. However, the Vauxhall Meriva brake pads rarely last past 18,000 miles. Once they wear out, the standard issues will start to crop up. [3]

  1. Steering Problems

Good steering leads to a much more enjoyable driving experience. No matter what sort of vehicle we are driving, steering is bound to affect it. A bad steering mechanism can hamper the general quality of the vehicle, even leading to damage to other components.

Steering problems of the Vauxhall Meriva are common. This car can often have power steering problems which lead to the vehicle being extremely hard to control.

However, a faulty torque position sensor is even more problematic for this vehicle. The steering ends up jamming, something exceptionally common to the Vauxhall Meriva.

Though this is a consistent problem, it is something that can be noticed early. Especially because we will immediately experience worse handling. If handling gets bad, immediately get the car to a mechanic’s shop. Driving with hampered handling can be quite dangerous. [4]

  1. The boot won’t open

Boot space is frequently utilized in larger vehicles like this. We will often transport quite a lot of items which is why problems with boot space can be quite obnoxious. In Vauxhall Meriva, the problem has a simple effect, the boot won’t open.

The latch can get stuck. Making it so we can’t access our boot space at all through the doors of the boot space itself. We will end up having to either take the items in it through other means all the time or resolve the source of the problem. [5]

Solutions to Vauxhall Meriva problems

Each car can be safeguarded from quite a few issues with proper precautions. A general visit to the mechanic can solve it but we can take care past the full check-up at a shop. The best way to approach each issue differs.

Steering problems are often taken care of by inspecting the components associated with them. Be it the steering wheel itself or the power steering device attached to the vehicle. A simple inspection like this is important, as it helps us notice such issues early.

Brake pads wearing out are harder to deal with. There is no way to stop this from occurring but knowing that brake pads are about to wear out gives us ample time to act on the issues. Even though it won’t keep the brake pads safe, it will keep anybody driving it safe from malfunctioning brakes.

Airbag problems can be resolved by checking whether your car is eligible for recalls. If it is, the problem can be resolved for free through official services. By doing so, we keep ourselves safe during drives.

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Vauxhall Meriva is an old model that finished its run in 2017. However, some common issues with the vehicle persist even years later. Resolving them can generally be done easily but is bound to cause some headaches if not spotted on time. Especially problems like faulty airbags that can be outright dangerous when left unresolved.

An inspection upon purchasing a car is generally the best way to spot issues that may already be there while keeping an eye out for issues that appear over the years helps you resolve problems before they become extremely dangerous.

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