Toyota Aygo Automatic Gearbox Problems

Have you experienced Toyota Aygo Automatic gearbox problems?

Toyota’s are know are super reliable, but some parts of it may perform bad over time. Automatic transmission can be one of them.

The automatic gearbox, particularly in earlier models, can show some bugs and problems. Recognizing the symptoms of gearbox troubles is crucial for timely intervention and can save you from costly repairs down the line.

A common problem you might encounter involves difficulty in shifting gears. This could manifest as jerky movements or hesitation when you attempt to change gears. These issues often point to complications within the transmission fluid dynamics or electronic control systems that govern the smooth operation of gear changes.

Another indicator to watch out for is an unresponsive or slipping transmission, which can significantly impair your control over the vehicle. Such occurrences are not only inconvenient but can also compromise your safety on the road. It’s essential to address these issues promptly to ensure the longevity and reliability of your Toyota Aygo.

Toyota Aygo Automatic Gearbox Problems


Here is a summary of some common Toyota Aygo automatic gearbox problems:

The Toyota Aygo uses a semi-automatic transmission called MMT (Multi-Mode Transmission) which is essentially a manual transmission automated by computer control. This type of transmission has been prone to some issues:

  • Faulty actuator – One of the most common problems is the actuator wearing out which prevents smooth gear changes. The actuator controls the automated clutch and gear shifts. When it fails, drivers experience jerky gear changes, gears slipping, or the car getting stuck in one gear. Replacing the actuator is an expensive repair. [Source]
  • Clutch problems – The automated clutch in the MMT transmission is known to wear out prematurely, causing slipping, jerky changes, and lack of power. Replacing the clutch can fix this issue.
  • Transmission control unit issues – Electrical faults with the TCU can cause various problems like flashing warning lights, not changing gears properly, and error codes like P0909. The TCU may need reprogramming or replacing in severe cases.
  • Leaks – The MMT transmission is prone to developing leaks which require resealing the transmission unit. Ignoring leaks can lead to total transmission failure.
  • Premature wear – The MMT’s complexity compared to a normal manual transmission means there are more components that can fail prematurely. Insufficient transmission fluid changes can make things worse.

Maintenance and Solutions


Proper maintenance and timely solutions are critical to resolving and preventing gearbox problems with your Toyota Aygo automatic transmission. Ensuring regular service checks, addressing fluid replacement, and staying informed about software updates and recalls can play a significant role in the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s gearbox.

Regular Service Checks

Your Toyota Aygo’s automatic gearbox requires regular service checks to ensure it functions optimally. These checks can diagnose common issues like gear shift problems or abnormal noises.

A mechanic should inspect the transmission system for signs of wear and tear, and verify that all components are functioning correctly.

Gearbox Fluid Replacement

One of the most important aspects of Aygo maintenance is the gearbox fluid replacement. Old or dirty fluid can lead to problems such as the Toyota Aygo not shifting gears.

It’s imperative to replace the transmission fluid at intervals specified in the Aygo’s manual. Fresh fluid keeps the gearbox components lubricated and operating smoothly.

Software Updates and Recalls

Stay alert to software updates and recalls that may affect your Aygo’s automatic transmission. Manufacturers may issue updates that correct transmission glitches or enhance performance. If there is a recall, it typically indicates a safety or reliability issue, so ensure you address it promptly to minimize any risks to your gearbox’s operation.

  • In 2005-2009, there was a recall for automatic transmission-equipped Toyota Aygo models due to an issue where the transmission may not return to idle as quickly as it should after releasing the accelerator pedal (Wikipedia).
  • In 2008, there was a recall on some 2008 Toyota Aygo models with automatic transmissions due to a defect that could lead to transmission fluid leaks (Regit).
  • According to Haynes, around 175,000 Toyota Aygo models were recalled because the accelerator system could fail to return to idle quickly enough (Haynes).

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So in summary, the Toyota Aygo’s automated manual transmission is prone to problems like faulty actuators, clutch wear, TCU faults, and leaks. Getting these issues fixed quickly is important to avoid any bigger repairs.

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