Peugeot Logo Survey 2024

Have you seen how Peugeot did rebranding for their logo? Do you like it or not? We asked more than 100 people to do a Peugeot logo survey. Here are some results that we got.

Why did Peugeot change their logo?


For Peugeot specifically, the most recent logo was published in 2021, featuring a minimalist lion head, which is in line with contemporary design trends with only two colors. A yellow lion on a black background symbolizes simplicity, elegance, and modernity. It reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and aligns with the evolving automotive landscape.

Peugeot logo survey


In 2021 Stellantis Group shared their new logo with the public. The last version was made back in 2010, so the change is significant. However, opinions about it are divided. Because of that, we asked Peugeot owners and followers to share their opinions about logo redesign.

We posted this survey for a couple of days and as a result, more people voted for the new version of the logo. Peugeot wanted to attract younger drivers with new sharp lines and a more appealing logo design.


Peugeot logo origin


The origin of the Peugeot logo can be traced back to the 1840s when the company, originally known as Peugeot Frères, was primarily involved in the manufacturing of steel products, including saw blades and various industrial tools.

The decision to use a lion in the company’s emblem was influenced by the qualities associated with the animal, such as strength, flexibility, and sharpness.

The choice of a lion symbolized the robustness of Peugeot’s products, particularly their saw blades. The company wanted to convey the idea that their tools were as strong and sharp as a lion. The first iteration of the logo featured a lion standing on an arrow, representing the qualities of Peugeot saw blades.

Over the years, the logo underwent several transformations, adapting to design trends and evolving with the company’s growth and diversification into the automotive industry. The lion motif has remained a consistent element in Peugeot’s logos, though its appearance and style have been modified to reflect changing times and design preferences.

The lion in the Peugeot logo has become a recognizable and iconic symbol associated with the brand’s long history and commitment to quality and strength. While the specific design details have changed, the fundamental concept of incorporating a lion as a symbol of power and durability has endured throughout the brand’s evolution.

Peugeot logo over the years


1847-1850: The Lion Emblem

  • The original Peugeot logo featured a lion standing on an arrow. This logo represented the three qualities of Peugeot saw blades: flexibility, strength, and sharpness.

1850-1905: The Lion with Chevron and Blades

  • The lion emblem remained but was now accompanied by a Chevron shape and saw blades. This design highlighted the brand’s industrial products.

1905-1915: Lion in a Shield

    • The logo evolved to feature the lion within a shield, emphasizing the brand’s strength and protection.

1936-1948: Lion on a Blue Background

    • Peugeot introduced a new logo with a stylized lion on a blue background, reflecting a more modern and streamlined design.

1948-1955: Lion in Profile

    • The logo underwent a change, featuring a more detailed and stylized profile of the lion.

1955-1960: Heraldic Lion

    • Peugeot introduced a heraldic lion inside a shield, symbolizing strength and tradition.

1960-1965: Circular Lion

    • The circular logo was introduced, showcasing a more modern and simplistic design with the lion at the center.

1965-1975: Lion Rampant

    • The lion became more dynamic, adopting a rampant position. This logo symbolized movement, power, and innovation.

1975-1998: Lion in a Shield (Evolution)

    • The lion returned to a shield but with a more modern and streamlined design.

1998-2010: 3D Silver Lion

    • The logo evolved into a 3D silver lion in a chrome-like finish, emphasizing modernity and sophistication.

2010-2021: Chrome Lion with Floating Letters

    • The logo featured a chrome lion with floating silver letters of the brand name. This design aimed to convey a sense of elegance and technological advancement.

2021-Present: Minimalist Lion Head

    • The most recent logo is a minimalist representation of a lion’s head, emphasizing simplicity and modernity.

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The results of the Peugeot logo survey we have made indicate a clear preference for the new logo introduced in 2021. Respondents expressed positive sentiments towards the minimalist lion head design similar to one made in 1960.

The simplicity and modernity of the new logo resonated well with the surveyed audience, suggesting that it successfully aligns with contemporary design trends wanted by young drivers.