Oreillys vs Autozone Battery – Which One To Pick?

We could help you to find the best place to buy a battery by ending the Oreillys vs Autozone Battery debate.

It can be quite a daunting journey if you’re looking to purchase a new car battery. There are many places to buy a high-quality battery, and many drivers leave this chore to their mechanics.

Three factors should be considered before replacing your car battery:

  1. The battery’s quality
  2. Cost
  3. Convenience of the replacement

Different chains offer good quality batteries and other ranges of warranties and prices. However, what usually makes all the difference is customer convenience.

With that in mind, this article will try to show you what store has the best battery prices, top-tier products, and services.

About O’Reilly Battery


Available Brands– Super start battery series

This company is one of the biggest auto parts retailers in the US. This company has over 5600 branches in 47 states of America. They are known for quality and reliability as they sell batteries that are appropriate for most car makes and models. This store also offers a vehicle management menu that fixes customers up with a perfect fit for their vehicles. [1]

O’Reilly currently offers four subbrands in their line of super start batteries for vehicles. [2]

Super Start Economy- Perfect fit for those on a budget because it is 30% cheaper than an average battery

Super Start Premium– This is a middle-tier battery

Super Start Extreme– Tougher, longer lasting and have excellent starting power.

Super Start Platinum– Top tier model in O’Reilly super start brand. They have the best warranty.

Editor’s Choice-Super Start Platinum has the best build construction and is designed for high-performance vehicles.

About Autozone Battery

Available Brands: Duralast, ACDelco, Optima.

They are popular with professionals and DIYers across the United States. They are the largest automotive retailer in North America. This company was founded in 1979 and has since grown in popularity and reputation as a reliable automotive parts retailer. This store appeals to customers who don’t want to go through the hassle of selecting batteries themselves but rather rely on the store to present them with the best choices.

The AutoZone website will give you a wide array of options. With the proven tough coverage offered by Duralast, top-notch performance from Optima and Odyssey, and cheap buys from Econocraft, Autozone has just what you need. This is paired with a vehicle management menu, making it easier to check the compatibility of certain products with your vehicle.

While Autozone will offer you normal prices for high-quality batteries like Duralast, ACDelco, and Optima, you can purchase batteries like Econocraft and Valucraft at great prices. Autozone car batteries have a warranty that ranges from one and a half years to three years, but with value-brand batteries, the warranty can be as short as three months. In addition, a battery bought at Autozone will be installed for free.

Editors Choice:The Duralast premium enhanced flooded battery is designed with an improved charge acceptance and cycle life for durable starts and consistent power.

Oreillys vs Autozone Battery

Let us take a closer look at both battery brands to see which comes out on top.

  • Selection

They both have four tiers of battery sub-brands with differing quality and pricing levels.

  • Quality

Autozone’s Duralast batteries have a better reputation and higher sales than O’Reilly’s private-label batteries.

  • What store has the best battery price?

O’Reilly’s selection of batteries seems to beat Autozone’s sub-brands in pricing.

  • Longevity

The Duralast Premium battery from Autozone is known for lasting longer and having high performance even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Performance

The clear winner here is obviously Autozone. Duralast Gold and Duralast Premium are one of the best private-label batteries on the market.

  • Warranty

Both Autozone and O’Reilly tie when it comes to warranty. Autozone’s Duralast has a two-year warranty, while the Duralast gold and Platinum offer a three-year warranty. O’Reilly’s Super Start Premium battery has a two-year warranty. The super start extreme and Platinum have a three-year warranty.

So, Oreillys vs Autozone Battery, who wins?

O’Reilly’s will be the sure bet if you have a strict budget. However, if you want a better quality battery for your high-end vehicle, Duralast batteries beat all others in a flawless victory.

But overall, both brands offer excellent choices for you.

Types of Car Batteries

changing car battery


Here are the most common types of car batteries to aid in your choice-making.[3]

1.    Wet Cell Batteries

This is a conventional starter battery consisting of six battery cells. A battery cell consists of a positive and negative set of plates which is made up of electrodes.

A positive electrode consists of an active material made of lead oxide and a positive grid made with lead alloy. The active material is immersed in an electrolyte material. The negative electrode also consists of an active material made of pure lead and a negative grid.

Regular batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, are the most common type of this battery. This is often referred to as SLI, which refers to the main functions of a car battery: Starting, Lighting, and Ignition. Wet cell batteries are most suitable for vehicles without modern features like start-stop technologies, power outlets, etc.

2.    Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) Batteries

This battery’s structure is similar to that of the wet cell. The main difference is that in AGM, the electrolyte doesn’t free-float; rather, it is confined in a glass fiber separator.

This battery is designed to withstand repeated draining and recharging cycles compared to regular lead acid batteries. This battery is becoming the standard in modern cars because features such as electronic safety, fuel-saving stop-start systems, and power outlets increase the power demand.

The downside of this battery is their increased cost as it costs 40-100percent more than regular batteries. But this battery can tolerate a deep discharge, and it’s ideal if you plan to leave your vehicle unused for a long period.

3.    Enhanced flooded batteries (EFB)

This is an optimized and updated version of the wet cell battery. However, the plates in EFB are insulated with a microporous separator. EFB batteries have many recharging cycles and provide more discharging performance than regular batteries. Therefore, they are increasingly used in place of lead-acid batteries. This type of battery is often installed in cars with simple start-stop technologies.

Which Car Battery Lasts The Longest?

There are new lithium metal technologies that use iron and magnesium that are designed to last longer than typical car batteries. Lithium-based batteries are currently considered the longest car batteries asides from lithium-ion batteries that are used in electric vehicles or racing cars.

This type of battery can last up to 5-6 years, depending on the design and type of vehicle you drive.Unfortunately, this battery costs a lot, making them an unlikely choice for drivers.

What Kind Of Car Battery Should I Buy?


When you want to purchase a new car battery, ensure that you choose one that is the best fit and make for your car. Car batteries are sold in various sizes and types, so regardless of your car model and preference, there will always be something just for you.

If you have a high energy consumption vehicle that requires high performance and extra power battery, go for a Duralast gold or platinum battery. These batteries have a three years warranty anywhere in the country.

Odyssey performance batteries and Optima AGM batteries are ideal for extreme or specialty performances.

If you’re looking for an option that’s easy on your bank account, Valucraft, Super Start Economy and Econocraft can be gotten for as little as $69.99

How Long Does an Auto Battery last?

A car battery will wear out over time, and extreme temperatures can hasten your battery’s demise. Most people think that the cold is the main killer of a battery, but that’s not exactly true. Your battery normally loses strength before the winter, and the extreme cold is like the last straw on the camel’s back.

Generally, car batteries last three to five years. You may also exceed the five-year range because modern batteries are designed to work until they drop dead. This means that you may probably not get any warning before your battery dies. If you drive in extreme temperatures or go for long trips in your car, your car battery is more likely to give up earlier.

Oreillys vs Autozone Battery?

In a nutshell, both stores will give you the best choices within your price range. They both offer great service and get most of their parts from the same supplier anyways. My advice is to go with the store closest and most convenient to you; if it has the battery you need, with great pricing and warranty.