Launch vs Autel

Launch vs Autel – Which brand to pick?

Launch and Autel are top manufacturers in the market for car diagnostic tools. Both of them provide a variety of products with various characteristics and pricing ranges. They offer extremely robust, thorough, revolutionary, and dependable scan tools.

Launch is a Chinese firm founded in 1992. It offers a wide range of diagnostic equipment, including handheld scanners, diagnostic tablets, and sophisticated diagnostic systems [1].

Launch also generates prompt, precise, OEM-level diagnostics. Launch products are renowned for their precision, quickness, and intuitive user interfaces. They are fairly priced and offer outstanding customer service.

Autel is also a Chinese business that specializes in diagnostic instruments. It also provides advanced diagnostic systems, diagnostic tablets, and handheld scanners [2].

Autel devices are recognized for their revolutionary capabilities such as bi-directional control and programming capability. They are known for being dependable, high-quality, incredibly user-friendly, and long-lasting.

There are some tasks that an Autel device can complete more effectively than a Launch experiment device, and vice versa. It practically comes down to the type of scanner you require. The following comparison will help you if you’re looking for primary or midrange scan equipment.

The comparison is based on some of the various types of products available in both firms, including the Launch X431 V, Autel MaxiDAS DS708, Launch X41 V, and Autel Maxidas DS808.

Launch vs Autel Differences 


  1. Software Startup and Protection

Launch x431 is reliant on the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI). You’ll have to purchase a replacement VCI and transfer your account if you misplace it. But if you misplace the tablet, you can simply purchase a replacement and sign in using your old username and password.

With Autel, the tablet already has the Autel software preinstalled. All of the software is lost if the tablet is lost. However, if you misplace the VCI, you may quickly buy a replacement.

  1. Additional Devices

You can enhance your device’s programming capabilities with Launch. On the other hand, Autel needs a different gadget for key programming. 

You can connect a TPMS TGGUN to the Launch X-431 PAD VII to program TPMS sensors. Autel does not provide this option, therefore, you would need to buy a different device, such as the TS501 or TS601.

It is also important to note that a few Autel models, including the MaxiPro MP808TS and MaxiCheck MX808TS, provide TPMS features as standard. The Launch X41 V comes with an 8Recording and playback, VIN recognition, remote diagnosis, waveform display, and unique functions.

On the other hand, the MaxiFix cloud-based information system, comprehensive OEM-specific scanner coverage, and shop management are included with the Autel Maxidas DS80. The option to add a borescope camera and a battery tester is provided by both Launch and Autel.

  1. Key Programming

Better key programming capabilities are offered by Autel.  The MSUltra is not required. It only requires the MaxiIM tablet (IM508, IM608 PRO2).

  1. TPMS Sensor Programming and Relearning

The launch is surpassed by Autel in terms of TPMS sensor programming and relearning [3]. Autel, however, needs its own separate TPMS scanner.

  1. Price

In general, Autel products cost more than Launch products. Furthermore, the updated membership for Launch is more expensive than Autel’s. Launch offers a more affordable alternative while Autel offers more sophisticated capabilities.

  1. Report

Users can get scan reports from both brands. A cloud-based solution used by Autel Ultra makes report downloading simple.

  1. Heavy Duty Scanner

LAUNCH X431 V+ and HD III add-on is a more effective, affordable, and user-friendly alternative for heavy-duty scanning when compared to Autel’s MaxiSys MS908CV. With Autel, standalone equipment options are available, and heavy-duty modules can be added.

  1. Region

Launch is more suited for automobiles made in Europe, Korea, and Japan. Autel, on the other hand, is better suited for cars made in America. You can check the Vehicle Coverage on the Launch [9] and Autel [10] websites if you’re unsure whether a particular model is supported.

  1. Screen Size

The screen used by Launch CRP129 is bigger, but it also means you have to use both hands to operate it, whereas the screen used by Autel MD802 is smaller and easier to use with one hand.

  1. Language Support

Autel MD802 supports 11 languages, but Launch CRP129 only supports 8. If you value having a specific language control, then you must decide which language you require before making a purchase.

On the Launch X431 V, you must download the software and modify the setup language by yourself. On the contrary, if you wish to change the language on the Autel MaxiDAS DS708, you must contact the Autel factory.

  1. Vehicle Support

Launch CRP129 appears to have more advantages in terms of vehicle support. It has two additional cars compared to the Autel MD802. The Launch X431 V covers more than 69 automakers and 220 car models from Europe, the USA, and Asia. The MaxiDAS DS708 includes more than 40 automobile brands from Asia, Europe, and the USA.

The Launch X41 V covers more than 69 automobile manufacturers with models from the USA, Europe, and Asia. On the hand, the Autel Maxidas DS808 covers more than 80 vehicles built in the US, Asia, and Europe.

  1. Functionality

The main function of the Launch X431 V and MaxiDAS DS708 is full system OBDII diagnosis. The specific functions of the Launch X431 V include calibration of the steering angle, bleeding of the ABS, cleaning of the diesel particulate filter, oil reset service and resets of the electronic parking brake, electronic throttle position, tire pressure monitor system, battery register or battery.

The specific function of the MaxiDAS DS708 is key programming like the 99 Infiniti G35 2004 Nissan Maxima. Both the Launch X41 V and Autel Maxidas DS808 are OBD1 & OBD2 compatible.

The functions of the Launch X41 V include freezing frame information, code readers and code clearers, bi-directional control tests, oil service resets, and battery configurations. ABS bleeding, and steering angle sensor calibration are some of the available diagnostic tools.

The functions of the Autel Maxidas DS808 include hotkeys for easy access to data, reading/recording/graphing live sensor data, oil service reset, tire pressure monitor system reset, EPB service, freeze frame data, and reads & clears codes.

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Both Launch and Autel manufacturers produce excellent code readers. The most popular OBD2 scanner models on the market are the Autel AL619 and Autel MaxiCom MK808TS.

The most popular scan tools from the Launch brand are Launch Crp123 and Launch Crp129. Each brand has unique benefits and drawbacks. Most importantly, be sure the brand or code reader you are purchasing is compatible with your car.

In summary, both the X431 PAD VII and the Autel Ultra Lite support most complete diagnostic functions. The X431 PAD VII is excellent for online programming, although limited to certain areas. The Launch X431 can handle additional capabilities including a multimeter, TPMS, and heavy truck diagnosis. However, these come at an additional cost.

McLaren and Tesla can be diagnosed with Autel Ultra Lite and MK908Pro II. But to use it for these vehicles you need to purchase Launch X431. The most recent gadget with the newest CPU and OS is the Autel MK908Pro II.

Launch is the best option if you want a mid-range scanner that can serve all your needs. But if you’re looking for a straightforward DIY scanner, we would recommend Autel. Professional mechanics must choose the Elite or Ultra models from Autel.

The choice between Launch and Autel will depend on your unique requirements and financial constraints. Both companies sell top-notch goods that can be used to detect and fix car issues. Before making a choice, it’s crucial to carefully weigh the features and costs of each product.

In general, both gadgets are strong and well-suited. Go with the Autel if you’re someone who needs a user-accommodating gadget. If you truly desire powerful OEM-level diagnostics, consider choosing the Launch.

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