6 Common KIA EV6 Problems

Are you familiar with Kia EV6 problems?

The sporty small EV crossover known as the KIA EV6 was initially released in 2021. Since its release, the vehicle has earned multiple honors and is the first KIA to utilize a chassis specifically designed for electric cars.

It is highly praised for its captivating contemporary design, remarkable performance, incredible technology, and general build quality. Every good machine, nevertheless, has drawbacks. Some of the most prevalent KIA EV6 problems are covered in this article.

6 Common KIA EV6 Problems


Brakes, vision, windshield problems, and the vehicle’s structure are all complaints made to the NHTSA concerning the 2022 KIA EV6. In forums, there are rumors that certain KIA dealers won’t carry out the necessary work for the widespread recall.

A disturbing reaction pattern to most of these concerns is that KIA dealerships are hesitant to help or insist that the issues aren’t malfunctions or defects.

  1. Brake Problems

The KIA EV6 has reportedly been known to roll backward when coming to a stop while moving up a hill. Although there was sufficient braking power to stop the car (and halt further forward speed), the vehicle instead rolled backward. Problems with the parking brake and emergency brake were also noted.

  1. Issues with one-pedal driving

One-Pedal driving allows you to stop and slow down your car using only the accelerator [1]. The parking brake (emergency brake) automatically engages as the vehicle approaches a stoplight.

Driving cannot resume unless the parking brake is manually released. The owner’s manual for the KIA EV6 makes no mention of this problem. Therefore, the driver is not given any forewarning that this might occur.

The automobile stops moving as it approaches a stop. When a problem arises, a worried or inexperienced driver could panic or be unsure how to handle it, believing the vehicle is dead. As a result, the car would hinder both ordinary and emergency vehicle traffic.

  1. Wiper Problems

The visibility of the 2022 KIA EV6 is another aspect that consumers dislike. The B-Pillars are thick inside the electric crossover and might be challenging for the driver [2].

A quick peek over the shoulder reveals that these pillars can easily block a car or pedestrian more than most cars.

Small rear windows are produced by the roofline’s downward slope and the beltline’s upward slope. Because of the poor visibility, it’s a good thing the KIA EV6 includes blind-spot alert and a backup camera.

It seems strange to be upset about the back window. Consumers’ main gripe, though, is the absence of a rear wiper. Customers dislike the lack of a rear wiper and the lack of an add-on option [3].

You will unavoidably have to cope with a dirty or wet back window if you drive a KIA EV6. We hope you won’t need to look out the rear window in bad weather just when you thought the visibility couldn’t be any worse.

  1. Climate Control and Heating problems

Many owners have complained about having trouble getting the heating and air conditioning to function properly. By swapping out the EV6’s inverter, early users in Europe and the UK were able to remedy the heating problem.

There are more instances of the compressor unexpectedly quitting or the air conditioning sporadically not working in North America. When you take it to the dealer, intermittent temperature control problems can be difficult to reproduce. Since the car is new, it may take a while for parts to arrive, even if they can identify the problem’s root.

  1. Noises from the Front Motor

The front drive unit of All-Wheel Drive EV6 models begins to make a ‘whirring’ or ‘clunking’ noise when the vehicle is in Eco or Normal mode and uses lower regeneration levels, which is a well-known problem [4].

It doesn’t happen in Sport mode or when the “I-Pedal” mode for one-pedal driving is used.

People who have had the problem fixed say that the noise happens every time the front differential disconnects, as it should when the front motor is not driving the wheels.

Because the gears and differentials are not made to be serviced, the only way to fix this issue is to replace the front drive unit completely.

  1. Split-use control issues

Some choices are necessary as the automotive industry moves further into the future and technology. For example, the temperature controls for the driver and passenger in KIA’s new electric vehicle also double as volume and tuning knobs [5].

To switch between functions, owners must press a “tiny, poorly labeled” button. Even when driving on a busy road, the driver needs to press a little button to switch the knobs from managing the temperature to the volume.

Consumer reports discovered that several drivers frequently unintentionally activated and deactivated the seat heating and ventilation systems. As a result, their controls are situated just where most users would rest their hands when operating the buttons below the screen, in the space between the seats.

The controls are cumbersome and difficult to utilize as a whole. In addition, it is unclear and perhaps chaotic to change the knobs’ functioning by pressing a button while driving.

2022 KIA EV6 Recall

According to the American Division of KIA, the new KIA EV6 electric model has been recalled to address a software flaw that could result in a gear selector problem.

Specifically, a software glitch in the control unit might disable the parking mechanism even when a car is parked on a flat spot with the shifter in the “P” position. This allows the vehicle to roll away without notice [6].

As a result, KIA advised parking on flat surfaces and avoiding slopes or inclines if possible.

Currently, one of the most well-liked electric vehicles is the KIA EV6. Unfortunately, despite supply issues, 9,014 EV6s are already on the road and may be subject to recall.

The updated software was put into the manufacturing process starting on May 3, according to KIA. However, vehicles produced between April 8 and May 3 need to be upgraded before being supplied to dealers.

The local KIA dealer was contacted by one owner who received the safety recall notice but declined to perform the necessary maintenance. They claimed they do not service vehicles they did not sell.

He got in touch with KIA customer support, and they said they couldn’t or wouldn’t order one of their dealers to fix a car, not even for a safety recall.

KIA EV6 Extended Warranty



After your factory warranty expires, you can purchase the KIA extended warranty to prevent having to pay for unanticipated auto repairs. Your car can be covered for up to 120,000 miles with a KIA extended warranty.

Depending on your car, you can be qualified for one of the following five KIA extended warranty options:

  • Powertrain: This section addresses the engine, gearbox, drive axle, and other parts of a hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle.
  • Silver: Includes steering, braking, air conditioning, electrical, and front suspension, as well as all Powertrain coverage plan components.
  • Gold: Provides coverage for additional engine, gearbox, drive axle, braking, steering, air conditioning, front suspension, electrical, and hybrid/plug-in parts.
  • Gold Plus: Provides coverage for all parts included in the Gold plan and additional features from each component category, including the engine cooling system.
  • Platinum: Most parts are covered by the Platinum bumper-to-bumper guarantee, except for routine maintenance and wear-and-tear items

Additional Benefits

There are a few extra perks included with each of the KIA extended warranty plans, including:

  • Towing insurance: Provides coverage for up to $75 in towing costs per incident.
  • Travel coverage: Pays up to $100 daily, to a maximum of $500. This covers food and lodging in case your car breaks down away from home, and you have to stay overnight while it is being repaired.
  • Rental car reimbursement coverage: Covers up to $35 per day for 10 days while your vehicle is in the shop.

These perks might be beneficial in the event of a mechanical failure. However, they are not as extensive as those offered by other manufacturers in terms of coverage and price caps.

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KIA Extended Warranty Cost


Although KIA doesn’t publicly state how much its car service contracts cost, we were able to locate customer complaints indicating that the manufacturer charges anything between $1,600 and $3,900 for a 10-year warranty.

Your KIA extended warranty’s price will vary depending on several variables, such as:

  • Your type of vehicle: The cost of covering some models might be higher.
  • The age and mileage of your car: The cost of your insurance will decrease the earlier you buy it.
  • Your deductible: Typically, selecting a lower deductible results in a greater overall cost of coverage.
  • Your type and length of coverage: Plans with longer, more extensive coverage are typically more expensive.

The KIA extended warranty covers both labor and all parts. Although service plans can be financed along with your car loan, we recommend against it because you’ll end up paying interest on your protection plan.

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What’s Not Covered by KIA Warranty?

The KIA extended vehicle warranty is no different from any other extended auto warranty because it has some exclusions. Vehicle service agreements offered by the manufacturer do not include:

  • Abuse or misuse;
  • Incorrect fluid usage;
  • Environmental damage;
  • Negligence or poor upkeep
  • Routine maintenance procedures include oil changes and tire rotations;
  • Wear-and-tear components like batteries and filters.

Drivers of KIA vehicles can take their cars to one of the 6,000 approved service centers in the United States and Canada or their local KIA dealer for covered repair work.

It’s significant to note that the manufacturer’s KIA extended warranty cancellation policy is not disclosed online. Prorated warranty refunds are frequently offered to customers. However, it is best to inquire with your dealership about this choice.


One of the most well-liked new electric vehicles on the market right now is the KIA EV6. It’s a great little SUV with cutting-edge technologies, a stylish design, and a fair driving distance. However, while these are all positive aspects, the vehicle has its faults like all other cars.

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