Is Walmart Oil Change Good?

Is Walmart oil change good?

When it comes to getting an oil change, the cost is usually a critical factor in deciding who will be doing the work. Walmart has always been one of the most affordable and widely accessible options, but is Walmart still doing oil changes? And is it the right choice for your vehicle? Yes, and yes. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Walmart’s oil change and why your car requires this service anyway. 

Why is oil change important?


Oil changes keep your engine working in optimal condition, improving fuel efficiency and preventing expensive repair costs down the road. The oil acts as a lubricant between the moving parts inside the engine and helps keep the engine cool. 

Over time, oil becomes dirty, breaking down, and losing its lubricity. When that happens, the engine has to work harder, leading to decreased fuel efficiency and increased strain on the system. Changing the oil regularly ensures that the lubricant is in good condition and can do its job. 

In addition, filters and other oil system components also need to be changed regularly. Many filters cannot efficiently capture debris if the oil is filled with dirt, so changing the oil helps improve the performance of the filters. 

Varying factors such as vehicle age, oil type, and driving conditions all influence how frequently an automobile has its oil changed. Oil changes were once recommended every 3,000 miles, but improved lubricants mean you no longer need to do that.

Several manufacturers have suggested oil change intervals between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. A full-synthetic oil-required vehicle may run up to 15,000 miles before needing maintenance. [1]

What should you know about Walmart’s oil change?

There are a few key points to consider when it comes to assessing the quality of Walmart’s oil change services. The first is cost – Walmart does offer oil changes at considerably lower rates than a local mechanic or dealership. This can be especially advantageous if you’re on a smaller budget or need several oil changes done regularly. 

However, it’s important to be aware that these services may not be as comprehensive as those of a certified mechanic and that some major wear-and-tear-related issues may be overlooked or overlooked entirely. [2]

How do I change the oil at Walmart? 

To get an oil change at Walmart, you need to find a store with an auto care center. Even though the US has more than 4,700 stores, only about 2,500 of them have auto care centers. You can use the website’s “store finder” feature to see if the Walmart near you has an auto care center. 

You can skip an appointment to get an oil change at Walmart. Just drive your car to a Walmart auto service center and park it in the service area. Since there may be cars ahead of you, you’ll need to let the people at the service desk know what you need and why. 

First come, first served is how Walmart’s auto care centers work. If the service bay is busy, they might be unable to work on your car on the same day. In this case, it might be best to make an appointment before you go. 

You can make an appointment at a Walmart auto care center in person, over the phone before you go, or online. So you can get your oil changed at the time you planned. 

Most of the time, changing your oil takes between 30 minutes and an hour. So, you can shop in the store while your car is getting fixed. The staff at the service center will call you when they are done with your car. [3]

What brand of oil does Walmart use?


If you’ve ever found yourself strolling down the automotive aisle at Walmart, you may have asked yourself, “What brand of oil does Walmart use?” This is a common question, as it can take time to decipher exactly which type of oil is being used by a particular retailer.

Fortunately, Walmart is one of the few major retailers that use their own in-house motor oil brand, holding over 40 years of experience in the motor oil industry.

Walmart’s in-house motor oil brand, SuperTech, provides consumers with a great alternative to other popular motor oil brands. SuperTech motor oil is blended with premium base oils and several additives that help lubricate and protect engines. The oil is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines and is available in various viscosity grades, ranging from 0W-20 to 20W-50. 

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Walmart also provides several other oil solutions, including a synthetic blend oil, full synthetic oil, and a high mileage oil. SuperTech motor oil is preferred among those who want to save money on oil changes, so Walmart customers often choose it over other brands. It delivers basic protection and performance at a much lower price. 

Additionally, SuperTech oil is formulated to last longer than many of the other oil brands, helping to save money in the long run by providing fewer oil changes. It can also be used in some environment-friendly vehicles due to its Energy Conserving Technology component. [5]

Why is Walmart’s oil change so cheap?


Walmart is widely known as a discount retailer, offering a wide variety of products at lower prices than many other retailers. This same philosophy applies to its oil changes, with customers reporting paying only $22 for the basic oil change. So, why is Walmart’s oil change so cheap?

First, technicians at Walmart’s automobile care facilities are regular workers who have received special training to provide these services. Their lower pay compared to that of a qualified technician is one factor that helps keep prices down. 

Moreover, Walmart pays far less for its oil than its rivals. Thanks to its national scale, Walmart often sources large batches of oil straight from sources, offering lower costs than local mechanics and dealerships.

However, this also means you may not get as high-quality oil as you’d find at a certified mechanic. When deciding whether to opt for a Walmart oil change, it’s worth bearing this in mind. 

As long as Walmart’s cheap and smooth oil change service is popular, it’s important to find the right time to avoid lines and inconvenience.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid peak hours 

Due to the high volume of customers, it’s best to avoid peak hours when trying to get an oil change at Walmart. Mondays, Fridays, and weekends are generally the busiest times when most people are getting their vehicles serviced. Try to schedule your oil change during midweek and mid-day hours when traffic is slower.

  • Take advantage of the Walmart oil change coupons

From time to time, Walmart offers various promotional discounts and service specials that can reduce the cost of your oil change. Be sure to look out for these and take advantage of them when available. [6]

  • Consider customer satisfaction ratings

Doing a bit of research online can go a long way in helping you determine the best time to get an oil change at Walmart. Online reviews and customer satisfaction ratings can inform you about customer service issues or inefficiencies customers have experienced when getting an oil change at Walmart. 

Costs Of Oil Change 

As a driver in the United States, oil changes are necessary for maintaining your vehicle and keeping it running efficiently and effectively. But the cost of an oil change can vary significantly depending on where you live. Generally, the average cost for an oil change in the US ranges between $40 and $120, with many businesses charging higher rates for synthetic oil or extra services. 

Regional cost differences must also be considered, as some areas have higher labor costs or taxes on these services than others. A major factor that affects oil change prices is the type of automobile you own; luxury or high-end vehicles typically require more expensive oil changes due to their higher-quality engines. 

Expect to pay more for an oil change on a premium car, as different types and amounts of oil must be used to ensure proper engine protection. Additionally, many luxury car manufacturers recommend specific types of oil and filters, further driving up costs. 

The location of the oil change service can also factor into the final cost. Many nationwide companies offer competitive prices in rural areas, while local shops may charge more due to taxes and overhead. In larger cities and metro areas, cost competition is more fierce, and costs may be notably lower than in rural locales. [7]

Take 5 VS Walmart Oil Change

Take 5 is a full-service auto repair shop that provides high-quality service, honest advice, and fair prices. Take 5 oil changes and come with a free, 19-point inspection to ensure your vehicle doesn’t require any other costly repairs. All of the technicians are certified and ready to tackle any issue.

A basic oil change with Take 5 includes:

  • A new, high-quality oil filter.
  • Up to 5 quarts of motor oil.
  • A multi-point vehicle inspection.

You can also upgrade the oil change to synthetic or high-mileage motor oil and add additional services like tire rotation.

On the other hand, many Walmart stores now offer oil change services. Walmart’s oil change is a much simpler process and tends to be cheaper. However, you are only getting basic oil changes, which are not recommended for older vehicles. 

The basics include an oil filter and up to 5 quarts of conventional oil. But you don’t get a 19-point inspection, so it’s up to you to spot any issues with your car before they become expensive problems. That said, when it comes to getting your oil changed, it really depends on your situation. 

Walmart oil change is the way to go if you’re looking for affordability without a detailed service. But if you want a comprehensive service that includes a 19-point inspection, then Take 5 is the right choice. Ultimately, it’s up to you what kind of service you are comfortable with. 

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Final Takeaway

Overall, while Walmart’s oil change services could be seen as a feasible option in some circumstances, such as when working on a tight budget or if a quick, simple oil change is all that’s needed, it’s worth bearing in mind that you may forego some important repairs or maintenance by opting for this service.

If you’re looking for the most in-depth vehicle examination, it could be best to seek a certified mechanic or dealership.

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