Hyundai Kona Electric Problems

Did you check Hyundai Kona’s electric problems and recalls?

Hyundai Kona is a 2017 model from Hyundai that occupies the subcompact crossover SUV niche. The car is made to occupy a spot between Venue and Bayon, acting as a middle-sized choice between cars.

Hyundai Kona offers an incredible choice of powertrains. The electronic variant started production in 2018 and has done decently well for production to continue.

The vehicle has impressed many with its incredible electric range of 258 miles as well as its design. Hyundai Kona boasts a really good reliability score too so the strengths of the vehicle will last for quite a while.

Even when it malfunctions, the Hyundai Kona can often be fixed easily. However, to apply fixes let’s look at Hyundai Kona’s problems first.

Hyundai Kona Electric Problems


Overall Hyundai Kona Electric doesn’t have a lot of problems. However, problems like battery drain, automatic transmission problems, and coolant leaks may affect some vehicles.

  1. Battery drain

Batteries in Hyundai Kona have had issues with batteries draining. The issue causes your vehicle to lose its charge and provide much worse results when driving. The problem has been reported on 2022 models especially.

This defect is quite serious, especially for electric variants. You won’t be able to get as much range for driving around as you would otherwise and the other parts of the vehicle will also be impacted.

  1. Automatic transmission problems 

A recall was initiated during 2023-2024 covering the Hyundai Kona among other cars due to automatic transmission issues. The automatic transmission has been associated with fluid and lubricant pump assembly.

The Idle Stop and Go oil pump may contain damaged electrical components that could overheat the pump controller.

This overheating results in automatic transmission problems which often get worse over time. Not to mention that the controller itself allowing more oil to flow into our car can mean serious issues.

  1. Hyundai Kona Coolant Leak

Coolant leaks are a huge problem that quickly hampers the functionality of the car. Cooling is important for vehicles to keep everything safe from heat damage, the same goes for Hyundai Kona.

Issues with Hyundai Kona and the vehicle’s coolant leaks led to a recall in 2021. The recall affected over 800 cars but numbers may be larger currently.

The cause of the issue was insufficient sealing of the DC converter housing. Though the issue is assumed as resolved, owning cars from this year still yields a chance of running into this issue. [3]

  1. Complete shut down while driving  

In a rarer but still occurring electrical problem, drivers have experienced the entire dashboard not responding. This also involved turn signals going dark which left the car in an extremely impaired state.

In very serious cases, the entire engine shuts off. The issue can be both sudden and troubling, so the fact it’s occurring on newer models of the Hyundai Kona is quite disturbing. [4]

Solutions to Hyundai Kona Electric Problems


Weak battery charge is an issue that still persists in Hyundai Kona electric cars so taking care of it is paramount. There isn’t an immediate fix for the problem but maintenance and constant checkups will help you discover it as soon as it comes up.

However, this is an issue that has been brought up often enough that Toyota is willing to repair the vehicle without extra costs. The downside is that it can take quite a lot of time.

Coolant leaks are also an issue that is best solved by checking the cooling components consistently. This will allow us to quickly detect problems, potentially preventing harsher issues that come from components wearing out.

Automatic transmission can have a variety of causes but the most frequent ones include poor transmission fluid. Having it replaced is good for the short and long-term health of our car.

Especially if the more troublesome symptoms have already shown up. Transmission problems can also be impacted by the previously mentioned issues so resolving them helps here too.

Depending on the issue, we may have our Hyundai Kona electric problems fixed through warranty or recalls. These two options provide cheaper solutions to our car problems as they usually cover all the costs of repairs.

Remember to check the official Toyota source and their customer support to confirm if you qualify for such fixes.

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Hyundai Kona electric variant does its job quite well as an electric car but is not without its issues. As with all cars of its type, issues with Hyundai Kona’s electric components are the most troublesome due to the general reliance of the vehicle on electronic parts.

Despite that, there are some easy fixes we can apply to the Hyundai Kona and cut costs of eventual car malfunctions. Even if the vehicle cannot be fixed at home, warranty and recalls could come in handy for cutting costs further.

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