Hertz vs Enterprise

Which one is better: Hertz vs Enterprise?

The choices of a rental car company can be confusing and difficult to sort through. There are several automobile rental firms for different needs and purposes of travel. However, if you want the widest selection and the best value, Hertz and Enterprise should be among your top picks.

Hertz vs Enterprise


The two firms are renowned car rental firms that provide a variety of vehicles that are highly demanded in the rental industry. Both businesses are regarded as the highest-ranking premium automobile rental firms. This is due to their higher rates, dependability, and extensive global availability in 90 – 150+ countries.

Hertz vs Enterprise will be compared in this article to determine which provides the greatest offers and bargains. The comparison is important to both one-time customers trying to save some money or frequent renters who would benefit from loyalty-based reward programs.

In this article, we will endeavor to provide a detailed analysis of Hertz vs Enterprise in terms of pricing, services, fleet, customer satisfaction, and overall user experience.

Hertz Company Review

Hertz is a U.S.-based auto rental firm with more than 12,000 franchise and corporate facilities. It functions both nationally and internationally. The company serves more than 160 nations, including those in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. [1]

Hertz also has a large selection of premium automobiles, more locations, and quick and simple service. It is regarded as one of the biggest car rental types by the size of its fleet, sales, and operating locations. It has a strong reputation among tourists and foreigners because it has been in operation for many years.

The business also offers memberships that might provide you access to several advantages, known as The Hertz Gold Plus Membership. You can access your full rental history on their app with this membership, as well as edit your personal information, and preferences, among other details.

Enterprise Company Review

Jack C. Taylor started Enterprise in 1957. The company’s headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri, and Chrissy Taylor is the current CEO. [2]

Enterprise Holdings’ businesses include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Car Sales, National Car Rental, Alamo Rent-A-Car, and others. The Crawford Group serves as the ultimate parent company for all of its subsidiaries, including Enterprise Holdings.

Comparing Hertz vs Enterprise


  1. Pricing

Hertz and Enterprise are both regarded as high-ranking premium rental firms, so there won’t be much of a pricing difference between them. However, reading the fine print is important if you wish to find savings.

When hiring a car, the cost of the rental is simply one component of your overall budget that must be taken into account. Other factors to consider include taxes, tolls, late fines, petrol costs, etc.

Hertz offers pricing that is relatively fair for all models. The price may change if you choose a higher model even though it is a four-wheeler only. Newer and popular brands and models are highly priced compared to older ones.

Enterprise offers both short-term and long-term vehicle rental options. While there are fewer criteria when renting a car for a short period, there are more obligations when renting a car for a longer time, including ensuring that it is kept completely secure.

Costs vary depending on the rental vehicle you choose. However, you’ll likely pay $70 to $200 more with Enterprise than Hertz for both pay and pick up and prepaid alternatives.

The rental automobile industry is highly competitive, and each company is vying for customers by presenting enticing deals and one-of-a-kind advantages.

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You can sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Membership if you want to receive awards and other benefits from Hertz. When you become a member of the club, everything becomes simpler to handle. The main benefit of becoming a club member is that you have the freedom to change your preferences and rent the car of your choice. [4]

With Enterprise, for every dollar spent on car rentals — excluding taxes, fees, gasoline, and surcharges — customers receive one Enterprise Plus point. At 600 points, free rental days are awarded. [5]

This means that after paying $600 in standard rental rates, you will receive one free rental day. Enterprise Plus points will expire only if a member is inactive for more than 3 years.

You will be required to pay several additional, non-negotiable costs with every rental company, including

  • Rental.
  • GPS units.
  • Gas
  • Rental insurance.
  • Car seat charges.

When calculating the prices, the following factors are also taken into account:

  • Unlike Enterprise, Hertz provides 10% off the base cost of the rentals.
  • Enterprise pays out savings for a certain location.
  • Hertz covers a certain range of cars and rental periods.
  • Hertz includes accident damage excess to lessen your responsibility for loss or damage to the car. You can buy additional insurance plans.
  • Enterprise combines damage liability or loss responsibility with Standard cover. Additionally, extra insurance can be bought.
  1. Services

Because of their similar premium rankings, Enterprise and Hertz provide a wide range of automobiles in their fleet, which are mostly comparable.

This means that you can expect to see a wide variety of vehicles, from the more basic economy car to the more opulent luxury car. However, Hertz is the better option for the best fast and lavish sports cars.

It’s also the best if you want to hire a car in style, with brands like Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini available. Conversely, Enterprise is a good choice if you’re looking for cars like the Nissan Versa, Audi A7, Jeep Wrangler, or Hyundai Elantra.

Using the Hertz app, you can make and amend reservations without the need to access a full website. The software has been enhanced for fast mobile navigation to keep you moving. [6]

With the Enterprise app, you can choose a car that ranges in price from economical to luxury. This will allow you to create the ideal atmosphere for your journey.

You can use the Enterprise car rental app to book a vehicle and modify existing reservations. Similarly, you can locate an Enterprise facility, and even get roadside assistance if you run into trouble while driving. [7]

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise was rated the highest overall in customer satisfaction with an above-average industry score. The cleanliness of the Enterprise has received accolades.

Every vehicle that leaves the lot is always in perfect shape thanks to the firm. In reality, renting a car from Enterprise is comparable to hiring a brand-new vehicle at a far lower cost. [8]

On the other hand, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction about how filthy and offensively smelling many of Hertz’s vehicles were. Enterprise has also been praised for being dependable and simple to talk to, as well as offering incredible deals.

Hertz offers incredibly quick service. Most of the time, you can find the precise model you want within a few minutes. They also frequently include attractive extras like a multi-disc CD changer. Small details like these make Hertz more suitable for long travels and families.

Conversely, Enterprise can take a while between placing your order and making the vehicle available to you. They usually take the time to ensure that the car arrives to you in immaculate condition. However, there are situations when getting your car as quickly as possible is more vital than putting up with a few smudges here and there.

  1. User Experience

The Hertz car rental company with its app is best suited for airports. It makes picking up the car a simple process by eliminating the need for airport counters and time-consuming check-ins.

Enterprise will require a hold equal to 120% of the rental fee if the airport is the pick-up location. 20% of the security deposit will also be added for incidentals.

All Hertz sites across the world are listed on the app. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members can also check their status and access special content. The one-touch log-in option is an added advantage to make it easier to log in and start working.

For prepaid reservations, the company offers discounts of up to 30%, discounts of up to 20% for AAA members, and no additional fees for AAA renters between the ages of 20 and 25 [9].

The Enterprise app will assist you in obtaining unique incentives. You can take advantage of early check-in and accelerated service at the airport if you choose the Enterprise ReadyPass. The Enterprise’s Complete Clean Pledge guarantees that your automobile will arrive spotless and sanitized, a benefit that is especially valued today.

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Hertz and Enterprise rental companies have received the best reviews in terms of service, selection, and cost-effectiveness. The two businesses have simplified the rental procedure for clients by providing excellent customer service, exclusive pick-up and drop-off lanes for members, and dedicated phone lines.

Hertz has more locations, a larger selection of premium vehicles, and quick, simple service. Enterprise has the biggest fleet, the most affordable rates, and the finest overall rental vehicle loyalty program.

Although the brand Enterprise is well-known and well-respected, Hertz should be your first choice if you have a limited budget and want to choose from a variety of hybrid and other cutting-edge vehicles.

Nevertheless, the best approach to choosing between both firms is to consider your rental needs, since both offer first-rate services and a variety of vehicles to hire. The choice between Hertz vs Enterprise depends on the degree of customer service, cost, and selection of vehicles you require.

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