Ford Territory Problems

The SUVs are a common type of car that’s frequently used. With a lot of the popular brands producing their own models of that style. Ford Territory being one such car, which has been present for quite a while. However, the Ford Territory can run into quite a few problems hence why we’ll look over Ford Territory problems.

Ford Territory

Ford Territory is a compact crossover SUV. it was made by Ford, first produced in 2004 and running until 2016. The car has since resumed production in 2018 via Chinese branch of Ford.

The car has options of rear as well as all-wheel drive, allowing for choice of drive for those who wish to purchase the vehicle.

The car has an optional anti-lock braking system to control the car better when going downhill. Territory has quite a lot of space to fit any number of passengers required.

The design also provides a “theatre style” arrangement of seatings. Which means first row is lowest and last row is highest within the car.

Ford Territory is available in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol variant comes in both Barra I6 and Barra turbo I6 versions. Transmission comes in variations of 4 or 6 speeds. This gives quite a few choices for the whole vehicle, making the customizability of our purchase quite diverse.

Ford Territory Common Problems


Ford Territory has a number of problems that have been plaguing this line for a while now. Certain ones were addressed or somewhat mitigated but a number of others are present even today.

As the persisting problems can be encountered when driving a car even today, we will have the best chance of dealing with them if we learn about their inherent effects.

  1. Ball Joint

The Ford Territory has had many problems across its lifespan, one of these issues includes those that affect its ball joints. This affects the front suspension, of which it is a part of. The ball joint is a part of the lower control arm, connected to the steering knuckle.

The weight of this vehicle is too much for the ball joint though. Which will then be worn down and eventually get loosened out of the socket. The cars manufactured between 2004 and 2009 are most likely to experience these problems. [1]

Worsened transmission system can be quite troubling. The Ford Territory will have extra issues appearing due to this. If it isn’t solved, ball joint issues can worsen the entire transmission system.

  1. Engine

With any car, engine is an important part of the vehicle. Rather, with malfunction of an engine, you’ll experience even more follow up issues. The malfunction itself is bound to ruin our driving experience.

Anything from the car having trouble starting up to the vehicle producing worse exhaust gasses due to burning up certain materials. [2]

Ford Territory has had issues like this crop up during its lifespan. In fact, it’s one of the more common problems found within the car. Due to the significant impact the issue can have on the car, we are bound to utilize our knowledge of it before it gets seriously troubling for the vehicle.

Engine can also be hampered by the general transmission issues as well. These issues follow from other common problems that we have covered and are about to cover.

  1. Fuel leak

Any car that experiences leaks is bound to get emergency service. Fuel leaks are exceptionally troubling as they increase the price of running the car while also damaging the insides of the car as fuel soaks the components that shouldn’t be covered in it.

This can also cause fire inside the car, as fuel ignites from the friction or sheer heat of the car while it runs.

Fuel leaks can crop up from a multitude of sources. However, the Fuel Territory usually has one specific issue.

  1. Low fuel economy

The fuel economy can make or break a car’s value. Good fuel economy will save a lot of money in the long term. Considering how often we drive our vehicle and how long said vehicle lasts, the savings a good economy gives us are rather noticeable. [4]

However, malfunctions within the car can make the fuel economy far worse. The worst part about those malfunctions is that cars with mediocre fuel economy get even worse when these malfunctions appear.

Ford Territory already has middling fuel consumption, which makes the hits to fuel economy through malfunction act much harsher on it.

  1. Air cabin filter

The air cabin filter is important to keep the vehicle air clean and fresh. This keeps the vehicle free from pollen and dust.

Additionally, the air filter eliminates other gasses that could make driving less comfortable. Especially exhaust gasses from other cars on the road.

The air cabin filter needs to be replaced somewhat frequently. Every year, the air filter should be changed. Otherwise, we can experience poor performance from the air-conditioner and odd smells. [5]

Replacing the air filter itself is easy enough and can often be found beneath the glove box. Ford Territory may experience these problems more often, so keep an eye out for the potential appearance of the issue.

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Solutions to Ford Territory Problems

As with every problem, we can commit some solutions to lessen the effects. With the Ford Territory issues, we can take a lot of care before we encounter more serious problems. Even if they occur, these issues can still be acted upon.

Issues with the ball joint can often be mended by taking a look at the segment itself. Consistent care for this section of the car is important.

An engine is something that has to be consistently monitored. If we fail to do so engine can get even worse. Make sure to stick to servicing as much as possible or you’ll have issues stacking up.

Air cabin filters are best solved by replacing them once a year at least. Keeping change of air filters regular is the best way to secure that the air within the car is always filtered.

If you don’t, negative materials will accumulate in the air. Which can be problematic especially somebody in the car has issues with dust and pollen.

Fuel leaks will have to be solved with inspection. Because the fuel can end up leaking from a punctured gas tank, make sure to check the component. A few warning signs can help us see this problem early, especially in the form of odd gasses and bad smells around our car.

Low fuel economy is something that’s far harder to take care of. Utilizing better quality fuel can be helpful for resolving the issues with this but it always pays to investigate the issue further.

If it’s just base consumption, you may be out of luck. Otherwise, there could be things that one can do to counteract it.

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The Ford Territory is a very good SUV that can consistently provide a great way of transportation. However, the Ford Territory isn’t without its faults. The given problems aren’t the only ones but they are the most frequent.

Take care of the car consistently and efficiently to maintain its functionality. Having consistently maintained vehicle can take of even the most troublesome issues. Eliminating multiple of the more troubling issues is key to having a car function reliably.

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