Cupra Formentor Problems

Are you familiar with the Cupra Formentor problems?

Cupra Formentor is one of the models of SEAT’s spinoff line, Cupra. It is a rather recent addition to the car roster but has showcased itself as a decent SUV.

However, it’s far from perfect, with a lot of potential problems that had to be ironed out or still need resolution. We will explore those below, in Cupra Formentor problems.

Cupra Formentor is a compact crossover SUV. It’s a recent addition to the catalog of Spanish manufacturer, SEAT. The car was released under the Cupra sub-brand which is focused on performance.

Cupra Formentor was revealed in March 2020, though it was initially supposed to be revealed during Geneva Motor Show. The car properly started production in late September 2020.

There are multiple choices of powertrain: petrol, a petrol plug-in hybrid, and diesel. The plug-in hybrid using the electric mode, can cross approximately 31 miles. That’s quite a decent distance for a hybrid, especially one you may consistently drive for shorter distances.

With the Cupra Formentor being a somewhat fresh model, it stands to reason there would be problems early on. A few years later, it has been improved significantly but there are still problems that persist.

Cupra Formentor Common Problems


The problems with Cupra Formentor are varied. The most common type of them involves troubles with safety measures. However, some more integral ones are also present. Those include the following.

  1. Front Assist Improperly Configured

Front assist systems found on cars are meant to detect if there are any imminent dangers ahead and provide a much smoother distance for slowing down when needed. This system functions as a radar, scouting out in front of the car. When a danger is detected, the car will display sound and visual signals. These are meant to inform you of incoming danger.

However, to perform this function well, the system has to be correctly configured. If it isn’t, the assistance from the system won’t properly work. This exact issue initiated the first recall of Cupra Formentor models. [1]

Multiple problems initiated a recall. Those involve pedestrian and cyclist detection systems, evasive maneuver assistants, and turning assistants.

None of these were activated on the cars that suffered from this problem. This lessened the safety of the car, making it a significant problem.

  1. Faulty fuse

Electrical components within the car are often the most dangerous ones to malfunction. Due to the electrical components running deep into the car and being able to cause fires or electroshocks, careful handling of these components is suggested. W

hen one of them goes bad, it can spell disaster for other internal systems.

Cupra Formentor vehicles experienced one such malfunction with their fuse. The car’s faulty fuse could potentially cause an arc flash, causing a fire.

This problem is most likely to occur if the component short circuits. However, even though this may not always lead to a full fire, it’s an important thing to keep an eye out for.

The issue affected Cupra Formentor models of years 2020, 2021, and 2022. Potential issues of a faulty fuse extend to over 16,000+ cars manufactured.

Though SEAT has issued a recall of those models, it’s more than likely quite a few of them haven’t been taken back. Especially with a problem that’s generally invisible to a driver.

Out of all the problems noted here, this one may be among the most important to watch out for. Car fires are a big deal, one which can quickly lead to extended damage to our vehicle and high risk to anybody within the car when one occurs. [2]

  1. Seat Belt Anchorage

Seat belts are a prime safety feature of all cars. They are simple but effective at reducing the number of injuries during a car crash. However, to fulfill their function a seat belt needs to be properly installed.

Cupra Formentor had a very peculiar but serious issue. With its seat belt anchorage being off. This means that the seat belt isn’t properly attached to the car’s frame and may fail to provide needed safety to the people driving inside the car.

The front seat had the worst of the seat belt anchorage points. The issue was considered serious enough to issue a recall for 2020 and 2021 models of Cupra Formentor. Of course, it’s still possible to run into this problem as there is no guarantee all the vehicles were recalled and repaired. [3]

Getting the effectiveness of your seat belt checked either by yourself or by a local mechanic is suggested. Considering how even a minor collision can lead to serious injuries with a bit of bad luck and no protection.

  1. Infotainment Problems

Infotainment has become a key part of most cars. An infotainment system nowadays mostly takes the form of a touchscreen on the car’s dashboard. It’s no different for Cupra Formentor, which has a decent set of options for its infotainment system.

However, a problem you will quickly run into is that the system isn’t properly lit. This is a baseline problem that comes with the car, making volume and heating controls difficult to see.

Though design problems aren’t the only ones you’ll face. Software and system issues have also been reported. The screen can freeze or go black once you attempt to press on an app. Which adds frustrating seconds to rebooting the display.

Occasional slowdown and laggy screen can be annoying too. An additional concern being the slow startup of the entire system.

There have been reports on software updates coming from Cupra, but it isn’t 100% that your system will work well. It’s also possible for future updates to cause older issues to appear so it’s a worthwhile thing to note. 

  1. Radiator issues

The radiator is an important part of our vehicle. It is a heat exchange component that regulates the heat of the engine. The radiator’s engine cooling keeps the entire combustion process and the nearby components safe from potential damage.

Cupra Formentor has had problems with radiators which were serious enough to require recalls. The 2021 and 2022 models were issued a recall to resolve this considerable issue.

The issue itself includes the radiator not being firmly secured. A poorly secured radiator is a problem that’s ripe for more serious malfunctions later. If the radiator is displaced, loss of engine coolant could occur. [5]

Of course, that’s not the only problem. Loss of coolant in the Cupra Formentor will experience engine overheating and loss of power.

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Fixing Cupra Formentor Problems

The first step to solving problems with your Cupra Formentor is to update all of its software. Check what the latest version is, if your car doesn’t possess that version, get it updated. The software has solved some problems with infotainment, though there have been reports of other issues.

Should you notice that sensors are failing to respond, it’s time to get the car checked. In fact, this issue is on the older side which warrants checking the entire vehicle. Some problems cropped up later could also be possible when a car struggles with this issue.

Most of the recalls are unlimited in time. This fact means you can fix recall issues even if your warranty has run out.

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The Cupra Formentor may have showcased itself as a decent vehicle but it’s not flawless. The problems listed above are enough to dissuade it from any perfect reliability scores. Thankfully, most of the issues are either covered by recall repairs or warranty.

Though if you do happen upon any of the listed problems, it can get pricey. Especially with radiator issues. These costs are best prevented by doing consistent maintenance, which can spot the issues early.

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