Audi MMI Not Working

The infotainment systems are a very important part of a vehicle. Some also incorporate the general functionalities of the car. Audi MMI is a great and old example of this but it’s also one with several issues. As good as it can be it still pays to know the causes of Audi MMI not working.

Audi MMI Not working


As useful as Audi MMI can be, it is not faultless. At times, Audi MMI can malfunction and stop working. The causes of MMI breaking down are varied and include amplifier, modules, or fuses malfunctioning.

Knowing how to properly check on them as well as proper replacement is key to keeping our Audi MMI safe from serious problems. However, let’s cover what Audi MMI itself is.

Audi MMI

Audi MMI is an infotainment system that has been present in Audi vehicles since 2002 when it was incorporated into Audi A8. The system provides a combination of stereo, navigation, and vehicle control systems. These three systems together make Audi MMI really versatile while keeping it all simple to access.

The entire system is composed of a single integrated interface, this interface controls all forms of devices and functions throughout the vehicle. The system is made out of a terminal and an MMI display screen. The two cover all the prerequisites for controlling the infotainment parts of the car along with some basic functions. These include:

  • Satellite navigation
  • Rado tuner
  • Media sources
  • Telephone and directory
  • Heating, ventilation, and other forms of temperature control
  • Rearview camera and sensors
  • Battery level, oil level, tire-pressure monitoring
  • User manual
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Blown Fuse

A very simple issue that could come from our vehicle is the Audi MMI system not getting enough or any power. A good way to resolve that is to check your fuses. The fuses control most of the modules and are located on the left side of your trunk. Prying open the side panel may take a bit of work but it’s simple enough. [1]

The fuses inside should be checked with a multimeter. If any of these fuses are burned out you should replace them and then see if Audi MMI works. If this hasn’t fixed the system, it’s time to try different solutions.


Amplifier is another part of the vehicle that will require direct action to confirm everything is working. This component is additionally compromised due to its position. Because it’s often found below windows. When the rear window washer is used in our car, the amplifier can be affected by it leaking. The problems get worse if you already have leakage problems with the compartment. [2]

Amplifier malfunctioning will have predictable results. Making our MMI falter and stop working as the amplifier gets damaged by the fluid. Eventually, the amplifier will stop working completely.

The washer pipe can be repaired to prevent future amplifier damage. Repair kits for this component are made by Audi themselves and can be extremely fruitful ways of resolving the problem.

If your amplifier has been exposed to the washer fluids for a long enough time, there will be no saving it though. A complete replacement is the only solution you will have available. However, don’t forget to have the amplifier reprogrammed at a dealership after installing it.

Take Note of other modules

Other than the amplifier, other modules in the car that reinforce Audi MMI can fail. The modules should be inspected one by one. One of these can be found behind the glove box. As we remove the glove box, we’ll find an interface to the module. Make sure to get proper tools to unscrew the glove box before starting to fix the module. Be careful when removing the glove box and set it down safely. [3]

Once the interface is visible, unplug the fiber optic plug going to the module. It should be easy enough to find it but this isn’t all. You will require a fiber optics bypass loop as well that will be plugged into the same place you unplugged the fiber optic plug.

This way you will be able to avoid certain modules and check this specific one without having to worry about the others. If it ends up working properly, other modules should be taken care of.

Thankfully, these are easier to access, being located near the fuses in the back. The test should be conducted much the same as we did with the glove box module. If the previous fixes didn’t resolve the problem, troubleshooting modules should. When we find which module causes issues, we should replace it and have it reprogrammed as we would with an amplifier.

Audi MMI not working after battery change


Additionally, there have been reports of Audi MMI malfunctioning after battery changes. As this issue tracks from the previous ones, the reasonable resolution usually ties into blown fuses after the battery change. The previous battery may have blown the fuse or the connection of the new battery sent too much voltage throughout the vehicle. Either way, the solution is likely to be found with the fuse.

Button panel malfunction

What you may not know is that one module of the vehicle can be found next to the driver’s seat. Along with the transmission systems and buttons the module used by MMI can be found. It’s probably the easiest one to end up breaking down due to it being easily affected by anything we bring into our car. Spills and dirt can quickly find their way into this component.

If this problem does occur, we should take apart the whole center console and properly clean it. Check the module directly as well. There is a possibility it is visibly damaged too. After that, fit the components together again.

Put them back in and then see if the Audi MMI works. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to change out the module found underneath the center console. If the other parts of the console are also malfunctioning, the entire console will need to be replaced. [4]

Models Where Audi MMI Breaks Down the Most

Audi MMI is exceptionally prone to malfunction with a few Audi models having far more issues with it. These include A6, Q5, A5, and A8. These four models commonly run into Audi MMI failures.

Some examples of failures you can run into involve visual glitches, not receiving power, and radio randomly rebooting. Though these aren’t all issues they are the most reported ones by those who own one of these affected vehicles.

Newer years of note models may be less likely to run into these problems with years of iteration. However, the concern is never fully absent from any model.

Reset Audi MMI to Factory Setting

Sometimes, Audi MMI problems will require us to do a hard reset of the system. Though a simple reboot can resolve the problem, a factory reset is a more extreme option that will remove any changes done to a system since its inception.

Error messages and stalling of the infotainment system can be quite annoying so Audi MMI reset comes in quite handy. The reset of the vehicle’s infotainment to factory settings will be the quickest fix we can employ. We need to follow a few steps to accomplish this.

  • First, turn on the car using the start/stop engine button.
  • While the car is turned on, locate the volume control on the right.
  • Press in the volume control and then hold it down for 15 seconds.

After holding the volume control for 15 seconds the screen message will disappear and then reappear. This will finish the reset of the Audi MMI.

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As annoying as Audi MMI problems can be, they can be resolved in many ways. Simple reboots as well as replacing broken parts both work. Trying those simple solutions is bound to make our car’s maintenance cost very little.

Even something like a broken fuse is a concern that will help the entirety of the car stay efficient rather than being just an additional money sink. By consistently inspecting the modules of an Audi MMi, it’s possible to avoid sudden and serious malfunctions.

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