Are Jeep Wrangler Key Fobs Waterproof?

Are Jeep Wrangler key fobs waterproof?

Forgetting your key fob in your pocket before going in for a dip can cause severe anxiety. Most jeeps created after 2010 use a key fob.

Modern cars are now more technologically oriented, and a key fob is no exception. It has an electronic chip that acts as a transmitter, which transmits the signal to open or lock the door.

A little battery powers the key fob. This fob usually has a range of 50-68 feet (approximately 20m).

Jeep Wrangler key fobs are water resistant to an extent but not waterproof. If your Jeep Wrangler key fob gets wet, you’d need to dry your fob as soon as possible.

You’ll risk potential damage to the fob if you delay. In addition, if your fob comes in contact with water for any length of time, it can suffer one or more problems.

Since water is a very good conductor of electricity, it can damage the fob’s circuit board. In addition, metal components on a wet circuit board will be exposed to corrosion and rust. A wet circuit board can also lead to the fob’s battery dumping its charge.

What To Do If Your Key Fob Gets Wet?


The key fob can be dried with a hair dryer, heat gun, or a hand fan. To do this, open the fob gently; although the fob looks tough, the internals isn’t. Opening it forcefully may make the situation worse.

To open most key fobs, you’ll need a fine screwdriver. Located on all fobs is a special spot designed to enable you to pry apart the shells easily. A quick search of your model usually unravels the mystery.

Use a hair dryer or a hand fan to blow dry the electronic circuit and the inside and outside of the fob shells. If the fault persists after this, it means your fob is beyond repair. Well, it was worth a try. Unfortunately, you’ll now need to replace the key fob.

Why Is The Jeep Key Fob So Big?

Other than for aesthetic reasons, the key fob is probably so big to accommodate all the buttons. This helps you press each key without any sort of overlap. Plus, the big size makes the key fob easier to spot when misplaced.

The Jeep Wrangler was first produced in 1987. Since then, the Wrangler has been modified, and it now has two versions and six different keys.

If you are interested in a Jeep Wrangler Key Fob upgrade or replacement, ensure you get the key code of your Jeep. This code varies from car to car, and it will cost you about $100 to get it from the Jeep database.

How To Protect Your Key Fob


If you have a waterproof case, you can hold your electronic key in your bathing suit strap while keeping your phone safe. A Ziploc bag is not only for sandwiches and leftovers; you can also use that when going for a swim.

However, these cases must not be submerged or exposed to water for a prolonged time. Doing so will put the contents at risk of severe water damage.

Do Jeep Key Fobs Have Batteries?

Key fobs use small coin-type batteries. The number of your Jeep fob battery will be printed on it. The Jeep Wrangler uses CR-2032 and CR-2450 batteries. If the number isn’t printed on it, you can find the exact style in the owner’s manual. Batteries like this are usually sold in any electronics store.

How Can I Tell if My Jeep Key Fob Battery is Low?


Several signs can give you a ‘heads up’ when your Jeep key fob battery is running low. Here are some common signs you’ll pick up when your key fob battery requires replacement:

  • If you struggle to open your vehicle and have to maneuver your key fob up and down before you can lock or unlock your doors.
  • If you find yourself pushing the edges of the buttons to see if you can make contact.
  • If it takes multiple button presses to finally get into your car or safely lock your vehicle.
  • Most Jeep key fobs are designed to have a range of up to 68 feet. Any less than that, and there’s a very good chance your key fob battery is on the way out.
  • When the lock/unlock feature works sometimes and not other times, this is a sign your battery could be fading fast.

Unfortunately, these are all signs and symptoms of a Jeep key fob battery on its last legs.

Of course, in cars with push-button start and keyless entry, ensuring your smart key fob has enough battery to start your vehicle is very important. Don’t let your key fob battery die because you could get stranded on the road!

How to Change Your Jeep Key Fob Battery

Most Jeep key fobs use a small battery, like CR 2032. But depending on your model, your battery may vary. To change your Jeep key fob battery, you’ll need to open up the key fob to access the battery and replace it.

So here’s what to do:

  • Most Jeep key fobs that are flip-style have a key removal tool. Slide that down and push out the tool.
  • Next, take the key out and use it to pry open the key fob. It may also help to use a small flathead screwdriver tool.
  • You’ll see a green circuit board with some metal welding. You don’t have any business with that half. You’ll also see another half with the battery.
  • After you follow the above steps, you’ll now have two halves of the key fob. You’ll see the battery on one side and the circuit board on the other.
  • Once you’ve located it, go ahead and remove the old battery.
  • Put in the new battery, ensuring the +/- are in the right spots.
  • Click the two parts of the key fob back into place.

How Long Will My Jeep Key Fob Battery Last?


Though there’s no set answer to this question, generally, key fob batteries last between three to four years. The battery may last for 2-3 years in a smart key fob and 4-6 years in a regular fob with the key.

Since key fobs often come in pairs, we recommend alternating key fobs often so that you get the most life out of both. Then, you can replace both batteries at the same time! Also, ensure that you have a spare battery for a rainy day.


Jeep Manufacturers try to anticipate every need of drivers and so, they made the key fob as water resistant as possible. I know some folks who have gone for a dip with their fobs and those who had mistakenly tossed it into the washer and the key fob still worked. So, if you get your fob drenched, don’t panic! It may be your lucky day.