Why is Honda Civic Insurance So High? 

Have you ever wondered why Honda Civic insurance is so high? Do you think it could be because of the car’s relatively big value or because it is one of the most popular cars in the United States? You will find out in this article. 

Honda Civic Insurance Cost


In the United States, Honda Civics are one of the most popular cars on the road. Although they are not very luxurious, their insurance is somewhat on the high side. This is not only a Honda Civic problem but cuts across other Honda vehicles. 

For instance, the Honda Insight LX costs about $1,900 for one year of insurance, which is the cheapest. The highest is, in fact, the Civic models like the Honda Civic LX, which costs a little above $2,500 a year, and the Honda Civic Type R, costing $2,402 for yearly insurance.

It is believed these prices are affected by certain factors, most of which cannot be controlled. Before we look at some of these factors and how they affect the insurance prices of Honda Civic, let’s look at the Honda Civic costs in more detail. 

Although the cost of insuring a Honda Civic is high, a report from a finance blog, NerdWallet, holds that Honda Civic is among the twenty cheapest vehicles to insure.

However, they come in at number 19, with an average insurance cost of almost $1,603 in a single year for the latest model of Honda Civic.[2]

More deep insights

Production Year Cost Per Month Average Cost per Year Comments 
2022  The monthly cost for full coverage is $169 $2,028 yearly  Rates may vary does to certain factors 
2021  Cost $153 per month for full coverage  $1,850 yearly  Individual factors may affect the rate 
2020 Costs $185 a month. 

Full coverage 

$1,800 a year.  Rate varies based on certain factors. 
2019  Costs about $145 for a 30-year-old and $730 for younger drivers, say from 18 or 20.  Costs about $1,750 for 30 years and older and $8,800 for younger drivers.  The younger the driver, the higher the risk for damage, which increases the rate. **
2018  For experienced drivers, it costs $141, and for less experienced drivers, it costs $710 For experienced drivers, it costs $1,700, and for less experienced drivers $8,500 The rate increases from 18 to 17 and 16. 
2017  Average of $137 for full coverage  Average of $1,659 Rate may differ in some cases 
2016  Average of $133  Average of $1,600 Rates may differ in some States 
2015  Average of $129 for full coverage  Average of $1,550 Rates vary 
2014  Average of $125 Average of $1,500  Rate varies
2013  Average of $121 Average of $1,459 Rate varies
2012  Average of $113 Average of $1,301 Rate varies
2011 Average of 117 Average of $1,311 Rate varies
Table showing the Honda Civic insurance cost for different production models. 

**Insurance costs for different Honda Civic differ for several reasons. One of these reasons is the age and experience of the driver. 

The following table shows the Yearly cost of insurance for Honda Civic owned by less experienced drivers. 

Production year Cost of insurance per year
2019  $8,844
2018 $8,727
2017 $8,546
2016 $8321
2015 $7,821
2014 $8,146


These figures are mostly obtainable in the United States. In Canada, they are slightly different, especially in Ontario. 

Honda Civic insurance Cost Ontario

Indeed, various variables affect the price of your Honda Civic insurance. However, the most important ones are your age and the model of your car. 

Honda Civic insurance costs in Ontario usually differ from person to person. So, each case is treated differently. Certain factors affect this price. Some of which we will talk about immediately after this section. 

For a less experienced driver below 30 years, an average Honda Civic insurance would cost about $420 per month. However, some drivers can get it at less than that, but never below $200. In a year, insurance can cost a little below $5,100. 

This figure is different for an experienced driver. But the gap is not as wide as in the United States. While the monthly insurance cost can be around $150 or $220 in some cases, yearly can go as high as $2,639. 

The above information is specific to the 2020 Honda Civic, which according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS, is very safe. 

Factors Affecting Honda Civic Insurance Cost 


Recall that we mentioned how different factors come into play in determining a Honda Civics’ insurance cost. Now is the time to look at those factors and know why your Honda Civic insurance cost might be higher than another Honda Civic of the same model. 


As you have already seen, age affects the cost of a Honda Civic. Why? Many insurance companies believe cars owned by people younger than a certain age are more easily damaged. While some companies set theirs at 29, others leave it at 25. 

Also, if you have noticed, cars mostly owned by people within this age range, 18 to 29, are more costly to insure and are mostly Honda Civics. While other models like the Honda CR-V or other SUVs cost less even if they are more expensive. 

Replacement or Repair Cost 

The amount of money it would cost an insurance company to repair or fix your Honda Civic during damage plays a role in determining the insurance cost. So, if your Honda Civic has a low MSRP, you are good, as it would help reduce insurance costs. 

Don’t forget the Honda Civic is an imported car, so they tend to have very high repair or replacement costs.

But on the other hand, buying a Honda Civic is affordable, and its insurance is more budget-friendly than most competitors. 

Level of damage susceptibility and safety ratings 

Regarding safety and damage susceptibility, Honda is not doing so bad, but it’s not doing well either. 

Yes, Honda Civic has a 109 Damage susceptibility according to NHTSA. It’s a big deal. It means it is better than most cars. However, Honda Civics’ competitors are within the average 119. This contributes to its high insurance cost because it can be somewhat damaged easily. 

That Honda Civic has a damage susceptibility of 109 does not make it less safe. Each Honda Civic has proven to IIHS and NHTSA that they are safe. So, this works in its favor. [3]


Your history matters in determining the cost of your Honda Civic. This history will sit across: 

  • History of speeding tickets
  • Driving record violations, and
  • Insurance claims. 

Any of these would increase the insurance cost of your Honda Civic. However, it mostly affects adolescents, teenagers, and drivers below 30. 

Rate of Honda Civic thefts

This also plays a vital role in determining the cost of your insurance. Since Honda Civics are very popular and affordable, they are abundant on the road. This makes them readily available to be stolen, even without keys. It would surprise you to know your Honda Civic can be stolen without keys.

The high theft rates are because the parts of Honda Civic are high in value and can be easily unlocked without keys. So, their insurance cost is high because they are more likely to be stolen. 


This is another important factor for determining your Honda Civic insurance cost. The location you are in can increase or decrease the insurance cost. If the location is calm, the price is lower. However, if you are located in areas with an increased risk for accidents or thefts, your insurance would cost way higher. 

The Insurance Company

The company also contributes to the high insurance cost for Honda vehicles. If the company’s rate is high, expect your insurance cost also to be wide. 

Some insurance companies with low rates include: 

  • Erie
  • USAA
  • State Farm 
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive 

According to ValuePenguin, State Farm comes more recommended as it has one of the friendliest rates. The others also have low rates except for Nationwide, which is quite high. 

Model, Trim, and Year 

These three factors collectively and individually affect the insurance cost of your car. In most cases, the older the production year, the cheaper the insurance cost.

However, it is not always obtainable. For instance, the 2014 Honda Civic costs about $8,146 yearly for insurance, while the 2015 Honda Civic costs about $7,821. 

If you drive a sedan, expect to pay less for your Honda Civic insurance. If your Honda Civic is sportier, you should expect high insurance costs. 

How To Reduce Honda Civic Cost of Insurance 

Sometimes, Honda Civic insurance costs can be very high. But that does not mean it should be that way. There are ways this can be reduced by finding the best insurance policy. The following methods are helpful. 

  • Always share an insurance policy with someone older, especially if it’s your first time. 
  • You can try offsetting the insurance cost by renting out your Honda Civic 
  • Take defensive driving classes or earn good grades in them. These two can help with discounts for some insurance policies. 
  • Don’t settle with the first insurance company you meet. Try several, and research until you meet the most affordable one. 
  • If you can, remove collision and comprehensive insurance from the policy. They are good in that they help to protect your Honda Civic after damage. But they are very expensive to maintain. But, if you are leasing the car or on an auto loan, don’t remove it. 

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The Bottom Line 

Honda Civic Insurance is so high for several reasons. Some of these can be attributed to your age, driving history, model and trim of the Honda Civic, insurance company, etc. While it is quite expensive in some locations, it’s cheaper in others. 

If you are younger than 20, expect your Honda Civic insurance cost to be higher. If you are older, say from 30, and above, this is one of those times you should be excited about being older.

You are seen as more capable and less exposed to damage, and your Honda Civic insurance cost is also lower.

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