Which Cars Are Least Likely to Have Catalytic Converter Stolen?

The danger of theft is ever-present issue car owners face. It can come in many forms, targeting different components. The theft of catalytic converters is one of the more common ones. But which cars are least likely to have catalytic converter stolen?

However, the probability of this sort of theft happening depends on the car you own.

They are one of the most valuable parts of a car that can be easily stolen. As you may imagine, catalytic converters from certain cars are worth quite a lot, and stealing them is usually much easier than bothering with other parts.

Which cars are least likely to have catalytic converter stolen


On the list of cars with the most stolen catalytic converters are Jeep Patriot, Dodge Ram 2500, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford F-150, and Toyota Prius.

The concerns of a stolen catalytic converter cannot be eliminated. Unfortunately, it’s just a fact that your car may end up being targeted by a thief. However, some vehicles are less likely to suffer from theft. So let’s check which ones are less impacted by catalytic converter theft.

Table of cars least likely to have their catalytic converter stolen

The following table covers some examples of cars that are least susceptible to theft. It is not a comprehensive list but it should give you an idea what brands, models, and specific vehicles are least affected by this problem.


Car model


Year Reason
Honda Accord


2015 The catalytic converter is on the inside of the car, making it hard to steal


Honda Jazz 2015 The catalytic converter is protected by a cat shield, making theft difficult


Nissan Altima 2016 As with most Nissan models past 2009, the catalytic converter has very few precious metals making it very cheap and not worth the theft.
Hyundai Veloster


2014 It’s not very valuable to steal Hyundai Veloster catalytic converters to sell as scrap metal


Subaru Impreza


2005 The lack of precious metals makes the model unappealing to thieves.


Hyundai Accent 2012 Thieves rarely target the diesel variant of the Hyundai Accent. This is due to the diesel catalytic converter not being worth the effort because of its low value.

The catalytic converter only became a prerequisite for cars after 1974, so any car older than that is safe from theft.

Of course, those are rarely seen on the road, but those keen on driving old-timers around will most certainly rejoice. Electric cars are free from catalytic converter theft for reasons we’ll see in the next category. [1]

Lastly, as the table shows, the absence or low amount of precious materials in your catalytic converter will make the car less enticing to thieves.

Again, the table is merely an example of cars that possess this quality, and the options are quite wide.

Some of the car manufacturers whose cars are less likely to be targets of theft are Mazda, Hyundai, Subaru, and Chrysler.

List of most stolen catalytic converters


Following is a list of cars that are most likely to have their catalytic converters stolen. It should give you a rough idea on whether your car is at risk.

  1. Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot has been discontinued since 2017. This immediately affects the likeliness of theft as reselling the part is quite easy.

Finding a buyer for discontinued models is often quite easy. Jeep Patriot is a pretty decent and compact SUV which is still driven about. We suggest securing it due to it being a popular target for theft.

  1. Dodge Ram 2500

Pick-up trucks are a decently common pick for people who need that extra carrying capacity. A staple among them is Dodge Ram. Unfortunately, the Dodge Ram 2500 also falls into this list as a car with the most frequent catalytic converter theft.

Recovering from the theft of this part is exceptionally pricey, costing around $2,500. You can imagine that with such a high replacement price, it’s possible to earn a nice wad of cash by stealing one. Hence why, Dodge Ram 2500 ends up high on the list.

  1. Chevrolet Equinox

Now for a Chevrolet entry on this list. Chevrolet Equinox is a midsize car with pretty universal beneficial traits. The model does fall under SUVs, although it is on the smaller side.

Usually, you’ll end up fetching a Chevrolet Equinox if you want a bit of extra space and quite a bit of style. The car thieves will be no less keen on these cars, catalytic converter from them being quite valuable.

  1. Honda Accord

Honda Accord shows up once again in this article, but this time as the most likely target rather than the least likely one. The difference is the year of the vehicle’s creation.

The most likely models of Honda Accord to suffer theft are those from the early to mid-2000s. This is a classic Honda model with all the qualities one would want from a sedan.

However, it is also in a troublesome state of being a very considerable target for thieves. The parts of the catalytic converter in a Honda Accord and the entire part are quite a target, partially due to the materials they are made of.

  1. Ford F-150

Next up is a very potent Ford truck that can tow 14,000 pounds of weight with no issue. Ford F-150 is a pretty heavy-duty vehicle that’s capable of towing considerable weight.

Of course, it wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t suffer the same downside as all the other models on here. The fact of the matter is that Ford F-150 has quite a pricey catalytic converter which can cost around $1,400.

  1. Toyota Prius 

The last entry on this list includes Toyota Prius. This hybrid car is great for crossing long distances and doesn’t sacrifice style for the sake of convenience. It’s great for commuting, but the special hybrid function does hike up the popularity of this car for thieves as well.

The catalytic converter is worth over two thousand dollars which makes this vehicle a pretty common target of theft. Don’t forget to secure your Toyota Prius as much as possible to avoid this problem.

Do all cars have catalytic converters?

If you are asking what vehicle is least likely to get its converter stolen, it makes sense that it would be those that have none. However, do these exist? Let’s answer the question below.

Which cars don’t have a catalytic converter?


The catalytic converter is an important and usually mandatory part of the car. In fact, ever since the 1970s, the catalytic converter has been a required part of cars. The utility of catalytic converters in cars is both for reduction of emissions and reduction of sound produced.

The catalytic converter is important for combustion engines because they produce abundant emissions and a lot of noise. Usually, these are quite disturbing to the environment, which is why laws were set in place in the first place.

However, if your car doesn’t use a combustion engine, the catalytic converter may not be required. This is the case with all-electric vehicles. Mind you, this exclusively applies to cars that exclusively utilize batteries and do not consume gasoline at all for their engine.

We are specifically noting that they have to be all-electric because of the hybrid engines. The vehicles with these engines will require a catalytic converter due to them utilizing gasoline to some extent. [2]

Why are catalytic converters easily stolen?

Among the most valuable parts of the car, the catalytic converter is the easiest for thieves to snatch. This is due to its relatively small level of protection in vehicles that do not possess special protection.

There are multiple fixings that aim to secure and discourage theft, but experienced thieves can usually get around them with no problem.

The newer cars aim to reduce the likelihood of this component being stolen. Considering how big of a deal removal of this part can be, it only makes sense.

However, it’s nigh impossible to mitigate the problem completely. As long as there are thieves, there will be a risk of theft.

Why are catalytic converters pricey?


The price point of most catalytic converters stems from one simple factor, they contain quite a bit of precious metals. The connecting factor is usually a high concentration of precious metals with the most frequently stolen catalytic converters. At least high in catalytic converter measurements.

Platinum, gold, and silver are all common materials. Platinum and gold have been used for quite a while, and silver was introduced around 2008. With that in mind, it becomes much clearer how prices of catalytic converters themselves can spike up to some staggering heights. [3]

Potential prevention

To prevent catalytic converter theft, make sure to check whether your car is a potential target. We will be listing the most at-risk cars below. However, it scarcely covers all popular theft targets, so check for your vehicle’s model online if it doesn’t show up in either the least or most popular categories.

Installing an anti-theft device is a good way to prevent theft. These devices can cost a few hundred dollars but are worth it if you are worried about catalytic converter theft.

Park in areas that are lit and in areas that are frequently active. It’s difficult to steal anything from a car when a ton of witnesses are around. [4]

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The fact of life is that some cars are more likely to be targeted for catalytic converter theft while others aren’t. The most frequent targets, however, are often those who are valuable enough to be stolen. Unfortunately, your run-of-the-mill catalytic converter isn’t that attractive in comparison to those with a lot of precious materials in them.

The difference may also stem from your car simply having no catalytic converter. Fully electric cars are completely immune to this issue because they use batteries instead of gasoline.

This means no emissions from combustion engines and far less noise. There are also cars with firmly secured catalytic converters. If safety is what you need, these two categories are often the best to orient yourself towards.

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