VW Touran Problems

Are you familiar with the VW Touran problems?

Volkswagen Touran is a well-established model that has also been the subject of numerous complaints from owners regarding various issues. From diesel engine problems to electrical malfunctions and transmission issues, this article will examine the most common Volkswagen Touran problems.

The Volkswagen Touran is a compact MPV that has been in production since 2003. It offers practicality and versatility. The Touran has a range of engines to choose from, including diesel and petrol options, and is available with manual or automatic transmission.

The Touran has received high safety ratings from independent testing organizations. Touran also offers a range of technology features, including touchscreen infotainment systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning.

It has become a staple of Volkswagen models. Being a widely recognized vehicle, especially in the category of compact MPVs. Though there will be concerns to take care of, no matter the general reliability of the car.

Volkswagen Touran Problems

Volkswagen Touran is a long-running series of cars that has proven itself times and times again. However, with the numerous years and models present in Volkswagen Touran’s history, it stands to reason that the issues which can be found on this car are varied.

Certain models will have an easier time with it, others harder but all will face some issues. Among those, there are some particularly common problems.

Common Volkswagen Touran Problems


Volkswagen Touran has had a long history. However, it has also been known to have some issues that could potentially impact its performance and reliability. Though there are plentiful issues, something expected considering the model’s age, these are the most common ones.

Some will occur early in the car’s lifespan and others are manufacturing errors that may need fixing. Regardless, it pays to keep an eye out for any of the following.

  1. Loose Seat Belt

Seat belts are an important part of a car’s safety. Their incorporation into every car and effectiveness over the years are ample proof of this. The system itself is generally simple, with components merely needing to be attached to the car properly.

However, it’s still possible to run into issues due to manufacturing errors. Volkswagen Touran had one such situation with the 2018 recall. It was among many models that got a recall issued as the seat belts were improperly secured.

This lapse in production was called out by a consumer group Which, affecting about 75,000 cars in total. Though the recall happened far enough back that a lot of the cars can be assumed to have been fixed, it’s still a worry that can affect you with Volkswagen Touran. [1]

  1. Engine issues

The engine is the car’s most important component. It allows the entire vehicle to function, providing energy to the components. Having problems with the engine can also be very troubling. Though these can be rather varied, just about any of them is cause for concern.

One of the most significant issues reported by Volkswagen Touran owners is engine problems. These problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty fuel injectors, oil sludge buildup, and turbocharger failure. [2]

These issues can result in poor performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and even complete engine failure in some cases. In some instances, engine problems have led to costly repairs or even the replacement of the entire engine.

While Volkswagen has issued recalls and made improvements to some of the engines, some Touran owners continue to report engine problems. [3]

Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent some of these issues, but potential buyers need to be aware of these problems and consider them when evaluating the reliability and safety of the Volkswagen Touran.

  1. DSG gearbox issues

Volkswagen Touran is equipped with a DSG gearbox. DSG gearbox is a unique transmission system that differentiates itself from standard automatic systems. This is showcased by the fact that it has two independent gearboxes connected to the engine. This allows for a really smooth shifting of gears. [4]

This assumes a fully functional DSG gearbox, which is something you may not have on your Volkswagen Touran. The vehicle had recalls over damaged wiring in DSG gearboxes, which would lead to loss of drive.

However, this isn’t the only problem Volkswagen Touran had with its DSG gearbox. The transmission has been known to experience hesitation and juddering when shifting gears. This would nullify the advantages of the system, making it clunkier than the standard gearbox.

  1. Suspension issues

Suspension issues are yet another problem Volkswagen Touran struggles with. There are a couple of key problems that crop up when Volkswagen Touran’s suspension is concerned.

The first being the rumbling noise from the front suspension. It can be an unsettling noise to hear but the potential ramifications that put this into the troublesome territory.

Suspension issues reported to have happened on Volkswagen Toucan models have also been known to cause tire wear and poor handling. Reducing the overall control over your car by a significant amount. The rumbling noise may just be a warning for these more serious troubles that will crop up later down the line. [5]

Said issues are sometimes associated with wear and tear of suspension parts. However, it’s just as likely that the problems will appear far too early in a car’s lifespan. Which is something to look out for.

  1. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can affect multiple aspects of a car. Due to that, they can often draw in quite a few issues, causing ample concerns. No matter the vehicle is an unwelcome list of problems.

Volkswagen Touran owners have also reported several electrical problems, which can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Some of the most common electrical issues include problems with the battery, alternator, and starter motor, as well as issues with the central locking system, dashboard display, and various sensors.

These problems can cause a range of symptoms, including difficulty starting the vehicle, warning lights on the dashboard, and loss of power to various systems. In some cases, these issues can lead to complete system failure and the need for expensive repairs.

Fixing Volkswagen Touran Problems

If you’re experiencing technical problems with your Volkswagen Touran, there are a few steps you can take to address the issues. First, if your issue falls under one of the recall-worthy ones, free repair may still be available as recalls are generally unlimited in time.

Secondly, if the vehicle is still under warranty, you may be able to have the repairs covered by the manufacturer. Check your warranty documentation to see what repairs are covered and how long the warranty lasts.

Another option is to search for Volkswagen Touran repair guides and tutorials online. These resources can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix common problems, such as replacing faulty sensors or repairing the transmission.

It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance on your Volkswagen Touran to prevent technical problems from occurring in the first place. This includes regular oil changes, tune-ups, and inspections of critical systems such as the suspension and brakes.

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The Volkswagen Touran is a good SUV that will provide us with an ample mix of space and versatility. However, it won’t be without any issues that we could run into. Among these, the most common involve electrical and engine issues.

Decently dangerous ones aside from that involve loose seat belts, which can be a safety risk. Get your car checked as soon as possible. Having a throughout maintenance run on the car can preemptively resolve some of the problems before they become too troublesome for the car.

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