Suzuki SX4 Problems

Are you familiar with the Suzuki SX4 problems?

The Suzuki SX4 is manufactured by Suzuki, in collaboration with Fiat. As a result of this collaboration, the SX4 offers the comforts of a European automobile and the affordability of a Japanese vehicle.

It has been manufactured since 2006 and comes in saloon and hatchback versions. It joined the Escudo and Jimny in Suzuki’s portfolio of small SUVs.

A four-wheel-drive variant is available, and each SX4 has a ton of features even if there is only one petrol and one diesel engine to select from. The 2.0 diesel-only model comes with all-wheel drive.

But it gets good gas mileage and has a low tax rate. Although the hatchback version’s boot is modest, pushchairs can fit perfectly in it, thanks to its tall, narrow design. It is also surprisingly comfy to drive.

Considering its budget, the SX4 is a surprisingly dependable car. However, buyers should still proceed with caution when considering it. It does have some flaws common to subcompacts as a whole.

The Suzuki SX4’s inexpensive nature and all that inevitably follows are the root causes of most of its issues. The main flaws are poor interior and exterior construction quality, electrical problems, malfunctioning airbag sensors, and some parts that wear out more quickly than they should.

According to CarComplaints, the 2008 Suzuki SX4 has had the most general complaints. And the 2008 model year is ranked as the worst in terms of repair costs and average mileage when issues arise. The airbag sensor light occasionally coming on in the 2007 Suzuki SX4 is the most commonly reported issue. [1].

Suzuki SX4 Most Common Problems


  1. Premature Brake Wear

The brakes of the SX4 are notorious for wearing out very quickly. In addition to employing disks and pads of inferior quality, the second-and third-generation SX4s are a bit heavier than the corresponding Suzuki passenger cars, which contributes to early brake wear.

A unique screeching sound produced by worn-out brakes in a Suzuki SX4 can be easily identified. If the issue is not fixed right away, worn-out pads will also harm the disks, making the situation worse and increasing the cost. [2]

The Suzuki SX4 brake pads may begin to fail in less than 20,000 miles, which is why it’s critical to change them as soon as they do. The cheap SX4 pads won’t likely live much longer than 30,000 miles in any event. Additionally, check the discs for any signs of damage as well, and replace them if required.

  1. Electrical Problems

To keep the price low and increase their profits, manufacturers frequently use subpar insulation techniques, which leads to wiring issues in cheaper family and city cars. Most of the electrical problems with the Suzuki SX4 can be linked to a cable beneath the hood.

It eventually comes into touch with the inner wing or strut tower after becoming loose over time. As a result of this friction, the cable begins to short out as its isolation deteriorates [3].

Since the aforementioned wire supplies electricity to several electrical devices, the effects can be seen in lighting, electric mirrors, infotainment, or any other SX4 device’s issues.

Before the exposed wires become irreparably damaged, it may be possible to patch the cable with some duct tape. It is advised to keep a look out for this typical Suzuki SX4 issue. Additionally, make sure the cable’s internal wire is not harmed. If it is, you might need to fix the wiring.

  1. Engine Problems

A recall for Suzuki SX4 cars with automatic or continuously variable gearboxes was announced in November 2013. The bolts that secured the drive plate to the torque converter may fall loose or disengage in these vehicles causing an odd noise.

At worst, the loose bolts could get stuck in the drive plate cylinder block area and cause the engine to stall and not start again [4]. Early Suzuki SX4 cars may experience an immediate engine stall upon a cold start, and when restarting the vehicle, the Check Engine light may come on.

This issue may be resolved by updating the software. In addition, a variety of diesel powertrain options were offered for the Suzuki SX4s of the first and second generations.

Most of them have typical oil-burner issues, but DPF (diesel particulate filter) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) failures are the most frequent. The DPF may either become blocked or melt, in which case it will be unable to perform its functions.

Repeated short trips, defective fuel injectors, or clogged EGR valves are the main causes of DPF failure. The EGR valves can malfunction for a variety of fuel and exhaust system-related reasons. The common catalytic converter failure in Suzuki SX4s can also result from any or both problems.

  1. Heating System Problems

There are a few issues that can arise with the SX4’s heating system. But if your Suzuki SX4’s heating isn’t working, a bad or leaky heater core is most likely to blame. The heating system on the SX4 operates by using heated coolant from the engine.

In the heater core, where the hot coolant is collected, the blower motor distributes cold air that eventually warms up and enters the cabin. Because a leaking heater core can’t contain the coolant, the cabin won’t receive any hot air.

The heater core is the likely culprit if your SX4’s heater is on but just blowing chilly air. A simple shortage of coolant in the overflow, a leaky heater core hose, or a defective thermostat are examples of other heating-related issues [5].

Without coolant in the overflow, all of the coolant—reserved for cooling the engine—will likely stay in the radiator. The hot coolant cannot be carried to the heater core by a heater core pipe that is leaking.

Furthermore, a defective thermostat will keep insufficient coolant from getting to the heater core. To fix this problem, you’ll have to replace the heater core.

  1. Airbag Sensor Problems

Airbag sensor failure on first-generation Suzuki SX4 sedans and hatchbacks was so common that the NHTSA was compelled to issue a recall in 2013 [6]. The recall does not apply to all model years, and equivalent recalls have not been carried out in many foreign regions where the SX4 was and is still marketed today.

Early SX4 vehicles’ airbag sensors had a propensity to malfunction, leading to issues that might have grave implications. A continual beep coming from the passenger seat, where nobody was seated, was bothersome.

But the sound coming from the driver’s seat was extremely dangerous because the malfunctioning sensor indicated that the airbags wouldn’t deploy at all. The airbag light will turn on until the issue has been resolved and the system has been reset if one of the airbags in your SX4 is not responding to the airbag system’s diagnostic cycle [7].

  1. Rear View Mirror Problems

The lack of pre-coated adhesive on screws on the exterior of each external rear view mirror base resulted in a recall being issued for Suzuki GY SX4 vehicles in November 2010 [8]. Consequently, the screws could become loose and cause the mirror to vibrate.

The rear-view mirror ends up detaching. This is a result of a rear-view mirror connection that was improperly built. You’ll have to completely replace your rear-view mirror.

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The Suzuki SX4 is a reasonably dependable subcompact crossover that works as small cars should and fit practically any budget. The Suzuki SX4 has frequent issues because it is an inexpensive vehicle.  Inexpensive vehicles frequently have poor build quality.

The car has been the subject of several recalls. The most frequent problems with the SX4 include electrical issues, faulty airbag sensors, engine problems, vibrating or detached rear view mirrors, premature brake wear, and heating system problems.

By being aware of these typical Suzuki SX4 problems, you should be able to diagnose any issues with your vehicle or at least know what to watch out for going forward.

Due to its inferior build quality compared to more expensive models, the Suzuki SX4 will eventually start to exhibit certain problems. However, the issue won’t be too severe if the automobile has been well-maintained up to that point. If you’re looking for an affordable city car, an SX4 that has been well-maintained is almost always a wise purchase.

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