MG ZS EV Problems

The MG ZS EV is ranked as the most affordable electric vehicle, especially in countries like Australia. The MG ZS EV, introduced in 2020, popularized electric vehicles. The car offered competitive pricing and a good range for most urban drivers.

The MG ZS EV recently received a redesign, becoming the 2023 MG ZS EV. According to the WLTP testing cycle, the MG ZS EV’s driving range has been increased from 263km on the earlier model to 320km, with the cost increasing by $1,000 [1].

The ZS EV was previously marketed as a single-model vehicle. However, the most recent iteration is now offered in two trim levels: the new base Excite, which starts at $44,990 drive away, and the range-topping Essence, which starts at $48,990 drive away [2].

The biggest advancement in the world of electric vehicles is a new, larger battery that increases the driving range from 263km to 320km. This battery is 50.3kWh instead of the previous model’s 44.5kWh.

MG ZS EV Advantages


  1. Easy to drive

The ZS EV is incredibly simple to drive, like many electric vehicles. You turn it on, choose drive using the basic rotary controller, step on the gas, and you’re off. The driving mode option is equally simple and enables drivers to prioritize performance or efficiency.

The car has a torque that makes it easy to accelerate from traffic lights and exit intersections. The amount of regenerative braking applied when a driver takes off the throttle can also be modified using a toggle button in the center console.

  1. Comfortable and spacious

The steering of the ZS EV is light, and the motor noise is effectively muted. The suspension of the ZS EV has been aimed more toward comfort, so it mostly protects occupants from road irregularities vibrating into the cabin. The ZS pitches and rolls more than some alternatives because comfort is prioritized over body control.

  1. Low running costs

The MG ZS EV is, without a doubt, a good bargain, especially compared to other electric vehicles. In addition, it offers relatively low operating expenses. This is due to the relative simplicity of its electric motor compared to gasoline or diesel engines. In addition, its regenerative braking lessens the wear and tear on brake rotors and brake discs.

The MG ZS EV qualifies for the lowest Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) company car tax for drivers of company vehicles. With a BiK rate of 2% for the 2022–2023 tax year (increased from 1% in 2021–2022), these cars are significantly less expensive than gasoline or diesel vehicles [3]. Because it is electric, the ZS EV has no taxes attached to it at the time of registration or in the future.

A substantial seven-year, unlimited-mile warranty covers the MG ZS EV from MG Motor, which also covers the battery. Servicing occurs at intervals of 20,000 miles or 24 months, whichever comes first. You will need to pay $268 for each of the first three scheduled visits to the workshop and $807 for the fourth, which is after eight years and 80,000 miles.

After that, additional scheduled services cost $268 per visit. These costs are relatively lower than the servicing costs of most electric vehicles today.

  1. Safe and Reliable

The MG Pilot system includes several active safety features. It comes with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, lane assist with departure warning, and a blind spot monitor.

Additionally, the system includes Traffic Sign Recognition and a Traffic Jam Assistance system. The latter combines adaptive cruise and lane-keeping functions to control the vehicle in heavy highway traffic partially autonomously.

MG ZS EV Problems


Like any antique automobile manufacturer, there will be many complaints about various models. MG has experienced several recalls and problems with the MG ZS EV model, like other automakers. Many owners have claimed that the brand has experienced its fair share of reliability concerns. Some of the problems include the following:

  1. Premature rusting

One of the most bothersome issues in a car is rust, which frequently affects older vehicles. Cars often develop rust due to exposure to rainy weather, which can promote corrosion. However, it becomes a serious issue if the rust appears just a few months after purchase.

Premature corrosion problems are common with the MG ZS EV. After barely a few months of ownership, ZS electric car owners were shocked to discover rust stains.

Fortunately, the Zintec-steel coating on the MG ZS should keep the metal from rusting for longer. However, owners in moist coastal areas are currently beginning to notice a lot of rust spots.

Proper automobile maintenance will keep it from rusting for a longer period. Anti-corrosion treatments are also excellent at providing an additional layer of weatherproofing.

Getting in touch with the dealership as soon as you see any rust patches on your car is best. Find out if the car’s warranty covers the corrosion protection and repair or if you’ll have to pay for them separately.

Similarly, most MG vehicles now come with a 7-year guarantee, and some of them also include corrosion prevention.

  1. Charging problems

There have been several complaints from MG ZS EV users concerning the car’s charging system. The drivers have experienced problems with smart charging where the vehicles would tend to ‘sleep’ after a few minutes of charging [5]. MG published a series of software updates to keep the car from going “to sleep.” Unfortunately, this update did not offer the answer everyone was expecting.

EV energy created a trickle charging mode for impacted consumers so MG owners can charge off-peak with their current configuration. This makes it possible for Smart Charging to operate at full capacity (32 Amps – 7.2 kWh) during off-peak hours while lowering the charge rate to 6 Amps the rest of the time to avoid the car from dozing off.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the MS ZS EV must first be locked before putting the car on charge.

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  1. Air conditioning problems

Several people have complained about the air conditioning system not working properly. For example, the system sometimes blew hot air instead of cold air, regardless of the fan speed. In addition, some users have complained of the heater making an initial puff of air when turned on and stopping at that; nothing else comes out.

There are numerous causes for your MG ZS AC’s improper cooling. However, always begin your investigation of the problem with the most obvious factor—insufficient refrigerant.

Low or overcharged refrigerant, compressor issues, clogged cabin air filters, dirty condenser or evaporator coils, dirty or sluggish blower motors, faulty fuses, and relay failure are the most frequent reasons the AC in MG ZS is not cooling well.

Less frequent causes include clogged orifice tubes or expansion valves, overcharged oil, malfunctioning mix door actuators, and climate control system flaws.

In any case, it is recommended that laypeople attend a workshop. Then, a qualified mechanic can quickly identify your poor AC cooling problem.

  1. Sat nav problems

Several users have had problems with the built-in sat nav. They argued that the sat nav was stationary all the time. When starting the car, the location is right, but when they start driving, it doesn’t show any movement on the map.

A possible solution to this problem can be simply pressing the home button. Navigate to the sat nav, settings, and map features.

Deactivate “death reckoning.” Then, press and hold the actual home button, not the one that appears on the screen, to reset the information system. Hold it until the MG emblem turns back on, then let go. This should reset the sat nav to its normal state.

  1. Battery problems

Battery issues are common to users in harsh weather conditions. Generally, due to their temperature sensitivity, electric vehicle batteries shouldn’t be exposed to extremely high or low temperatures.

The ideal temperature range for electric car batteries is between 65 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the ideal temperatures when the car is not subjected to harsh weather.

It is advised to avoid exposing your MG ZS EV battery to excessive cold or heat for extended periods. Your battery will last longer and function better as a result of this.

In addition to the outside temperature, the ZS EV battery may heat up when charged or discharged. High battery temperatures during charging may indicate a failing or decaying battery pack.

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Electric vehicles continue to have high manufacturing costs, making them more expensive to purchase than comparable petrol or diesel models. Despite this, MG was able to produce an affordable all-electric MG ZS, which is ultimately its key selling point.

Consider the new MG ZS EV as an example. It outperforms the vehicle it replaces. The design is more developed, and technological advancements have transformed its usefulness. The ride and handling have seen unanticipated heights of improvement thanks to engineering advances.

The new MG ZS EV has the appearance and feel of a well-engineered vehicle suited for individuals looking to dive into EV ownership. Generally, there is not much to criticize about this model.

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