Mercedes B200 Problems

What are the most common Mercedes B200 problems?

The Mercedes B200 is a compact MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) introduced in 2005. The car has several versions and body types that run on diesel and PULP fuel(s). The car makes a fantastic family vehicle because it offers spaciousness, comfort, and luxury.

Mercedes B200 comes in various engine and transmission combinations. Some of the modern features of the vehicle include the 10.25-inch touchscreen display, MBUX infotainment system, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

It also has an advanced driver-aid system, a high-end stereo system, and a panoramic sunroof.

Most Common Mercedes B200 Problems


Although the Mercedes B200 is well-built, it suffers some issues that affect its reliability and performance. Common concerns experienced by owners include transmission problems, electrical issues, engine oil leaks, and suspension issues.

However, with proper upkeep and care, these issues can be avoidable. Because if they are not dealt with once they arise, they can be aggravating and expensive to fix. The most common Mercedes B200 issues are outlined below.

  1. Transmission Problems

Some issues with the Mercedes B200 transmission include delay in gear engagement, complex gear changes, transmission slippage, transmission fluid leaks, and transmission control module (TCM) failure.

The Mercedes-Benz B200 model year 2006 to 2011 has regular CVT automatic transmission breakdowns. These problems may result in overheating, transmission damage, or even total transmission failure. [1]

If you face any issues with your car transmission, it is always good to get your car assessed by a qualified mechanic or Mercedes dealership. The mechanic will identify the issue and suggest the necessary fixes available.

  1. Electrical and Ignition System Issues

There have been several complaints about the Mercedes B200 having electrical problems. Trouble with the power windows, faulty sensors, and the central locking system has been observed. The most prevalent cause of these issues is a faulty battery or alternator.

Electrical issues with the first and second generations of the B200 also impair the sat-nav, engine management, starting and ignition systems, and other systems. The first-generation B200 also regularly experiences issues with power windows, external lights, and other non-essential electrical components.

The ignition system of the Mercedes B200 is another concern raised by users. The car might stall or start slowly if the ignition system isn’t functioning correctly. The most common causes of ignition system failures are faulty spark plugs, a worn ignition coil, or an ignition module [2].

  1. Engine Oil Leaks

Mercedes B200s commonly encounter engine oil leaks, which occur due to several reasons. One significant cause for oil leaking in the engine is a worn-out or damaged valve cover gasket.

An oil leak might also result from a damaged oil pan gasket. Other factors include a broken engine block or cylinder head, worn-out engine seals or gaskets, or damaged oil filter housing.

Oil leaks are mitigated by routine maintenance and prompt repairs, which will also help prolong the engine’s life. [3]

  1. Suspension Problems

The Mercedes B200 also suffers several problems with its suspension. One of the common problems is an annoying knocking or rattling noise coming from the front of the car. This can be traced to worn-out shock absorbers, which are responsible for dampening the suspension system vibrations.

As a result of this, the Mercedes B200 is likely to experience rough handling or uneven tire wear [4].

Various factors, including damaged control arms, worn-out suspension bushings, and misaligned suspension systems, bring this on.

Furthermore, the bushings that cushion the suspension system often wear over time, resulting in a rough ride. It’s also possible for the suspension parts to be either out of alignment or destroyed, which can contribute to uneven tire wear and an unsafe driving situation.

  1. Cooling System Issues

The cooling system in the Mercedes B200 is another potential concern. The three most typical causes of cooling system issues are a broken thermostat, a worn-out water pump, and a clogged radiator [5].

The water pump and thermostat frequently malfunction and must be replaced in the 2014 Mercedes B200. Some owners have even indicated that incidents like these occur as early as 30k miles.

As the automobile overheats, you run the risk of damage to the cooling system, engine, and every other nearby component, especially rubber hoses, and elements prone to melting.

  1. Steering system issues

The steering system of the Mercedes B200 has an incorrectly sized borehole, which may cause some steering issues. These issues are important because they directly relate to potential B200 accidents that may have already occurred.

A damaged power steering system can make turning the wheel feel sluggish or unresponsive.

Mercedes announced a recall for B-Class vehicles built between 2016 and 2017. Most steering issues in these models were rectified because the remedies were so straightforward.

It’s critical to have your Mercedes B200’s steering system checked out and fixed as soon as you can if you notice any of these problems. This will ensure that you drive safely. [6]

  1. Fuel System Problems

The Mercedes B200’s fuel system is similarly susceptible to issues. Cars that have fuel system problems may stall or operate poorly. A dirty fuel injector, a malfunctioning fuel pump, or a clogged fuel filter are the most typical reasons for fuel system issues.

The third-generation B200 was part of a big recall because dirt and debris got into the fuel system. Fuel leaks on top of the engine compartment result from these particles damaging the seals between the fuel injector and the fuel rail.

Because of this, fuel may accidentally get on hot engine parts, igniting them and destroying the automobile. This recall affected Mercedes B200 cars built between 2016 and 2020.

  1. Problems with the Seats

Another Mercedes Benz recall was for the 2018 Mercedes Benz B-Class having destructive seat attachment issues. More specifically, several B-Class cars’ front seats have not been correctly fastened, which might cause them to separate from the vehicle’s floor and pose a severe safety risk.

Contact your local Mercedes Benz shop to ask if the desired B-Class has fixed this problem. It’s always wise to pay attention to a manufacturer’s formal recall, as they usually are only conducted when serious safety concerns exist.

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Solutions to Mercedes B200 Problems

The best way to solve most typical problems with the Mercedes B200 is to ensure a proper maintenance schedule is kept. Common care tasks include maintaining an organized vehicle, adopting appropriate driving habits, using high-quality fuel, oil, and other fluids, and being mindful of warning lights.

Furthermore, as soon as issues are found, a professional vehicle examination is the best option to handle each issue adequately. This will help prevent those problems from worsening.

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The Mercedes B200, a well-built vehicle, is one of the most widely used mid-level options for the Mercedes Benz B-Class. Generally, the B-Class versions and the B200 are equally reliable, and regardless of the model generation, the B200 has a 5-star safety rating.

However, its flaws may impact its reliability and general performance. Transmission problems, electrical and ignition system issues, engine oil leaks, suspension and cooling system issues are some of the most common problems with the Mercedes B200.

These issues are controllable and can be addressed with timely servicing and consistent care.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the car running smoothly and avoid costly problems.

The level of maintenance, the environment in which it is driven, and how frequently it is driven all affect the Mercedes B200’s lifespan. With adequate maintenance and attention, the vehicle can endure for a long time, possibly even more than 10 to 15 years.

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