Is Fiat 500 a Good Car?

What gets a lot of eyes on a Fiat 500 is mostly the aesthetic at first. The pastel colors and overall look give off a popular retro vibe. This retro feel continues inside the car as well. Next to that, what makes this car remain popular is its compactness.It’s not unusual to hear very good reviews about the Fiat 500. However, more serious buyers still wonder – Is Fiat 500 a good car – really?

Is Fiat 500 Safe? 


When people ask about the safety of a certain car, they want to see if it fits their lifestyle.

A Fiat 500 is a very nice, popular car – but it’s definitely not a family car. If you are searching for a car for a big family, then this is probably not a car you should choose.

Otherwise, a Fiat 500 is perfect as a city car – easy to run and park and cheap to maintain. This is because the Fiat 500 is very compact, which is one of the things it is praised for.

This car has a couple of safety equipment features that really stand out. Among those are Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Assistant, and Autonomous Emergency Braking.

And for the ones that are frequently sleepy under the wheel, there’s Drowsiness Detection and Lane Keeping Assistant.

All of these features together make Fiat 500 a pretty safe car to drive. Not coincidentally, this is why Euro NCAP awarded the Fiat 500 as City Car of the Year in 2022. [1]

What makes Fiat so impressive in the safety test results is the fact that it has a fully electric powertrain. Not only that, its 116bhp motor makes for very easy acceleration.

Fiat 500 Common Problems


Despite its popularity, the Fiat 500 has shown some common problems over the years.

  • Tire Pressure Problem – The problems with tire pressure on the Fiat 500 are created because of the incorrect tire pressure placard. On it, the maximum tire pressure is exceeded, which means owners can unknowingly overinflate the tires. [2]
  • Sweet Smell Inside of a Car – As many new Fiat 500s have been used in driving schools, the clutch can be worn out. This causes a sweet smell inside of the car, and it’s easily resolvable by clutch replacement.
  • Steering Problem – Many Fiat 500 drivers reported an annoying issue of having the steering wheel make clicking or popping sounds. This is most likely not a safety problem, and it’s also not something that every single owner faces.
  • Problem with Refueling – Another thing a lot of Fiat 500 owners reported is having a pump click off while they refuel their car. This is another problem that is still not fully resolved, possibly because it’s really not that common.
  • Clutch Pedal Problem – This is actually one quite common problem with Fiat 500 – and also the one that can potentially be very dangerous. With this, the clutch pedal either has no pressure, or it’s difficult or impossible to shift gears.
  • Power Problems – The power problems with Fiat 500 are moderately common. Due to problems with the software, sometimes the engine won’t provide enough power for uphill rides.

Fiat 500 for Sale

Not only is Fiat 500 popular because of its modish looks with not only basic colors. It’s also popular because it’s easy to drive.

Because of that, a lot of young drivers who just learned how to drive opt for the Fiat 500. However, some of them might not have the budget to buy a new car.

Whether this is the case with you or not, we can openly suggest looking into buying the used Fiat 500. So, if you were wondering – Should I Buy a Used Fiat 500? – now you have your answer.

It’s easy to find a good quality used Fiat 500, and that’s mostly due to its constant popularity. Because the first one was launched in 2008, you can also find some of the earlier models on sale.

And when you do buy a used Fiat 500, it’s also going to be fairly cheap to maintain this car. [3]

Because the Fiat 500 is a fairly small and compact car, it’s easy to run. Not only that, but the brakes, tires, and other important parts won’t wear out as easily as with larger cars.

This means fewer car repairs, which saves you money. And when a time for a repair does come, the parts of the Fiat 500 aren’t costly at all.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Used Fiat 500

Even though most Fiats 500 are in overall good shape, it won’t hurt to double-check some things before the purchase.

It’s actually recommended to look for faults in all previously used things, so you know if they’re worth purchasing or not. With cars, this is even more important, as you definitely don’t want to compromise your safety.

When buying a used Fiat 500, look out for:

  • Faulty brakes – Make sure the brakes are working fine – this means it’s intact, produces no squeaky noises, and there are no warning lights.
  • Shock absorbents – Similar to checking brakes, you need to listen for any noises coming from the suspension.
  • Boot mechanism – A faulty boot mechanism means that a driver has to open a tailgate with a key – so just look out for this sign.
  • Air conditioning – A lot of drivers complained about not noticing the faulty air-con system. Make sure that it works and that it works effectively.
  • Steering problems – Problems with the steering wheel can turn out to be quite dangerous, so just look out for any weird noises or other similar signs while steering.

When test-driving a car, never assume the things you haven’t checked are working. You will thank yourself later if you properly check everything before purchasing.

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The Verdict – Is Fiat 500 a Good Car?

Based on the fact presented here, it’s fairly easy to conclude that buying a Fiat 500 is more than worth it.

It’s best for beginner drivers and as a city car, but not as much for big families.

It’s easy to run and maintain, and you can also find cheap used Fiat 500s.

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