Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Problems

Are you familiar with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid problems?

The car market is filled with various models that conform to plentiful roles. Among these, we can find any type of car which does include minivans. Chrysler Pacifica is a great showcase of a hybrid minivan, but not even this machine is without its faults.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Problems


With Chrysler Pacifica, as with every other hybrid car, there are some special problems that we are bound to encounter. These needn’t be overtly troublesome but can still influence our experience with the car we get. Knowing what the issues are can prevent some struggles that come our way.

  1. Unsettled seats

A very simple issue that happens is unsettled seats. While not all of the seats will end up in this state, those that do won’t be comfortable sitting in until they see some use. It’s a bit annoying to have to resolve the issue, but it’s not that serious in general. After a few rides, your minivan should have satisfyingly comfortable seats. [1]

  1. Hybrid Propulsion System Issues

The next problem is most frequently caused by our hybrid electric vehicle’s inherent troubles with ignition. The car can sometimes have unburnt fuel left in the engine, which can then travel through the exhaust system, putting us at risk of starting a fire.

Chrysler Pacifica is a minivan, so we can expect that there will be multiple people in the car at all times. Having such a problem happen when multiple people are inside can make it even more of a problem, potentially traumatizing some of the people inside with the sudden burst of flame.

  1. Engine Misfire

A rare but heavily impactful issue is engine misfire. It’s a situation we’ll end up in with a little warning. The car will start running roughly, getting worse over time. We need to catch the problem as soon as we see it happen and use some repair techniques.

It’s suggested to check and potentially replace upper intake manifold seals, right and left cylinder head covers, and the exhaust rocker arm assembly. These are all parts of a vehicle that can affect the issue. Taking care of it should fix your Chrysler Pacifica’s poor engine quality. [2]

Chrysler Pacifica Recalls


Chrysler Pacifica is a hybrid with quite a few features to offer. While this makes it a decent pick for those who wish to get a hybrid, it does increase the potential issues that can crop up. These include some problems that require full-on recalls of cars manufactured during certain periods of time, which is what we’ll look into now.

Chrysler has recalled certain 2017 to 2020 Pacifica models. This recall was invoked due to the 12-volt isolator developing high resistance at times. This could lead to dangerous situations where the electrical connection overheats, potentially causing a fire to our car. The ignition could happen at any time, making the recall that much more important.

In a similar vein, the recall of the Chrysler Pacifica in October 2020 occurred due to another fire hazard. The 2017 and 2018 Pacifica models were recalled due to hybrid propulsion system problems. The ignition could result in fires even if the car is parked and the ignition is set to “Off”.

Chrysler Pacifica Warranty

The warranty is an important part of any vehicle. Having that extra safety means our initial few years of driving will feel far more secure. Even if our cars are kept nice and maintained, there are occasions where our car issues will come from imperfections that happened during the manufacturing process. [3]

Chrysler Pacifica Warranty coverage

This hybrid starts off with five years worth of warranty. The other way to “wear out” your warranty is by crossing more than 60,000 miles with the car.

We will get quite a lot of value out of this style of warranty. It is referred to as a Chrysler Powertrain Warranty, with the countdown starting from the original sale date.

Our basic warranty is a bit less formidable, lasting for three years or 36,000 miles. The warranty covers just about all components of our car, meaning any issues with the Chrysler Pacifica during this time will be addressed through official service.

Chrysler Pacifica Extended Warranty

In terms of the extended warranty, Chrysler offers two plans we can choose from. The Chrysler Pacifica is eligible for Maximum Care as well as Added Care Plus warranty.

The First one covers 5,000 components and can be renewed as long as our car isn’t older than eight years or hasn’t gone past 125,000 miles.

The Added Care Plus package covers 850 components most prone to issues, with deeper service care being provided with it. It is similar to its maximum length to the previous package, with the only difference being that you can cross up to 150,000 miles before the warranty is rendered void. [4]

Chrysler Pacifica battery replacement

A part of hybrid maintenance relies on us taking decent care of their batteries. These will eventually need a replacement, no matter the model of your vehicle, and the same goes for Chrysler Pacifica. What does get impacted with the switch of models is the frequency of this change. The lifespan of a battery varies on the car model, so it’s good to establish what that is.

The Chrysler Pacifica gets quite a bit of use out of its battery. So much so that its longevity may be impacted partially. The average hybrid battery lifespan can easily reach a decade, but in the case of the Chrysler Pacifica, we should replace our battery every 3 to 5 years. While this shift in longevity is considerable, there’s a reason for it.

An apparent one at that, Chrysler Pacifica is a powerful minivan that requires a lot of energy to run. The battery will constantly be under duress, so it giving out after 3 to 5 years is understandable.

We should still test our battery’s voltage every once in a while to reaffirm whether it’s operating at decent capacity still. The simple fact is that our car’s longevity is impacted by outside factors, the battery being no exception. [5]

Usually best to check the actual battery every six months or every 6,000 miles. This will keep your battery operating at full capacity for longer, and once it starts wearing out, you’ll get more time to plan on its replacement.

Is it worth buying a used Chrysler Pacifica?

The price of vehicles usually hampers our ability to get things we want. It can be a huge investment to get a car in general, so it’s always a worry to get used ones too. Below, we’ll get some insight specifically on Chrysler Pacifica and its reliability as a used car.

As with most cars, it’s important to get the history of a vehicle in order of what it has been through. While the current state of the Chrysler Pacifica you are eyeing may seem quite good, it’s never clear what incidents may have happened with it.

The car could have been in some heavy accidents that resulted in much deeper than we can initially perceive.

Another concern is the legality of the vehicle, and it’s good to investigate the history in order to know whether the vehicle was in any way involved in illegal trading.

Specifically for Chrysler Pacifica, we are looking at the maintenance and the issues it has had until the point of being sold. It’s possible for sellers to try and sell a car that is riddled with issues. Knowing whether we are getting a really bad deal is a perfect way to avoid serious issues.

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Chrysler Pacifica vs. Honda Odyssey


The best way to get some visible qualities of the Chrysler Pacifica is by comparing it with another good minivan. In this case, we’ll be using Honda Odyssey, which is another potent minivan one could consider obtaining.


An interior of a Chrysler Pacifica is exceptionally spacious. The overall size of the minivan does contribute to its overall quality. What we will seek most is the comfort that can be found inside of these cars. There’s a ton of storage space too so luggage won’t be a problem. The dashboard has quite a nice and flowing design which enhances the whole appearance on the inside.

With Honda Odyssey, you’ll also find little problems with the interior. It is an exceptionally spacious minivan. There are ample benefits of this interior. However, the dashboard itself is a bit rougher so if you prefer a softer design you may want to opt for the Chrysler Pacifica.


As far as the outside design goes, the Chrysler Pacifica has quite a novel minivan design which aims to provide ample functionality but also bold style to its exterior. The proportions of it are made to be dynamic, easy to face the wind with, and a long wheelbase.

Honda Odyssey has a bit of a sport design, especially with its newer models. They are rather curved in design and have a very aerodynamic appearance. It does have a somewhat similar design approach as Chrysler Pacifica but still differs in important ways.

Chrysler Pacifica Depreciation

After getting a car, we can expect it to lose value. In fact, as soon as we sit inside of one, it starts losing value. Some cars suffer from this more than others, losing most of their value within the first year or two. Let’s see how Chrysler Pacifica holds up in this department.

Chrysler Pacifica will lose around 37% of its value over the first five years. This is a considerable chunk of value being lost. However, it’s still far below average. An average depreciation for a car after five years of use is around 40.1%. This means Chrysler Pacifica maintains its value better by quite a nice margin. [6]

Any extra issues your Chrysler Pacifica may have by the time you aim to sell it will result in an extra loss of value. Even fixing them can potentially affect the price, but it pays to be direct with those you aim to sell it to. A satisfying sale is better than a potential hassle over lack of transparency later down the line.

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Chrysler Pacifica is a minivan with the considerable pedigree behind it. On top of that, the vehicle manages to provide its driver with good features that enhance the driving experience and place it in a somewhat popular branch of hybrid cars.

The spaciousness of the car is its main quality, both seating and cargo space is capable of accommodating all of your needs. With the hybrid features added, you’ll be properly prepared for any drive.

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