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Is Fiat 500 a Good Car?

What gets a lot of eyes on a Fiat 500 is mostly the aesthetic at first. The pastel colors and overall look give off a popular retro vibe. This retro feel continues inside the car as well. Next to that, what makes this car remain popular is its compactness.It’s not unusual to hear very good reviews …

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Are Audi Parts Expensive?

If you drive Audi, you may be in a situation to search for the parts to replace the old and non-functional parts on your vehicle. With plenty of different manufacturers and stores, it may be hard to pick the right parts. This premium brand gives a lot to its owner, and that includes high repair bills as …

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Are Honda Civics Good Cars?

If you search for a fun-to-drive and good-looking car that can last for a long time, Honda Civic must be on your list. Are Honda Civics good cars? For sure. These cars are good and reliable, and they can serve you for many years. Let’s find out why this statement is true, and how to get …

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Porsche Cayenne Years To Avoid

The Porsche Cayenne was introduced in 2002. It is one of the company’s best and most expensive cars. This midsize luxury crossover SUV was given new life in 2008 when the model’s engine started using direct injection technology. Facing some issues as any other car, you may ask which Porsche Cayenne years to avoid? Porsche Cayenne …

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Are BMW Good Cars?

Popular car brands will usually be the ones that catch our eye the most. One of these being BMW which boasts the power and quality of their machines in just about any advert. However, are BMWs good cars? Well, to answer that we need to get down to specifics and discern what this brand provides. …

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