Bmw X3 Years To Avoid At All Costs

A few stand consistently talked about among the varied offering of models and cars from BMW’s catalog. One of those is the BMW X3 which has gone through many iterations and yet maintained its overall popularity. However, in this article, we will be focusing on which BMW X3 years to avoid.

BMW x3 years to avoid


Although BMW X3 is quite a good car to own, certain years of it have some considerable problems. Unfortunately, these make them much worse than this classic model’s standard capacity and quality, so it’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for the worst ones on the market.

2007 BMW X3

Of course, some of the earliest years of the BMW X3 will find their place on this list. Specifically, we have 2007 year is one such situation.

The issues surrounding it are quite major, so it does make purchasing it a bit more complicated. The car itself is quite a potent SUV still but will suffer some rather considerable problems.

By purchasing, we will experience a couple of severe problems. Once again, oil leaks are the key issue occurring. Coolant leaks are no less present nor troublesome, considering how overheating can incur quite a few disadvantages to our vehicle. More uniquely, this year’s model has an issue with engine mount bolt failures, making leaks even likelier.

2013 BMW X3

Now we will check the worst year out of all BMW X3 models. One that has been the worst rated despite the various new years of X3s coming out. This would be the 2013 BMW X3. The problems here aren’t only major but pricey as well.

When issues cost too much money to fix, it may make our entire investment feel less worthwhile, which is the main downside of 2013.

While BMW X3 models can experience issues with their timing chain, the 2013 BMW X3 is where this issue becomes far worse. Not only will the timing chain get dislocated but outright broken too.

Of course, this necessitates the replacement of the part, which can cost a lot of time and money. The culprit is the material the timing chain guides are made of.

While the chain is metal, the guides are plastic, meaning they’ll be prone to breaking. Problems of this caliber can damage the entire engine’s timing and operation.

That concern is a worthwhile reason not to get 2013’s release of this car and instead shift to some of the other years. But, oddly enough, the year right after is also plagued by issues that can deter buyers.

2014 BMW X3

While BMW aimed to resolve problems from last year’s BMW X3, they didn’t make the 2014 version without heavy downsides. With a reliability rating of 1 out of 5, the overall car experience seems quite negative.

The issues are mostly tied to the body of the car. The entire frame creaks, the windows of the vehicle rattle, and the engine’s computer are extremely flawed. Do not underestimate how badly a car’s computer issues can affect our experience.

Lack of proper information is incredibly troublesome, especially because owners report this year’s models constantly sending wrong notifications about fuel or any other information about the car’s current state.

BMW X3 High Mileage Problems


Well into the car’s lifecycle, we will see quite a few issues crop up. This deterioration is an impending fact for any style or model of car. Quite a few common issues are cropping up with BMW X3 when it reaches high mileage so let’s see what these can be.

BMW X3 turbo problems

The BMW X3 models are known to have problems with their turbo. One of the most common types of problems among these is that the turbo seal has blown. When this happens, a loss of power will be the first signal that something is wrong. That loss of power will also be accompanied by a very disturbing noise from the top of the engine.

The noise has sometimes been reported to sound like whistling, but the sounds that come from the car in these cases have also been equated to grinding sounds. That means the overall things you will hear when this issue occurs are different, but the effects will stay the same.

As the issue keeps growing, there will be other symptoms we could easily recognize. Namely, there may be cases where blue smoke comes out of our exhaust which can then cause damage to the parts responsible for our turbo.

This damage can be troublesome, especially if you like a smooth drive. Lack of treatment can further accent the problems and expose more of our car’s systems to issues. [1]

BMW X3 other common problems


Certain problems are common for BMWs. While it isn’t guaranteed that the problems will appear, the chances of them cropping up are higher than other problems. Every manufacturer has a slew of these issues that can be found in their cars. Let’s see what BMW has in store.

  1. Valve cover and gasket issues

With the problems of average BMW X3 engines, we can expect the valve cover and gasket to suffer first. Valve cover gaskets are the most frequent culprit, and the problems occur due to deterioration or damage to the valve cover.

Wear and tear issues are something that we should expect, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less problematic for our car. The engine will end up leaking oil through the present cracks and get it through the insides of our car. [2]

The deterioration happens quickly with BMW X3 engines, often around the 80,000 miles mark. This is frequently because the valve cover is made of plastic. While plastic is a material that can endure a lot of stress, the overwhelming and consistent heat coming from the engine will affect it after a while.

As you may imagine, the cover isn’t too pricey to repair. It is a simple part of an engine and can be replaced by the car owner without needing the actual visit to the mechanic’s shop.

The DIY method will take very little time and can be an ample way to deal with the issue if the gasket is the only leak source. The price can go as low as $20, so take a peek inside your car to check if it needs replacement. [3]

  1. Sunroof problems

The addition of sunroofs includes the risk of them malfunctioning too. While they can be a great addition to a car both stylistically and functionally, sunroofs on BMWs with an X3 engine have had quite a few issues. This goes double for the first generation of these cars, as many owners have reported sunroof issues. [4]

The annoying rattling of the sunroof is the most frequent among them. While it doesn’t impede the car’s functionality, it makes the experience of driving it slightly less enjoyable.

The roof parts will often rattle around and knock on the chassis, making obnoxious sounds that are hard to ignore. The open sunroof can often be led to make such noises due to harsh wind.

The issue may not be exceptionally influential, but it is still one to keep in mind. The repairs for it are cheap, often involving the simple use of felt tape for those willing to DIY.

Professional repair of the issue is also rather cheap, so you aren’t losing much even if you take the car to the mechanic.

However, a more noticeable and troublesome issue is the sunroof leaking water. This can make driving during rain a very uncomfortable and even dangerous experience.

Our car won’t have the best time being soaked by a downpour either, while water falling inside the windshield will quickly affect visibility.

Hopefully, this issue on your BMW X3 will end up being about seals on the car rather than the complete sunroof. While the former can be cheaply solved through DIY and mechanic assistance, replacing a sunroof costs some serious money.

  1. Window malfunction

Among the reported issues, window problems have also been considered common enough with BMW X3. These issues usually mention windows rattling in a manner that disturbs the overall driving experience.

Additionally, the problems with the window can get even more problematic if your regulator stops working. This will result in our car’s windows not going up or down. No doubt, this issue can be even more troublesome.

While rattling can usually be attributed to something being off about the connections inside the car doors, lack of functionality actively dampens our use of the car. In some situations, it could even result in our car being exposed to rain because we cannot bring up the windows.

These problems can be quite pricey to repair, as the mechanisms within the car require direct professional help. That said, it’s best to check the less troublesome fixes before committing to a pricey, complex one.

Is the BMW x3 being discontinued?


To put it short, no. There has been no news about discontinuing the X3 line. They are widely beloved, and despite some years being quite bad overall, the car’s worthwhile. Proper treatment will get you a dozen years of a reliable SUV. [5]

Do BMW x3 last long

The longevity of a car is one of the key features we care about. If we need to switch out our vehicle after a short period has passed, the whole purchase can feel quite underwhelming.

However, with the extra mileage, a car can endure, we will get a lot more bang for our buck. While eventually, the vehicle will start to wear out, it’s good to know for how long we can expect it to operate.

BMW X3 Mileage

There are quite a few reports on the BMW X3’s longevity and mileage due to it being on the market for quite a while. These vehicles will usually end up experiencing problems we’ve mentioned before around the 150,000 to 200,000 miles mark.

Of course, this still necessitates frequent and proper checks. Maintenance is key to extending our car’s lifespan, so neglecting it is never a good idea.

Looking at it through the lens of the overall time that transpires before said miles are reached, we can usually get ten years or more before the problems begin to show. Those who took exceptional care of their car could own it for 15 whole years before noticing consistent problems.

Any of the common issues could still occur at any mileage, but they are almost guaranteed to crop up after that certain mileage has been passed.

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Is BMW X3 a good car overall?

Very much so, BMW X3 is a good SUV that has provided many people with a great ride with its plentiful features. The power of this car comes from adept handling, great appearance, spacey interiors, and sheer power. In addition, they get quite a bit of mileage out of every drop of gas poured into them and will save you money compared to other similar models.

However, there are a few BMW X3 years that you should avoid, which we will cover further below. While these aren’t necessarily awful, their unique disadvantages can hamper the value of the purchase. Especially those with major issues that taint the great design of BMW X3. [6]

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Overall, the BMW X3 is a popular and reliable pick when it comes to SUVs. However, some years aren’t quite as good to purchase due to their common issues. Avoiding such years is best due to their inherent problems when obtaining a BMW.

When you buy a model from a problematic year, the issues common to BMWs and that year’s unique problems can crop up very early. Those extra costs early on in a car’s lifespan can truly discourage us from retaining the vehicle while making the maintenance far more expensive. Avoiding them isn’t that hard and will net you a much more satisfying purchase.

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